Likewise, I’m sure.

Ah, yes, here we go.


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  1. Puffdawg

    Ho boy, here we go! Not sure my boss is going to be thrilled when I come out of the bathroom after lunch sporting war paint!

    Is it Saturday yet?

  2. Go Dawgs!

    I’m surprised by this comment. Considering that we’ve actually won a game this month, I’d think that would look pretty special to a team that counts Kentucky among its two biggest wins.

    • Mike

      Won against…whom? Aren’t UGA’s best wins against Tennessee (which Florida also beat) and Vandy????

      • William

        Actually the MSU win was considered huge after the way they went at it with LSU prior to the UGA game. Can you name another school that has given LSU fits like they did? You can’t count wins in a vacuum. At the time we played them MSU was still highly thought of. Of course, we know a little bit more now. They weren’t as great as advertised, and we aren’t world beaters, but have potential. We could blow doors on Fl, but could just as easily lose too.

        • JJ

          Ark didn’t exactly dominate Ole Miss as well. The SEC is tougher every week than people realize.

          • Keese

            SEC fans are so funny. They degrade other Teams SEC wins but proclaim the SEC is the toughest conference top to bottom?

        • Mike

          So MSU played LSU hard for awhile and that makes the UGA game against them a good win? The same MSU team that is 0-4 in the SEC and 3-4 overall? The same as Tennessee?

          My goodness, that analysis has more stretch in it than a pair of Rosanne Barr’s leotards

          • Biggus Rickus

            MSU has been more competitive than Tennessee, so it’s probably a better win. But it’s kind of like arguing over which Sun Belt team was the better win.

          • Michael

            The 80’s called, they want their outdated analogy back.

            I know, I know, the Jerk Store called and they are out of me…what else ya got.

      • Go Dawgs!

        Aw, Mike, you mad?

      • Fuelk2

        Getting your ass kicked by 3 of the best 4 teams in the West – this is nothing that Houston Nutt could not accomplish.

  3. stoopnagle


  4. JaxDawg

    I suppose Time to die bitch thinks that only Gator folks are allowed to recall stinging defeats. As if it’s the other team’s job to just lose to Florida and accept it. B/c we all know that GA doesn’t have many humiliating losses to Fl over the past 20 years.

    I’m still angry about 1996 and can’t wait to rub the Gator’s noses in a pile of shit when we return the favor.

    Arrogant c*cks*ckers.

    • Joe

      Yep, grab your dead girl’s credit cards, pick up some automatic weapons at the apartment complex, don your best jean shorts and mullets and bring it on boyz. Won’t take nothing special this year my reptilian friends.

  5. The Lone Stranger

    Time-to-Die-Bitch will be meeting on a personal level numerous times Saturday with J. Jones. Let’s see how he texts with a helmet visor dislodged and dangling.

    Maybe the Great Magnet is finally beginning to pull in UGa’s favor, as its long overdue for UF to enjoy an ’05-Shockley moment.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      If they keep running him inside Time To Die Bitch might just meet up with Jenkins and have more than just his helmet visor dangling.

  6. heyberto

    Despite my desire to say ‘take a look in the mirror pal’ I really think we haven’t earned any right to talk smack until we start getting some consistent W’s.

    Aside from that, talk all the smack you want Gators.. It will make a potential win that much sweeter. I just hope if we do, that we can beat them bad enough that saying ‘we weren’t at full strength, but we’ll probably hear that anyway.

    • Cojones

      Not sure what side your post is on, heyberto. “Full strength” would apply to FU’s take , but now we hear that your great starter, Brantley, was at practice and will play Sat. Good! We want FU at their best with no excuse .

  7. Ed

    Oh yeah, watch the Coastal Carolina game, that was our best game. And they’re a really good team.

  8. FortWorthDawg

    GoldkampGCThomas Goldkamp
    Will Muschamp said #Gators should have John Brantley back for #UGA. He’s probable for the game.

  9. Ed

    Oh yeah, and I live with my Mom and think Carolina will win the SEC. What, no Lattimore? Who cares. The guy playing now is better. Carolina wins out.

  10. Sanford222View

    Fwiw, Shariff actually made this comment in regards to watching Murray on film.

    • William

      Hell, then I’d agree! He has been consistent but not wow yet. He shows flashes of being able to take a game over, but is still not quite there yet IMHO.

      • Normaltown Mike

        The most outstanding play of the season involving Aaron also involved Jadaveon Clowney.

        Just sayin.

  11. It’s hard to disagree with him. I can’t think of a particular performance that I would label “outstanding.” What would be outstanding, however, would be for Florida to have a winless October, while Georgia has an undefeated October. That might even be spectacular.

  12. JJ

    11 years into the Richt era and no matter how bad we feel about this team. I wouldn’t switch places with UT or UF. From what we were dealing with at the end of the 90’s, that is something to savor IMO.

  13. AndroidLloyd

    Floyd isn’t being entierely fair. Aaron Murray had an amazing game last year against Louisiana Lafayette, threw for 3 td’s, ran for another one, anyone saying Cam Newton yet?

    • Normaltown Mike

      Heisman chatter won’t start up til he steals a laptop, spray paints it black, logs into his university e-mail from said laptop, lies to police, throws laptop out the window, transfers to Phuck U Junior College and then signs a lucrative deal with a dirty program from the SEC west.

    • Puffdawg

      Mr. Murray is only the third best QB in the conference, statistically speaking. Drat.

  14. AndroidLloyd

    Floyd isn’t being entierely fair. Aaron Murray had an amazing game last year against Louisiana Lafayette, threw for 3 td’s, ran for another one, anyone saying Cam Newton yet?

    • Android Lloyd Wubber

      why me post twice?

      me not know how use intertube.

      press enter then use back space on AOL browser.

  15. H-Town Dawg

    And here’s GoldkampGC’s post-game tweet re: Sharrif Floyd…

    Sharrif Floyd on losing to Georgia – “I was wrong. I understand now. I apologize.”