Monday morning buffet

What shall we nibble on this morning?

  • Football scholarships.  Sort of like the weather – lots of talk, but nobody does anything about them.
  • “We are Nittany Lions.  And we’re mounting everyone.”  Gawd, I hope that becomes a football slogan at Penn State.
  • The ASU Arizona streaker has been charged with Criminal Impersonation, a felony.  Some people have no sense of humor.
  • With a little horsetrading, CBS has moved the Alabama-LSU game to prime time.  That’s good news for Georgia fans who were planning on attending the New Mexico State game.
  • Les Miles “would never say no to Michigan” and other weird happenings surrounding the RichRod hire are the subjects of a new book.
  • There’s nothing like coming back from a tough road win like getting into a situation with police that leads to them using stun guns on you.
  • Congrats to Case Keenum.
  • Will Muschamp is the first person in the history of the Georgia-Florida series to play for one team and coach for the other.
  • You think Dillon Baxter will name Junior as the godfather of his new child?


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17 responses to “Monday morning buffet

  1. gastr1

    Was a UA streaker, not an “ASU” one. Don’t know if they care about such things in those parts as much as we would ’round here…


  2. The Dawgchurian Ball Coach. So far so good….


  3. stoopnagle

    So, one o’clock kick for NMSU?


  4. Go Dawgs!

    Up until now, nobody on either side was heartless enough to agree to work for the other side in the Georgia-Florida rivalry.

    Also, I’m seriously pumped about CBS putting LSU-Alabama in prime time. It’s a smart, even obvious move for them, and it means I get to see the game. Winning!


    • Cojones

      Will hasn’t switched school allegiance, he just likes the friends he made at UGA and coaching players at FU. If I was FU, I’d take a serious look at this guy when he doesn’t profess loyalty, but takes your money. Dawgchurian indeed, ThinkingBulldog!


      • Go Dawgs!

        He hasn’t said anything too inflammatory in the past few weeks, to avoid being on bulletin boards. But he made enough comments over the summer to let me know that he’s burned his emotional bridge to Athens.


  5. KornDawg

    Well if there’s anything positive to be taken from an early kickoff, it’s that I get home in time for the late games. Thanks, CBS. That LSU-Bama game should be a barn burner.


  6. Go Dawgs!

    I don’t know what Lloyd Carr and the AD’s problem with Les Miles is, but I wonder if they wish they had him now? People make fun of Les, but he’d be at the top of my list if I was going shopping for a head coach, that’s for sure.


    • Nate Dawg

      Me too, and isn’t it funny how the tide’s totally changed on that. Seems not so long ago he was the goat on EVERY joke, even the talking heads on the four-letter openly made fun of him. Now, not at all. I love the guy and think he’s a great coach and as the Senator has noted – the SEC is a lot more fun with him in it.


  7. Castleberry

    Any word on whether the Montana police identify Georgia as a “national power”?


  8. Cojones

    Kiffin has to line up Mo Greene in Vegas before he can talk godfather with his player.

    Az’s streaker has broken the student code in a way that embarrasses his university. Other students can help him out the door. He should have taken Law instead of Physiology since he planned it for so long. Dumbshit stunt to draw attention to “help” your career since you aren’t going to be on a reality show. Break 2 laws and you look great to a prospective employer? Only if he starts a football career to get him through grad school.

    Dammit! Sex columns in the student newspaper? It will wipe football out as the primary sport venue on campus. Wonder if that can be a major? Scolly at $20 a throw? Probably as a minor in order to have something to fall back on. Many times. What the hell, it is the world’s oldest profession. Brings back memories, one that took place when I was in college and spent the summer working in a local men’s store to earn good threads for school. The men’s clothing store was a big local meeting place and one day there was exciting talk about a college girl prostituting at the local upbeat hotel. The customers were saying that she had arrived that AM and wanted to earn money to go home in her own car. At 50$/clip we figured she would have enough by nightfall, especially since one of the car dealers was on the way over to the hotel. True story.

    So, CBS is making moves to wipe out 4-letter sports networks?