No one knows what it’s like to be the sad man.

Shorter Mark Bradley:  So this is what everyone else with a shred of observational ability meant when they called Paul Johnson a mediocre recruiter.


UPDATE:  Tech fans, has it really come to this?


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28 responses to “No one knows what it’s like to be the sad man.

  1. JaxDawg

    Die Gators.

  2. TennesseeDawg

    Johnson is a master motivator teaching life lessons though.

  3. JG Shellnutt

    “Not for the first time, we need ask: Why does a man as clever as Johnson not hire a special-teams coordinator?”

    Two thoughts:
    1) ‘I’m Mark Bradley, and I’ve previously said that Paul Johnson is really smart, so I have to keep backing that up while still explaining the current state of things aka how bad it sucks right now.’

    2) I’ve thought the same thing about my beloved Dawgs / CMR needing a special teams coordinator. Virginia Tech put themselves on the map with special Special Teams play. We’ve got all the pieces of the puzzle, we just need ONE man to tie it all together.

    • Bard Parker

      I also thought the “Why does a man as clever as Johnson not hire a special-teams coordinator? Instead, the kicking game is left to various Tech coaches to oversee piecemeal, and the result has been an ongoing farce.” had a familiar ring to it. CPJ could take the Corch Meyers approach and handle the special teams himself.

    • Which position coach do you get rid of to get that coach on the staff, though?

  4. gastr1

    Johnson doesn’t HAVE to recruit, don’t you know? He will coach ’em up out of sight because he’s a genius. He don’t need no stinkin’ talent–those guys just give you attitude and leave early anyway.


  5. Bevo

    And yesterday’s effort was against a very depleted Miami defensive line, which was missing some key players.

    • The Lone Stranger

      The thought of Big Bad John & Geathers summarily jolting T. Washington or whoever the A-back is into dust is simply delicious. And when the NATS decide to ditch that for some outside work, Jones will be waiting.

  6. Coach Hewitt...

    CPJ is an arrogant, redneck PE major from Western Carolina…..

  7. Wait, you mean MTSU, Western Carolina and Kansas aren’t meaningful barometers of a team’s performance?!?

    But . . . but . . . Kansas, man! 700-something yards! We made all these T-shirts!!!! . . .

  8. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Mark Bradley reminds me of a girl I dated at the University of Georgia when I was in school there. I left town for several days to go to the Masters and when I got back she was going with somebody else and wouldn’t even speak to me. Bradley has been such a proponent of Tech to the point that some of the things he said about the Jackets in the past have made him look ridiculous now. So now he has summarily jilted them. I wonder if Paul Johnson is going to ask for his pin back?

  9. fetch

    I don’t think the right question is “Why does a man as clever as Johnson not hire a special-teams coordinator?”, I think the question is “Why does a man as clever as Johnson not hire a top notch recruiter and take himself of the recruiting trail?”

    • Dawgy45

      I think the question should be “is the Johnson really all that clever?”

      • Spence

        He’s just a little kid that found a glitch in the video game. He can run an offense with shitty players and get points. But that little kid knows nothing about recruiting or developing a program.

      • Cojones

        Johnsons are brainless aren’t they? Or are they just single-minded and it looks like stupidity.

    • sUGArdaddy

      No, the question is: How can a journalist for the largest paper in the college football crazy deep south know so little about the game that he doesn’t realize that almost no teams in CFB have a special teams coach because they are limited to 9 coaches per staff and can’t afford to lose a position coach?

  10. Cojones

    Georgia = Happy Dicks. Tech = Sad Johnsons.

  11. Gimmicky schemes get figured out and stop working.

    The post analogizing it to a video game glitch was spot on.

  12. Vincent

    shhh- he will punch you in the mouth if he finds out you’re not on board . Luckily he is planning a big fish fry [type of fish = “other”] and has been busy today