My Week Eight Mumme Poll ballot

Man, weekends like the last one must suck for those anti-BCS zealots who spend the first half of the season wishing for a train wreck.  I  figure they’re getting close to the tipping point where they stop predicting that there will be too many undefeated teams left at the end and switch to rooting for all the top ten schools to lose.  Oh yeah, and Boise State, bitches!

Meanwhile, I have but one simple question:  can anybody in the Big 12 play defense?

This week’s ballot:

  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
  • Boise State
  • Clemson
  • Kansas State
  • LSU*
  • Oklahoma
  • Oklahoma State
  • Oregon
  • Stanford


  1. Goodbye, Wisconsin.  When you play a schedule like that, you don’t get the benefit of the doubt from a last-second road loss against a ranked team.  Sorry.
  2. Hello, Kansas State.  The Wildcats are the Big 12 bookend to Oklahoma State.  Somehow, though, I doubt they’ll both be on my last regular season ballot.
  3. There’s something reassuring about LSU and Alabama, isn’t there.
  4. I thought about ditching Arkansas in light of the struggle with Ole Miss, but that win over Texas A&M looks better each week.
  5. On the outside, still looking in:  Houston and Michigan State.
  6. This ballot took the least amount of time to compose of any so far.  I was in and out in less than 20 minutes.


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10 responses to “My Week Eight Mumme Poll ballot

  1. Nate

    I kind of want to rank Houston, but good Lord look at that schedule. Yech. When your best win is against a 4 loss UCLA, you get left out of my Mumme Poll.


    • justin

      Houston, I probably over-valued them and gave them the benefit of the doubt for getting to this point undefeated. But like K-State, I don’t know how much I truly buy into either, but again, unbeaten.


    • Russ

      Yeah, I agree. But I gave Houston some love. The bottom have of the poll is basically a line up of wannabes anyway. There’s just a huge gulf between Bama and LSU, then maybe OSU and Clemson, then there are the rest of the gang.


  2. JasonC

    OU – KState this week should sort out some of those problems pretty soon.


  3. Totally agree. The poll is getting tougher each week for the 9-10 teams. I couldn’t vote Michigan State after their loss to ND. Kansas State will wake up one of these days. Oklahoma State may get through their remaining schedule, especially now that the hole in the OU defense is now exposed.


  4. Newt

    I still couldn’t pull the trigger on Kansas State. They would by my 11 if I had to keep going. They get their shot this weekend to play their way on to my ballot. Their Miami win keeps getting better, too. Oklahoma and Arkansas were the last two on my ballot, K State and Wisconsin the top two left off. Contrary to the Senator, this was the most time I had spent on my ballot because of having about 5 teams for 2-3 spots.


  5. Sanford222View


    I hope the ballot leaving LSU off has been flagged. That is ridiculous. It has to be an attempt to game the system and knock them out of first place.


    • We’ve already sent out an e-mail.

      But you guys need to quit jumping to these black helicopter conclusions. Both omissions last week were accidental. This looks to be the same. The ballot in question belongs to a UGA blogger.


      • Sanford222View

        As long as it is flagged and clarified is all I was really worried about. I assumed someone wouldn’t accidentally omit a team like LSU.

        My bad.


  6. Cojones

    Don’t understand that Ok, after losing to an unranked team , can remain in your top ten. Longevity? Our rankings become a game with ourselves. We all probably have 5-7 teams not listed that we could reason as deserving. While I haven’t listed the Dawgs yet, I feel many teams “above” them could be beaten by them. I think the word parity describes best what is happening plus the lighter parts of schedules are played first giving some legitimacy for teams to be in the spotlight before going down and away. Even after starting after the 5th week, its unreasonable to rank past the top two. I confess ahead of time that the loser of the “Big Game” between SEC leaders can’t go down much in the poll, if at all. Just don’t see the rest of the teams strong enough to beat either one.

    Is objective reasoning lost on football ranking because we don’t know intimate details of teams (i.e., resolve, heart, other intangibles) that are the most important traits accounting for their success? Maybe that’s why we try each week in the Mumme Poll. We attempt to peer deeper into each team’s success to learn what can be used to gauge our own team. Maybe some of us get a helluva lot more from college football than Ws and Ls.