Cocktail Party drinking game

Seems àpropos, no?  A few simple, yet obvious rules to follow:

  • Every time Verne mentions that Will Muschamp is a former Bulldog, take a drink.
  • Every time Verne mentions Muschamp’s effort to clean up his language, take a drink.
  • Every time CBS catches Muschamp losing his temper on the sidelines, take a drink.
  • Every time Muschamp loses his temper over being a former Bulldog, take two drinks.
  • Take a drink every time Mark Richt’s hot seat is mentioned.
  • Take a drink every time a reference is made to that seat being cooled by the five-game winning streak.
  • If Gary says Richt’s seat is hot again by the end of the game, finish the bottle.
  • If Gary says Georgia is still in the driver’s seat to win the East by the end of the game, finish the bottle.  Then get another one.
  • If Verne calls the trip to Atlanta to play the best team in the country Georgia’s consolation prize, give him the finger and finish the second bottle.
  • Take a drink every time Todd Grantham is called “fiery”.
  • If CBS shows the clip of Grantham giving the choke sign in last year’s game, take a drink, gargle and swallow.
  • If Muschamp and Grantham get into a post game rumble, take a drink and then break the bottle over the head of the person nearest to you.
  • Take a drink if John Jenkins gets mentioned in the same comment with Terrence Cody.
  • Take as many drinks as you need when the conversation turns to the Alabama-LSU game.
  • Take a drink every time 3-18 is brought up.
  • Pour everyone a drink if Gary or Verne mentions it’s now 4-18.  (Cigars are optional.)


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50 responses to “Cocktail Party drinking game

  1. kckd

    Where’s the Tebow mention drink? Or maybe that would cause alcohol poisoning.


  2. Go Dawgs!

    You trying to kill us, Senator?


  3. Mike

    You left out the most important rule:

    Every time “LINDSEY SCOTT” is shown, take a drink.

    There will no one sober past the 1st quarter.


  4. IM


    When you mention bottle; are you referring to liquor or beer?


  5. Hogbody Spradlin

    Jeebus Blutarsky, we’re not frat boys anymore! I want to be awake, AND ALIVE, past halftime.


  6. stoopnagle

    Needs more socials and give-aways, but those are easy edits.

    I will be using this template.


  7. Hogbody Spradlin

    Beverage Suggestions From Your Sommelier Hogbody:
    With the weather cooling down, a Tommyknocker Imperial Nut Brown ale goes quite nicely with a Georgia touchdown.
    For something really hearty, like a head on de-cleater, try a Bell’s Expedition Stout.
    And finally, to celebrate the win by getting blasted, or to mourn the loss by getting blasted, a Founders Old Curmudgeon American Ale. It’s about 10% ABV, and it really sneaks up on you.
    When Florida does anything good, a warm Natty Lite, only so you’ll have something to piss later.
    A Georgia victory, given their rarity, deserves a Padron 1926 as well.


  8. Slaw Dawg

    Props for the permission (“but, honey, a senator said I HAD to…”) but guess I better load up on God’s own brown liquid (and a helluva lot of morning after coffee and Goody’s). Since variety is the spice of drinking life, anybody got any suggestions for something brand new to supplement my Elmer T Lee and Woodford Reserve and my neighbor’s Knob Creek and Elijah Craig?


    • The Lone Stranger

      Out of a basic neo-bourbon curiosity, this Elmer T Lee of which you speak, I’ve yet to meet. What is the deal with this concoction? And is it available anywhere north of Virginia (I wonder)?


      • Slaw Dawg

        Lone: There’s as good a description as any from “Spirits Review” at I disagree on one point in the review (tho it may be a matter of taste buds): although it is certainly “full bodied,” I don’t consider it “damn smooth.” In fact, it’s my more complex counterpoint to the very smooth likes of Woodford and good ol’ dependable Maker’s. All, of course, good for initial “snootful” flavor (in fact, here’s a suggestion: put your bourbon glass in the freezer for an hour or more before pouring; when ready to drink, remove immediately, pour, swirl, and when tilting back for that first delicious drink, breath in just before imbibing–then you’ll really know what you’re about to get; recommend MTB’s “Fire on the Mountain” as a soundtrack to the experience).

        As far as availability, I now live in New England, and have no trouble finding it at our local Liquor Depot. Sometimes takes a bit of looking at other stores, tho.


  9. I got drunk just reading the list.


  10. Bad M

    Now I feel like I’ve already watched the game.
    Is it OK to get a head start on this list right now?
    For Munson!
    For Herschel!
    For Scott!
    For Stafford kicking Tebow’s butt the very next day! (Even though I’m a Denver fan)


  11. Reptillicide

    I’ll be smashed before the game is even underway with those rules.


  12. Alcohalic Genius

    Now you talkin my language, man. We stick our feets up them gator tail, we all gone drank — but you disremembered one thang – – we gone vomit too, then drank some mo and cry.


  13. Spike

    I’m loaded from just reaging that…


  14. Questioner

    Are we sure Verne and the gang will be doing the 3:30 and not the 8:00 in Tuscaloosa? Seems doubtful…


  15. classic city blood

    If Ut upsets USCe after we’re done with the Gators, drink a bottle, repeat,……


    • Cojones

      With you crazy bunch of drinkers about, I just walked out and chained my beer reefer shut and padlocked. Oh, crap! I didn’t get a beer out first.

      This ole taster has come down to Leinenkugels and Newcastles for your volume drinking and you can never go wrong with any Belgium beer. Richert’s Red and a few other Canadian beers also fit the bill.
      Remember, the more you drink, the more jobs available to up the brewing.


  16. Dawg Vent

    Alabama and LSU are going to pound eachother into oblivion for four quarters on November 5th…and the winner gets the consolation prize of having its ass whipped by UGA during the SEC Championship Game.


  17. GeauxTigers



  18. GeezusDawg

    How bout 2 drinks every time that you hear that Orson Charles and Aaron Murray played on the same high school team …. I think that it’s in the contract.


  19. What about the one where Verne mentions David Pollack and David Greene played pee wee football together?

    Wrong year maybe.


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