Occupy Craig James

From the end of the first half of last night’s Arizona-UCLA game, this is easily the most surreal two minutes of this year’s college football season.

From a streaker in a referee costume who managed to blow the play dead to a sideline-clearing brawl, there was enough weird going on to render Craig James blissfully silent throughout its entirety.  Just awesome.

(h/t Matt Hinton)


UPDATE:  The uncut version.


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17 responses to “Occupy Craig James

  1. H-Town Dawg

    Wild! And later today I expect Mr.SEC, Outkick the Coverage and the AJC to demand apologies from UGA for obviously inspiring the bad behavior in Arizona. Naturally they’ll want to include a couple of useful quotes from their new kick-ass hero, James Franklin.


  2. TennesseeDawg

    UCLA should have known better. Arizona had been kicking their ass the entire first half anyway.


  3. Spike

    Any of them get suspended?


  4. gastr1

    Whazzup with the underwear??? Man, if you’re gonna do that shouldn’t you go all the way? These kids today! Lame!


  5. BeerMoney

    The streaker guy is awesome! He looks like he really is a referee running in to spot the ball. By the time the head official relaizes what’s going on, it’s too late! I really appreciate well-thought out high jinks like this on national TV.


  6. Quality streaking. Well-planned.


  7. Spike

    The dude had grippers on!?!


  8. Spike

    But kudos for the pre streak planning !


  9. Babyfarts McGeezax

    Does anyone have a clip of Craig “I killed 5 hookers” James sitting in silence when Palmer suggests Leach is a good fit for UCLA?

    I think that was better


  10. Go Dawgs!

    I’m usually anti-dude-running-onto-field, but this is fantastic. The only thing better would have been if he had thrown a flag. When I ran the broadcast back on my DVR last night, I thought that the other official was going to toss him the football at first. This is excellent. Kudos to him. I hope the Wildcat nation is passing the hat to collect for his bail.


    • Castleberry

      +1 – a student needs to step up big and make this happen. Jarvis is getting held every play. Just run out and signal the hold – no way the zebras will try to bring you down on their own. Except maybe that dude that tackled Garcia. He’ll kick your ass.


  11. Gary

    I usually cringe at these run on the field guys, but this was some very good planning on his part. The referee outfit was classic and the fact that the one official was going to hand him the ball is insanely funny. Also….was he the one who blew the whistle? If so this guy and uncut video is legend material.


    • Sanford222View

      Yes. He is the the one who blew the whistle. The only thing making it better would have been if the ball had been tossed to him.


  12. That was priceless. Now I know how to mute Craig James. As soon as he saw that streaker he shut up. That’s all it takes, a naked guy running across the football field needs to be arranged at every game he calls.


  13. AmpedDawg

    I too was happy to hear nothing from Pony. I never really thought much about his being a part of the Thursday night broadcast. I thought he was okay but not great. I thought the Texas Tech stuff, when it first came out, made him look bad. Later media reports, coupled with reading Leach’s book, make me despise his sorry ass. In my book he’s one sorry SOB.