It’s THAT week. You know the week I’m talking about.

Here’s a Sunday smorgasbord to get you started thinking about the Cocktail Party:


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31 responses to “It’s THAT week. You know the week I’m talking about.

  1. TennesseeDawg

    And all those poor stats for the Gators will probably result in another Georgia loss.

  2. Turd Ferguson

    As long as Florida doesn’t have a RB as talented as Zac Stacy, or a QB who’s as much of a mobile threat as Jordan Rodgers, we should be fine …

  3. zdub

    Throw the stats out the window. UF will play their best game of the year against us. Who knows if we will come to play or wet the bed once again. The Win is their for our taking but we’ve not been able to far too many times.

  4. Erk from the Grave

    I hate UF fans so much that I need a win. You know they will have their nicest jorts and tebow jersey ready to go Saturday and will play their best game

  5. DB

    Anybody know what the line is?

  6. Coastal Dawg

    Senator. Kindly remove the Gator Growl ad from your site. I know it is generated by the fact I live in Jacksonville, but you should draw the line somewhere. What ever revenue the ad generates for you, I am sure we can raise enough money to reimburse your loss.


  7. SouthGa Dawg

    Georgia Florida tickets – $200
    Post game drinking after beating the Gators – $300
    Stealing Charlie’s sandwiches from his cooler – Priceless

  8. Hogbody Spradlin

    It’s there for the taking this year.

    • The Lone Stranger

      So true — when the Dawgs play error-free football (and maybe snatch 1 or 2 INTs) and stick to their fundamentals this UF squad could be prone to pressing, and imploding under the twin egomaniacs roaming their sideline.

  9. 69Dawg

    The thing I am worried about is not the Gators it’s our team. What new fresh hell of a way will they come up with a loss this year. I went to every UAG UF game from about 1970 until 2006. I gave up. I watched in horror as we celebrated in 2007 knowing that it would cost us many more years of ass kickings, because we were just pissing the Gators off. I admit that I was a spoiled old alumni that had grown old watching Dooley own the Gayturds and watching karma kick our butts through the Goff and Donnan years was my penitence but damn I had high hopes for an FSU guy who was used to beating Florida. Man was I wrong. After 2006 it was just too much of a hassle and I don’t party like I used to. Anyway I hope for the best but I expect the worst and will until we beat them more than once every 4 or 5 years.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Think 69. Why? Why has UGA been losing this game 18 out of the last 21 years when there have been 3 different coaches at Florida and 3 different coaches at Georgia? Why? Mark Richt’s record against all SEC teams is as follows: UT 8-3; South Carolina 7-4; Arkansas 5-1; Vanderbilt 10-1;Mississippi State 3-1; Ole Miss 5-0; Kentucky 8-2; Bama 3-1; Auburn 6-4; LSU 3-3 (including the ’09 game that the refs stole with the bogus celebration call against AJ Green–I count that game as a win in my mind and the real record should be 4-2) and finally, Florida 2-8. What seems out of place here? The Senator has postulated on this blog in the past that the reason for UGA losing the WLOCP so often is that the Gators have really been good during that period and that “nobody else is doing very well against them” either. Really? South Carolina is 2-3 against the Gators the last 5 seasons. Bama is 3-2 its last 5 games and 4-4 in its last 8 against Florida. Auburn is 3-0 against them the last 3 times they played ’em. LSU is 5-4 against the Gators in their last 9 games. Mississippi is 3-1 against the Florida in its last 4 games with the reptiles. Why pray tell have the Dawgs had such a bad record against the Gators over this period whan our rivals, whom Richt beats with regularity, are beating the Gators during that same time? Could it be (gasp) the fact that UGA plays the Gators as an away game every year? Gee, that might be it. Well, maybe we ought to change that and play the game with Florida home and away just to see if that turns things around. NO! Some of the most vocal in our fanbase oppose that because….they want to go to cocktail parties in Ponte Vedra and on Amelia Island and the venue of the game gives them a chance to have a fall trip to the beach and play golf. So they put their blinders on and pretend that playing the Gators as an away game every year means nothing and they come up with all sorts of BS excuses such as how it is all mental, even though the players and coaches on each team have changed numerous times. Wake up. The rest of the SEC is laughing at Georgia for being trapped in this situation. My brother in law, the Mayor of Tideville, cannot believe how stupid we are to allow this to continue. Can you imagine Bama, for example, agreeing to play LSU at the Superdome every year? That would be exactly the same thing as what we are doing with Florida. The team is being held hostage by a relatively small group of phony fans who put their own personal fun ahead of their team winning. It is time to stop this fiasco and start playing Florida home and away. If Florida wants to keep the game in Jacksonville they can elect to do it in the years when they are the home team. Personally, I am in favor of having the game alternate between Jacksonville and the Georgia Dome. But whatever is done cannot be worse for UGA than the last 21 years have been.

      • Biggus Rickus

        PUtting aside the argument about moving the game, they are not losing to Florida because it’s an “away” game. If it actually were an away game it might actually help, given Richt’s road record. They’re losing because they get tight in this game for whatever reason. It’s mental.

        • Biggus Dickus

          Bro, exactly when was it that you went to medical school and did your internship and then your residency in psychiatry? Musta been when all the other multiple personalities, including me, were asleep. But hell, that would be years and I know I never went to sleep that long. That’s a great diagnosis, though. When exactly did you shrink the heads of all the coaches and players? What’s that? You never even talked to any of them? Your diagnosis would be medical malpractice, only you ain’t really a psychiatrist. Thank goodness for that. The other personalities and I couldn’t afford the medical malpractice insurance premiums. They’d be awfully high cause you’d be getting sued regularly.

          • Biggus Rickus

            I didn’t realize we need a degree to recognize the obvious. I can’t give the specific diagnosis for the homeless guy talking about the aliens in his head, but I know he’s crazy.

        • IT IS MENTAl.. It was mental back when the Dawgs were winning & it is mental now (for UF). The Gators (Players, Coaches, & Fans) expect to win. The Dawgs hope to win but expect something bad to happen during the game. Having some excellent players from Fla. may help the Dawgs this year. And yes, I would like it to be on a home & home basis. GATA.

      • Keese

        How’s this for mental. You have confident teams (take Boise St) that will play any team, any place and have the mentality they will kick the other teams ass under any circumstance.

        If UGA had the edge and confidence like that it wouldn’t matter where the game was held

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          Why don’t we just play all our games on the road then if home field means nothing? The entire NFL regular season is about the best teams getting home field in the playoffs. Means nothing to you though.

  10. HVL Dawg

    Sorry to post off topic, but..

    I checked in on the Vandy/Army game a few times last night and got to see a Vandy OL get charged with a dead ball foul clip to the knees. Once again, it was 10 yards away from the ball, after the play had ended and the Vandyass dove head first into the back of the knees of a linebacker.

    Vandy made the first down on the play, and becasue it was a dead ball foul it backed them up 15 yards and made it 1st and 10.

    Lets see if it lands another 1/2 game suspension.

    • JaxDawg

      Franklin must be an Auburn graduate. Best way to deal with the “new” Vandy is to beat them into submission.

    • Cojones

      Vandyass? Is that in our Lexicon, Senator. If not, it should be.

      Vandyass: A gutless football player who goes for crippling tackles and injures his thumb such that it always extends upward.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      I’m betting no suspension from the SEC Commissioner’s office. Just goes to prove that Vandy has become a dirty program and UGA got a bad rap from the coaches yelling at each other after the game.

  11. JaxDawg

    Metaphorically speaking, I’d like to see “time to die, bitch” die when colliding with one of our defenders. I’d like to see Brantley running for his life, have his ankle buckle, and wish he hadn’t laughed at and ridiculed our Dawg walk. Maybe Christian Robinson can lay the wood to Demps or Rainey and have them smash into Muschamp, knocking out his teeth and breaking his jaw, which would save the umps some grief. Would love to see Aaron Murray have his career day, making up for his rocky debut in ’10. And most of all, I’d like to see Tavares King take a baseball bat to Nick Alajajian for retribution of last year’s no call for Alajajian’s helmet slap to King as he was running by to celebrate Will Hill’s int return. It was a blatant slap, total bitch move that you’d expect from a coward Gator, but there was no call, of course.

    And finally, I’d like to see the stadium music guy never have the opportunity to play “kimosabe jam on it” every time FL scores, as they did in 2010. A repeat of ’82’s 44-0 would be terrific, but I’d settle for 7-0.

    This shit has got to end at some point, and it starts this year. No excuses whatsoever.

  12. Russ

    This is our year. The defense will take care of it.

  13. Spence

    If A-Ron can be cool and just protect the ball, we have a chance. We start turning it over like we always do and it’s more of the same. Look for UF to copy Vandy’s game plan with lots of bubble screens and horizontal plays to challenge our ILBs to catch Rainy.

    We can beat them. We should beat them. Just have to be cool and trust ourselves. If we come out all jacked up and stupid… sigh.

  14. FanSince59

    You will never see 44-0 again because you will never see another Herschel Walker playing for UGA. Over and above that, what if this sxxt don’t end this year? Think McGarity will have the balls to do something about it, as in can Richt? I doubt it. If Richt can’t win this year, there won’t be any excuses. At least not any you ain’t heard before. If Brantley and Demps return, FL will probably win (again).

  15. PhonyFanSinceFiftyFive

    (Alliteration, get it?) It is that kind of defeatist attitude that has us in the shape we are in. Go find another team to be a phony fan of from ’11 on. The Dawgs need you like they needed Washuan Ealey who was undoubtedly your favorite player.

    • Skeptic Dawg

      Why should he pull for another team? I simply fail to understand your sheep like logic. Why is it wrong to want better from this program. And if that is through a new HC, so be it. I root for this university, not the HC. Far too many fans have wrapped themselves around the current HC, regardless of the results from the past 5 years.

  16. Hogbody Spradlin

    Where are the predominantly Georgia sections in EverBank field? I’m gonna Stub Hub tickets. It’s been so long since I’ve been to a game I forgot.