This is why they flock to the Flats.

I was never impressed with Chan Gailey’s salesmanship as a recruiter, but compared to Paul Johnson, he comes off like Ron Zook.

… Johnson was asked about negative recruiting tactics against Tech from rival coaches who tell prospects that they can’t get to the NFL if they go there.

Johnson said that “I just point out the guys from Tech that are in the NFL.” He added further that if a prospect looks at a college solely as a vehicle to get to the NFL, “he’s probably not coming to Georgia Tech anyway because if that’s his only concern, he’s going to go somewhere where there’s 100,000 people at the game and the school’s not hard.”

Paul Johnson is the only coach in America who negatively recruits against his own program.


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24 responses to “This is why they flock to the Flats.

  1. BMan

    I’m almost surprised he didn’t mention something about the scarcity of attractive women on campus while he was at it.


  2. TennesseeDawg

    That backhanded swipe about Georgia (“school’s not hard”), is rather funny coming from a guy that went to Western Carolina and coached at Georgia Southern.


      • gastr1

        Majored in PE at the land o’ Catamounts too. What a hypocritical asshole.


        • Tommy Lawhorne

          Coach Johnson did not mention Georgia. Contrary to what you obviously think, he likely gives UGA no thought at all except during the week before Tech plays them. In fairness, however, I can see why you would make the leap that you did. If the old shoe fits, sometimes one must wear it.
          Neither was he speaking of where he personally went to school. He was talking about Georgia Tech. I am not sure how his remarks can therefore be construed as hypocritical. I also cannot help but wonder why you would assume that he was referring to Georgia even in what you refer to as a “backhanded swipe”. Everyone knows that most recruits who go to Georgia do so because of the excellent educational prospects afforded them there.


  3. Boz

    Why would he let his own personal experience get in the way of his mouth?


  4. Lorenzo

    Tek has a great draw in having DragonCon next to campus.


  5. Spike

    Hang on a minute while I pin this on the UGA locker room bulletin board….


  6. Hogbody Spradlin

    With apologies to Don Rickles, Paul the Johnson is a regular Mr. Warmth. What a sourpuss.


  7. Ray

    I bet he C-blocked himself when he was single in college.


    • Go Dawgs!

      “Baby, I have erectile dysfunction and you should know that I just ate ten hard boiled eggs. Now sure, you can go home with that six foot two stud with the convertible, but I’ve got this perfect technique that I could blow your mind with if only I had a more talented body to go with it… wait, where are you going?”


  8. Griff

    I don’t know why there are so many negative comments. I, for one, read CPJ’s words and was ready to sign with the Jackets. Dang, If only I had some eligibility left. His coaching genius goes much farther than just the field.


  9. Go Dawgs!

    Yeah, Coach Johnson. Just make sure to point out which *offensive* players from Georgia Tech are in the NFL who *played at least three years* in your system.


    • “Son, if you want to see Wide Receivers who’ve played in my system in the NFL, look at BeBe Thomas with Denver! He’s caught practically 4 different passes all season! A regular Shockwave to CJ’s Megatron (I know the references you youth like), right, right?”


  10. Typical North Avenue language. Same old, same old.


  11. Dawgy45

    There’s a half-dozen colleges around Atlanta that have easy classes, but I can’t figure out which one has a 100,000 seat stadium. A tech player has to work on his management degree somewhere…just ask Jonathon Dwyer.


  12. CPJ's fupa...

    I have to agree with CPJ….it is extremely harder. Have you ever had to sit through a hard class, and only have some 4 eyed indian/chinese nerd chick in sweat pants and tube socks to look at? Time creeps by. Then to top it off, that same nerdy chick is probably who you will end up marrying one day, so the realization that the best part of your life has already passed you by, comes crashing on you like a ton of bricks. Don’t know how the nerds do it, year in and year out… You poor bastards…. Kudos fellas, Kudos…