SEC Power Poll, Week 8

So what did we learn this week? The same damned thing we learn every week – that LSU and Alabama are head and shoulders above the rest of the conference. If anything, the gap between those two and everyone else is growing.

  1. LSU (8-0, 5-0).  The Auburn game was the football equivalent of a scratch golfer giving a duffer fifteen strokes and then wiping the guy off the course.
  2. Alabama (8-0, 5-0).  First half ties are so overrated.
  3. Arkansas (6-1, 2-1).  We probably shouldn’t make too much out of the Hogs struggling with Ole Miss… on the second thought, yeah, we should.
  4. Georgia (5-2, 4-1).  The essence of a default pick:  the Dawgs have all their players back and they haven’t lost to Auburn, so here they are.
  5. South Carolina (6-1, 4-1).  Relax, guys.  Georgia’s in Jacksonville this week.
  6. Auburn (5-3, 3-2).  Auburn’s been outscored by 38 in conference play now.  The Tigers don’t have a dependable quarterback and the good ship USS Ted Roof is leaking like a sieve.
  7. Florida (4-3, 2-3).  How y’all liking your October so far, Gators?
  8. Vanderbilt (4-3, 1-3).  Kicked Army’s ass.  Not literally, of course.
  9. Mississippi State (3-4, 0-4).  Why not ninth?
  10. Tennessee (3-4, 0-4).  Not only held scoreless in the second half by ‘Bama, the Vols didn’t gain a single first down.  November can’t get here soon enough for Miz Dooley’s son.
  11. Ole Miss (2-5, 0-4).  Went from one good drive against Alabama to one good half against Arkansas.
  12. Kentucky (3-4, 0-3).  Judging from the number of empty seats at homecoming, Wildcat Nation is ready for basketball season to start.


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7 responses to “SEC Power Poll, Week 8

  1. Lrgk9

    USCe is one injury to Conner Shaw or Alshon ‘Gas Pumping’ Jeffery from relying totally on Ellis Johnson’s Defense. In fact, if Shaw regresses to his mean, they are therre now.


  2. zdub

    “Relax, guys. Georgia’s in Jacksonville this week.”

    Hate to admit it, but had to laugh at that.


  3. AusDawg85

    Say LSU v. Bama is close…game ending FG, fumble at the goal line with time running out, etc. Would you really rate any other team than the loser in the #2 slot?


  4. Ed

    UGA, ahead of SC, according to who? Ahead of Auburn, seriously? Which ranekd team has UGA beat in 2 seasons?


  5. Justin

    You do realize that Auburn beat SC right?