Friday morning buffet

Just because it’s a bye week doesn’t mean there’s not plenty of stuff to serve up to you.

  • Blair Walsh’s 20 field goal tries are the most by any college kicker in the nation. That’s in any NCAA classification—FBS, FCS, Division II or Division III.”
  • Will Muschamp has less experience winning in Jacksonville than Mark Richt does.
  • 41 suspensions from a single game may not be a record, but it’s gotta be close to one.
  • John Conyers wants the House Judiciary Committee to take a look a college athletics, in part because he’s “… concerned about the impact that conference realignment would have on lower-profile sports teams and smaller and independent universities – especially historically black colleges and universities.”
  • LSU is going to don Nike Pro Combat gear for the Auburn game.
  • If you’re looking for a mid-season assessment of Georgia from a bunch of bloggers including yours truly, there’s a roundtable for that.
  • The NCAA is considering a bowl ban for schools which don’t hit a minimum APR standard, which could result in not having enough schools to fill all 35 bowl games.  Yeah, that’s going to work out well.
  • According to Mike Gundy, Oklahoma State practices less than 4 1/2 hours per week.  Not per day, per week.


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34 responses to “Friday morning buffet

  1. barstool69

    That’s why we’re Field Goal U. Although we may lose the title if we can’t actually make them.


  2. gastr1

    Gundy might be on to something there.


    • Spence

      Malcolm Gladwell may be visiting him soon.


    • Agreed. If I were a 17-yearold looking for a place to play, Gundy’s style would sound good to me.


    • Scott

      Yeah, he might be on to how to suck every year. Ok State has done absolutely nothing to make me a believer in light practices. Ok. State begins each season overrated and falls apart by the end. Since Gundy has been Coach:

      2005– 4–7 (1–7)
      2006– 7–6 (3–5) — Independence Bowl vs. Alabama 34–31 (W)
      2007– 7–6 (4–4) — Insight Bowl vs. Indiana 49–33 (W)
      2008– 9–4 (5–3) — Holiday Bowl vs. Oregon 31–42 (L)
      2009– 9–4 (6–2) — Cotton Bowl Classic vs. Ole Miss 21–7 (L)
      2010– 11–2 (6–2) — Alamo Bowl vs. Arizona 36–10 (W)

      Nothing to be proud of in that conference. In fact the team reminds me of UGA in the Willie Martinez years.


      • adam

        certainly would be interesting if they win out this year.

        that would make the last 4:
        undefeated and likely in the NC game.

        i don’t think anyone would say that gundy was unimpressive in that case. honestly, oklahoma is likely the only game where we will see okie state as an underdog. and who knows? they could win. rivalries are weird like that.


        • Scott

          Ok State started out 7-0 in 2008, 6-1 in 2009, and 6-0 in 2010. They will collapse as usual. “Win out”??? hahah. funny.


  3. The real question: How is Field Goal U not in the lexicon?


  4. Skeeter

    Oh man, I was sure the LSU Nike Pro Combat link was gonna be some hilarious gag photo from LSUFreek.


  5. RC

    That’s why I have always said I wish Will Muschamp all the success in Jacksonville as a coach that he knew as a player. Because I’m magnanimous like that.


  6. Red Blackman

    Is it just me or does that Gen X dude seem a tad bit angry? I realize he is a damn beast and all…..but is all that hollering really necessary?


  7. Red Blackman


    Are you aware there is a “gator growl” advertisement on your fine blog.

    I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty pissed off about it. I wanna know what devious bastard is behind this skullduggery.


    • fuelk2

      You may have to look in the mirror. In the past, this blog has had google ads that are tailored to each viewer based on the viewer’s web history.


      • Red Blackman

        I’m not sure I like the implication in the above statement.

        In fact, I demand that you edit it to exclude any insinuation that I have ever knowingly perused any Saurian website. If you do not, an epic intraweb pissing match will ensue in 1 hour. Do not test me, fuelk2…..if that’s even your real name.

        The clock starts now………..


    • Mike

      I wish I could claim credit for it


  8. Russ

    I can’t believe I’m the first one to comment about the Dawgs actually going swimming yesterday. I mean….REALLY! This is obviously the end of the program! FireMarkRichtMikeBobo!!!!!11!!!!!11!!!!!!1111


  9. Mayor of Dawgtown

    This may be the only time in history that I agree with John Conyers about anything.


  10. Will Trane

    Sorry, for off topic.

    What would SEC’s Mike Slive do with that ASU – UCLA situation?

    Saw on internet becuase it is better to watch this year’s WS, Cards & Rangers. Two very good games. Remember a former Dawgs is the bullpen coach for the Cards. Both team have outstanding bullpens and hitters.


    • Go Dawgs!

      St. Louis has a former Georgia pitcher actually playing, too. Mitchell Boggs.


      • shane#1

        The Cards need to deal Adam Wainwright to the Braves. I mean he is hurt and can’t play and all. What good is a pitcher that can’t pitch? Come on Cards, dump that turkey, the braves are patsys.


  11. Will Trane

    Meant Arizona, not State.


  12. Bad M

    6 field goal attempts in one game will skew some stats.