This morning’s question

Is this the best way to win a game… or the worst way to lose one?

Based on Bret Bielema’s expression when the coaches shake hands, I’m leaning towards the latter.  A real gut shot.


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  1. JG Shellnutt

    Which outweighs – the magnitude of the good feeling the winner has or the magnitude of the bad feeling the loser has?

    Definitely the bad feeling the loser has. This is absolutely the worst way to lose. Made even worse by being a top 10 team losing that way.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      And having been undefeated before this loss.

      • The Lone Stranger

        Thank God no one will be forced to confront the possibility of Wisconsin politicking for inclusion in the BCS Title game…Perpetually one of the most overrated teams in major college pigskin.

        • Cojones

          Can’t agree with that shot. That honor belonged to tSU. Wis sure played us hard in bowl games. After UGA went to halftime trailing in the Cap One(?) Bowl 23-0 and came back to win 24-23, Barry Alvarez practically declared us rivals with those awful Big10 hate words. He always had a good team prepared for us.

        • HamDawg11

          I’m not sure I agree with you on Wisky being overrated, they’re a solid program and a strong team this season. But, I knew it was just a matter of time before they remembered who they were and lost a game. I almost hurt for Beliema….almost. What a gut-wrenching loss.

  2. TennesseeDawg

    Then the refs run like scared little girls after the review.

  3. DB

    Definately harder to lose one this way. Especially after coming from behind and scoring 2 TD’s to tie it on the road.

  4. Wonder what the call would have been in Madison?

    Speaking of little girls, totally gutless by the Mussburglar and Herbie to never offer an opinion when (to me at least) it was quite clear that the receiver’s last lunge put the ball across the plane. Tough call for the guys on the field, pretty obvious with the benefit of super slo mo.

    But, of course, the TWWL/ABC are marketing partners with the B1G, not journalists covering an event. If you are old enough to remember, think back on the Keith/Ira Woody Hayes punching Charlie Bauman scandal. People then were outraged that the announcers appeared to be trying to whitewash the situation. Now, it’s the new normal.

  5. Griff

    Losing on a hail mary would be bad enough but having to sit through the review process would be a killer, especially since the call on the field was overturned. I was really excited about overtime…oh well.

  6. You can see his heart break right…there!


      And were these refs taking their training from “Uncle Penn?” The guy on the goal line misses the call… blocked out???? Then, the Back Judge gets there late and misses the leap for the endzone, only to confirm what the other guy calls. Thank goodness the “guy in the booth” gets it right. If your a Mich State fan, this is SWEEET!

  7. Turd Ferguson

    It’s possible that, with that single play, (a) Wisconsin’s BCS hopes, (b) Wisconsin’s B1G conference title hopes, and (c) Russell Wilson’s Heisman hopes were all effectively dashed. Tough enough to lose that way, period. But when you consider all that may have been on the line for the Badgers, … ouch.

    Oh well, though. To hell with Wisconsin, the B1G, and the rest of college football for that matter. It’s Florida week.

    • It’s Florida week.

      Amen, brother.

    • Umich

      That loss does nothing for their conference title hopes. They’re in a different division and still first place in the leaders.

      • Turd Ferguson

        Am I missing something? I have them at 2-1 in conference play, and now second in their division behind an undefeated (4-0 in conference) Penn State.

        And of course, at this point in the season, it’s just too early to gauge how important that loss will end up being, which is why I was careful to say things like “it’s POSSIBLE that” and “all that MAY have been on the line.” It’d be foolish to say anything as definite as “that loss does NOTHING for their conference title hopes.”

        Besides, regardless of where things stand now, if Wisconsin ends up narrowly missing the B1G championship game, where do you think everyone’s attention will be drawn when searching for an explanation?

    • The Lone Stranger

      Not that the Dawgs ever ought to rely upon such fortune, but wouldn’t some positive bounces at the Cocktail Party be a welcome change from years past? Gonna feel confident about this game until there is 0:00 on the scoreboard Sat.

  8. Texas Baller

    I thought the real question would’ve been whether Willie still has a job this morning after TT’s Doege torched the OU secondary last night. Brought back some really bad memories of #3, #9 & #23 performing similarly. Pinch me, it was just a nightmare, right??

  9. Wolfman

    As a former grad student, Wisconsin is my adopted team. After having to sit through the review and hoping the inevitable wouldn’t happen, it is indeed a terrible feeling. A real big blow.

    All I could think after that game, though, is that we damn sure better beat Florida this week.

  10. 69Dawg

    The highs of winning are never as high as the lows of losing. The one exception is if you win the last game of the year. It will tell the worth of the Wisconsin team if they can shake off this loss and win out.

    • Umich

      …and then get revenge in the title game.

      • Gary

        If they make it there. Still a tough road ahead as they travel to Ohio St. this week and have Penn St. down the road. And if Michigan St. loses to Nebraska this week, they will be the leaders of that division.

  11. Hobnail_Boot

    How mad are you if you’re a Wisconsin fan? Your coach tried to outsmart everyone else and actually allowed that play to happen by calling a timeout during the drive. The game would’ve gone to OT otherwise, as Michigan State had been trying to run the clock out up until that point.

  12. WFdawg

    Not to be a contrarian, but there are also some pretty high highs to winning dramatically. Run, Lindsay, Run!; the Hobnailed Boot; and Michael Johnson @ Auburn all come to mind. I’d call them equal to the lows of losing dramatically (recent memory: Auburn in ’05, the Edwards drop in JAX in ’02, maybe even last year’s OT loss in JAX).