Hey, I didn’t say it.

Arkansas is preparing for Vanderbilt’s blitz, in part by carefully studying the tape of the Georgia-Vanderbilt game.  Why?  I’ll let Arky’s offensive coordinator tell you.

“Certain parts of our offense are a lot like Georgia’s,” McGee said.  So we have really gameplanned and studied what they did and we anticipate that type of style also.”

I think you know what to do in the comments with this.


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30 responses to “Hey, I didn’t say it.

  1. Brandon

    Bobo sux!!! Wait what?

  2. Spike

    Hmmm, why didn’t we think of that?

  3. BeardDawg

    Fire Bobo! We can’t put up points like Arkan…. Wait what?

  4. Red Blackman

    Fire Garrick McGee!!!

    He is predictable.

  5. Lrgk9

    And parts of their offense are not like Georgias, especially the part about eschewing field goals and evincing touchdowns.

  6. Joe

    Same plays, just not all called at the exact same down and distance every time to where we can call them as well. IMO (Tell me you don’t know exactly when CT goes between the tackles or the delayed draw is coming?)

  7. Boz

    Fire Petrino!!1!1. He’d rather do mission work than coach football!!

  8. Haywood Jablome

    The only part that’s different is the part where they score TD’s while we score (or at least 12 out of 20 times) FG’s.

    • Puffdawg

      I’m trying to figure out a fair way to convey this because Arky’s played a weird schedule so far, but in SEC play, we score two more points per game. Considering they’ve only played 3 conference games to our 5, let’s give them benefit of the doubt and look at games against AQ schools – they score 1.6 points per game more. HARDLY a reason to knock our offense relative to theirs. And remember their top two rushers are juniors, while our top rusher is a ture freshman. On top of that their top 7 (SEVEN!) receivers are seniors and juniors. 2 of our top 4 receivers are freshmen.

      • Haywood Jablome

        The stat that jumps out to me is this, on the season Georgia has attempted 10 more FG’s than Arkansas. I won’t give a crutch to the coaching staff for the lack of experience of their players when one of the responsibilities of the coaches is to manage their roster. We have had the same problem throughout the years when certain positions are left neglected during the recruiting process.

        • Puffdawg

          I don’t have stats to back this up, but I seem to recall seeing stats showing since Bobo took over we’ve been at or near the top of the conference in red zone efficiency. This year, however, seems like it HAS indeed dropped off, especially from a touchdown perspective. However, I don’t think it is merely coincidental we’ve seen a drop off with the extra reliance on younger players. While I agree managing a roster is part of coaching, I’d also say the experience level of teams is constantly changing from year to year, including at Alabama, LSU, and everywhere else in America. We just happen to be REALLY REALLY young (and really really talented and really really inconsistent)on offense this year, and that INCLUDES our preseason All-SEC QB.

          • Haywood Jablome

            No doubt we are young in all the playmaker positions and I’ll give credit to Bobo for post-Boise calling good games, especially in between the 20’s. I would just like to see a little more urgency to score TD’s. It’s a fine line between being balls-out and foolish, but it looks at times Bobo doesn’t like to push the offense to their limits in the redzone.

  9. AthensHomerDawg

    Wonder what McGee’s response will be if Coach Franklin decides to channel his inner sensai again.

  10. Nate Dawg

    “Squash-clock momentum kill on two on two…break (clap in unison as huddle breaks)!”

  11. OKDawg

    I think the Arkansas OC meant:

    “Certain parts of our offense are a lot like Georgia’s” — Translation: we also have large offensive linemen, critical to executing our offense, with knees that are vulnerable to chop-blocking


    “we anticipate that type of style also” — Translation: we expect Vandy to chop-block us as well. That’s their “style.”

  12. Otto

    I think the key is certain parts. UGA is happy Bobo can hang 30 on someone.

    In 2010 Ark hung 30 or more in all but 3 games and was never held to under 20. In 2011 Arky’s low is 29 points.

    Arkansas is not at all concerned about balance being a 50/50 run/pass balance.

    Also I have I posted in the past if the offense is bing play/short possesion drive you need more than 30 win regularly. Arkansas does this.

  13. Cojones

    Make that 25 minutes. See what I mean?

  14. Steve M.

    Vanderbilt will do the same thing to the Hogs that Ole Miss did. Only Vandy is better at it.
    Their 4.7yds/carry will keep Arkansas’s offense off the field, so McGee’s playbook opinions are irrelevant.
    I don’t “invest” in football games, but if I did, I’d take Vanderbilt in this one.