I blame Bobo, a continuing series.

Interesting backstory to Marlon Brown’s two TD catches last week:

… Brown’s two touchdowns, for 27 and 75 yards, came on the same play. It also happened to be a play that quarterback Aaron Murray had only become comfortable calling that week.

“I didn’t not like the play, I just wasn’t used to the concept of it yet,” Murray said. “It’s a pretty complex play. We talked about it and I finally got the grasp of it and felt comfortable with it. So I said, ‘Let’s do it’ to coach (Mike) Bobo and it worked. He said, ‘Yeah, that works pretty good, doesn’t it?’ ”

Brown reaped the benefits with a pair of scores and had a more down-to-earth opinion on whether they should run the play.

“(Murray) was talking about firing the play and I was like, no,” Brown said.

“It works in practice so let’s keep doing it. Then last Thursday ( Murray ) was saying, ‘I kind of like that play so let’s try it.’”

Both scores looked like they came off busted coverages, so whatever Bobo came up with, Vandy’s defense wasn’t ready for it.  Hey, Mike, if you’ve got something like that lined up for Florida, make sure Murray gets it figured out in practice this week, okay?


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  1. James Stephenson

    I don’t call it busted coverage, I call it watching the safety get sucked in a few steps with the TE. In a cover 2, the safeties have deep outside area. When that safety bit over the middle because of the danger of charles, it left no one covering that side of the field.

    Its a pretty play and 1 I call in NCAA all the time. If the safety doesn’t bite, an accurate throw will still result in about 10 yards. If the safety takes a step out of position, well its a TD.

  2. Keese

    Bobo’s turning to NCAA on xbox for playcalling ideas? Lol I know it’s just a joke but still funny.

    Does make me curious if Bobo is actually plays NCAA. Probably doesnt have the time. We all know Murray and some of the others play a good amount. Have they ever played Bobo for fun? I bet they have

    • W Cobb Dawg

      I recall several recuits talking about Bobo and video games in past seasons. But haven’t heard much lately.

  3. Castleberry

    Overheard in the stands before the second td

    Bobo you suck!!!
    He’s just too predictable – here comes the draw.
    No he’s going to the tight end.
    We haven’t run the toss sweep yet.

    For all the folks that swear up and down they know what we are running every play I rarely hear anybody get consecutive calls right. Except for when we have a two score lead and there are less than five minutes on the clock.

    • Merk

      Makes you wonder what Bobo would be able to call if he had a 3 yr starter/4 yr starter QB who really understood the playbook in and out. You know how QBs always bitch about how the pro’s are so hard b/c the playbooks are huge….well we do use a pro-style playbook no…

      • JBJ

        I haven’t been one of the people calling for Mason to take over for Murray. However, reading this article really makes me wonder about Murray. He has been in the program for over 2.5 years. I’m not sure he has the head for the game at this level to win championships. We will never know if Mason is a better option, but it sure makes me wonder.

        • Skeptic Dawg

          I had the same thought. Could it be possible that the issue is Murray, and not Bobo?

        • W Cobb Dawg

          When you consider that AM started in January, redshirted a season and is in his second season as a starter, you’ve got to wonder when he’ll pick up the entire playbook. Hell, Kellen Moore doesn’t have much more time on a college campus than AM. Or is the playbook so complex it’s too much for a college player – even one who seems to put in a helluva lot of work like AM. Since I believe AM is a good QB, I’m inclined to believe the later.

  4. The Original Cynical in Athens

    Why are the players still allowed to talk to the media? The stupidity that constantly streams from their mouths does not do much for the overall impression of the program.

  5. IF, The Major IF, The Dawgs Beat UF, Bobo is in line for the award for the best Assistant Coach In the SEC. His main competition: Coach Grantham.

  6. I wonder if Murray had max out his abilities.

  7. timphd

    Jesus H people. People who are considered “experts” on college football, and who aren’t Dawg fans, consider Murray the top, or at worst second best QB in the SEC. Why all the second guessing of him? What makes you think Mason is the better choice? I truly don’t get it.

    • Merk

      Cause the back up is always the top QB on the roster…until they get in and throw 2 picks…then its back to the pitchforks and torches.

    • Skeptic Dawg

      No one is crapping on Murray. Wondering aloud maybe. As for the top QB in the SEC this season, that and $2.25 will get you a cup of coffee. The QB selection is very poor in conference this year. But it is possible that he has hit his ceiling. Not saying it is a fact, just that it is possible.

  8. Comin' Down The Track

    As I was sitting on the toil- er, I mean, reading the Banner-Herald this morning, I had a feeling I would be Getting This Picture later in the day.

    Your play-calling is getting predictable, Senator.

  9. Brandon

    Bobo is a good coach, has been for years, we have just had no damn defense and he has gotten a disproportionate share of the blame for our losses. The truth is if we had actually had a mediocre/bad oc like a lot of people seem to think we’ve had, we’d have a had a hell of a lot more losses.

  10. W Cobb Dawg

    If Bobo is a good coach, we should win the remaining 5 games on our schedule. The top 10 D has been doing their part to keep us in every game.

  11. Knowing the playbook and understanding the concept of a play are two completely different things. I can honestly say that leading troops in battle is one thing on World of Warcraft and a completely different thing in real life. I can understand all the tactics and strategies I want but to implement them because I am comfortable with them is a completely different thing. For example how does one go from an L-shaped ambush to a completely defensive posture without loosing the bounding overwatch protection of each squad. I know how it is done but being able to command the 4 different squads and understanding the timing of each is different. I mean you are set for an offensive but now you are thrust into a defensive gambit.

    The point that I am trying to make is that it is not the magnitude of the playbook. Anyone can learn it but the key is the implementation and comfortability with which one can execute what he knows from the playbook. Imagine that you are told that when Charles goes to the deep out then it should draw the safety to open up for marlon brown running a deep post. However, trusting the execution of your teammates which will make the play work as it is supposed to is difficult. Trust comes easy for some and difficult for others. You are trusting that what Bobo drew up will work. Would you trust what Bobo drew up to work? Looking at the content of these posts I would say the general consensus would be no. So give Murray a break.

    Trusting in others to do their job, getting the timing right, and being able to command the way the quarterback needs to command is all about being comfortable with the offense. We used to say that David Greene was a Field General because he was the very things that Murray is having issues with. If we want Murray to be the Field General he can be we need to realize the distinction between knowledge and wisdom (i.e. comfortability with the execution of the play I know from the playbook.)

  12. Lowdawg

    who cares if the quarterback “likes” the play
    call what you think will work and run the damn thing. If he cant understand or get the play, then find someone who does
    the hole string of comments from Murray was stupid

  13. Reed

    It seems to me Murray has a hard time figuring out what works, and what doesn’t. I’d like to see Mason or Lemay start a game. With all the talent around Murray last year, 6-7? And this year, losing to both ranekd teams, Murray’s now 0-7 in games against ranked teams.

    While Bobo seems a candidate for blame, if you look at how other UGA QB’s fared under Bobo, you’ll see what I mean. Only 1 QB went 6-7 and 0-7 against ranked teams.

  14. Reed

    Good comment from Marlon Brown, hey it worked in practice, why would we nix the play? Should be the way new plays for the playbook are developed, try some new concepts, if they work, put them into the playbook. Of course you’re not going to be as comfortable with a new play, but neither are defenses.

  15. Spence

    Is nobody considering that it may be a new play that Bobo put in recently? Call me crazy…

  16. Reed

    if Murray doesn’t want to run plays that work, because they’re “too complex”, maybe that’s why the offense looks so predictable at times. Bobo just needs to notice plays, old & new, that work in practice, and move those into the gameplan. Maybe new plays where Murray’s not as familiar, but because they work, those plays that worked in practice create confidence during game situations.

    Bobo has to show Florida some new plays/looks, and that means Murray won’t be as familiar, so these plays with SEEM more complex. But you can’t just run plays that have worked in past games, Florida will be ready for those.