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Easy pickings

This strikes me as fairly remarkable.

… According to folks tracking this sort of thing, the top 10 teams in college football aren’t just winning, they’re consistently beating the spread. Associated Press top 10 teams are 38-14 against the spread on the year and 16-1 in the last two weeks.

The top ten’s not just winning, it’s beasting on the rest of the college football world.  And as the stat he cites indicates, the trend is accelerating.

Parity ain’t the story in college football this year.



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Friday morning buffet

Just because it’s a bye week doesn’t mean there’s not plenty of stuff to serve up to you.

  • Blair Walsh’s 20 field goal tries are the most by any college kicker in the nation. That’s in any NCAA classification—FBS, FCS, Division II or Division III.”
  • Will Muschamp has less experience winning in Jacksonville than Mark Richt does.
  • 41 suspensions from a single game may not be a record, but it’s gotta be close to one.
  • John Conyers wants the House Judiciary Committee to take a look a college athletics, in part because he’s “… concerned about the impact that conference realignment would have on lower-profile sports teams and smaller and independent universities – especially historically black colleges and universities.”
  • LSU is going to don Nike Pro Combat gear for the Auburn game.
  • If you’re looking for a mid-season assessment of Georgia from a bunch of bloggers including yours truly, there’s a roundtable for that.
  • The NCAA is considering a bowl ban for schools which don’t hit a minimum APR standard, which could result in not having enough schools to fill all 35 bowl games.  Yeah, that’s going to work out well.
  • According to Mike Gundy, Oklahoma State practices less than 4 1/2 hours per week.  Not per day, per week.


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“Hell, no, he’s gonna score!”

Here’s something to get your juices stirring this morning.

“That was something, wasn’t it.” – God bless Erk Russell.

The only thing missing from that clip is an interview with the drunk frat boy in the red pants doing the windmill in the end zone.  Ah, fans on the field during a game with nobody freaking out.  Those were the days.


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Occupy Craig James

From the end of the first half of last night’s Arizona-UCLA game, this is easily the most surreal two minutes of this year’s college football season.

From a streaker in a referee costume who managed to blow the play dead to a sideline-clearing brawl, there was enough weird going on to render Craig James blissfully silent throughout its entirety.  Just awesome.

(h/t Matt Hinton)


UPDATE:  The uncut version.


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