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I blame Bobo, a continuing series.

Interesting backstory to Marlon Brown’s two TD catches last week:

… Brown’s two touchdowns, for 27 and 75 yards, came on the same play. It also happened to be a play that quarterback Aaron Murray had only become comfortable calling that week.

“I didn’t not like the play, I just wasn’t used to the concept of it yet,” Murray said. “It’s a pretty complex play. We talked about it and I finally got the grasp of it and felt comfortable with it. So I said, ‘Let’s do it’ to coach (Mike) Bobo and it worked. He said, ‘Yeah, that works pretty good, doesn’t it?’ ”

Brown reaped the benefits with a pair of scores and had a more down-to-earth opinion on whether they should run the play.

“(Murray) was talking about firing the play and I was like, no,” Brown said.

“It works in practice so let’s keep doing it. Then last Thursday ( Murray ) was saying, ‘I kind of like that play so let’s try it.’”

Both scores looked like they came off busted coverages, so whatever Bobo came up with, Vandy’s defense wasn’t ready for it.  Hey, Mike, if you’ve got something like that lined up for Florida, make sure Murray gets it figured out in practice this week, okay?



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That’s why they’re Blue.

You’ve read countless “how School A matches up with School B” pieces, right?  Well, this may be the saddest one you’ll ever read.


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Ripped from the pages of The Onion

Seriously, you can’t make this shit up:

One of the reasons the Big East may be holding off on any expansion announcements about potential new members is that it is considering a plan that would create a nation-wide football conference incorporating between 28 and 32 teams in four divisions from Conference USA, the Mountain West Conference as well as the Big East.

I love the smell of desperation in the morning.


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Munson is timeless.

In a bittersweet piece on a visit to see Larry, Loran Smith tells us that some things never change.

… We talked about the Vanderbilt game.

“I didn’t like some of the stuff I saw out there, we almost gave it away,” Munson said. “You think we are gonna beat Florida? Is this our year?”

Munson doesn’t get out much any more, but he is alert and inquisitive about the Bulldogs. He wonders if Georgia’s special teams are going to improve.

“If we win out, do you think we can beat the winner of the Alabama-LSU game?” Whittemore asked Munson.

After that, it was vintage Munson. He began to lament problems that plague Georgia and looked at Whittemore like he had lost his mind.

Now that I think about it, I’ve heard Munson sound far more pessimistic than that.  Maybe age is softening the man.


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