Why there’s hope in the East, in three sentences

ESPN succinctly clues you in:

… The Gamecocks will have to rely on Brandon Wilds at running back from here on out. Remember, he was fifth on the depth chart coming into the season. He’d better stay healthy because the depth isn’t great at all and there are former walk-ons waiting in the wings.

When you were once the fifth-string guy, former walk-ons are a real threat.


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34 responses to “Why there’s hope in the East, in three sentences

  1. stoopnagle

    And yet, they haven’t lost. With an off week prior to this week against beat-up UT, I think the Cocks will keep winning.

    Honestly, I’m trying not to think about this until after the WLOCP.


  2. Ed

    Odds of Spurrier beating Ark better than odds of UGA beating Florida? Yes.


    • Junkyard Dawg '00

      No, its not, “Special” Ed. Go hang out on the Florida Blogs, or most likely… go back to Tech blogs.


      • David

        3-18 says otherwise. Our chances in this game suck. It’s highly likely we’ll get beat. Until we show up without our head up our asses like we do ALMOST EVERY YEAR over the past 2+ decades our odds of winning in Jax are shit.


        • Cojones

          Why don’t you spread that crap somewhere else.


          • 47-40-2 says other wise David. Look I understand your negativity, just writing this makes me wonder if I’m gonna have to come back next week and eat some crow, but lets not act like the series between these two schools started in the nineties. “Special” Ed asked if the odds were greater for a Lattimore-less USCe to beat an Arkansas team in their place, than it is for us to win the WLOCP and the answer is still no. no matter what color glasses your looking through, so instead of believing that its “highly likely that we’ll get beat” this weekend, why don’t you man up a little and go in liking our chances that we can win. You’ll feel a little more pride about it, when we do.


  3. Calif Dawg

    Florida wins the East. UGA loses to FLA and Aub. USC loses to ARK and FLA. Makes it a 3 way tie with 3 teams each with 3 loses. FLA has the tie breaker because they beat the other two teams in the tie.


  4. I know I’ll probably get flamed for saying this, but Wilds is a good back. He came into the season fifth on the depth chart, but he had earned playing time by the Vandy game due to his strong performance. He’s been a pleasant surprise. As good as Lattimore? Of course not. But he’s capable of playing well, if the offensive line cooperates.

    Now, if Wilds goes down, then we’re screwed. The next guy on the depth chart right now is a 160-pound walk-on.


  5. Ed

    Arn’t the Buldogs, like 3-17 against Florida?


  6. Ed

    Wilds is 7 ypc against winning teams, 5.5 against the rest, excellent back, SC won’t miss a beat.


  7. UGAfoo (formerly JBJ)

    I could not care less about the SEC East. Destroy Florida on Saturday.

    We won the SEC in 2002 and 2005. I didn’t revel in either of those. Why? Because both years we lost to FU. I’m sick of it. Sick.

    This is _the_ game for CMR. Win and win back the majority of the Dawg nation. Start a new era.


  8. Ed

    Could UGA beat Florida? yes. About 15% odds over last 20 years. But not likely, at all, even a team on a 3 game losing streak (see last year).


  9. FortWorthDawg

    If you are spending your time focusing on what USC is doing then you don’t deserve to win in Jacksonville. We have a new opportunity to turn the tide at the Cocktail party and start winning again, but to do so requires 100% focus on UF and nothing else. Not the SEC east or Auburn or USC. If you take care of the Gators then everything else will take care of itself. Focus on what you can control people. We have come too far this season to waste it away thinking about peripherals.


  10. charlottedawg

    Who let the troll in from the ajc?


  11. dean

    Couldn’t care less about what SC does. We have no control over that. Agree with FWD. Just beat the damn gators. As a fan who grew up watching us own their asses in the 80’s I’m completely fed up with losing to them.


  12. Red Blackman


    Please, I implore you, identify the offending IP address known as “Ed” and then strike it repeatedly about the head with the ban hammer. He is facking with my karma. First it was those “gator growl” adds. Now it this saurian usurper of free bandwidth. It’s a damned insurgency.


  13. W Cobb Dawg

    I’ve been gone a while. Who the f#@k is Ed?


  14. AndroidLloyd

    Mr Wilds is a solid running back. He’s consistently gaining more yards per carry than Crowell. He’s no slacker. Plus, really see Georgia beating Florida AND South Carolina losing with their defense?


  15. CLT Dawg

    F the gators


  16. I cannot understand the amount of time you “fans” spend going over historical losses to the Gators. This is another game..the players arent the same, coaches widely different and yet you predict a loss for whatever reason, why?? Just check out the two current squads, factor in the “hate” ingredient (by both teams) and pull for the Dawgs!!! I feels much better that way then the negativity of so many of you. Go Dawgs!! GATA!!!!!