Three quick morning cocktails

I’m scrambling this morning getting ready to hit the road for Amelia, so posting will be spotty… and brief.  But here are some things to imbibe:

  • Cornelius Washington is pumped to get back out there.  Really pumped“I just want to get out and play, man. It’s been too long,” he said. “It’s been almost a month since I’ve been out on the field, since I got game action. It’s long overdue. I’m just ready to get out there and play.”  If I’m Charlie Weis, I’m testing his enthusiasm with all sorts of misdirection plays until I’m sure he’s got his game under control.
  • How good a coaching job has the defensive staff done this season?  Well, consider that this Saturday will mark Georgia’s eighth different starting defensive line up of the year.
  • Mark Richt wants to treat the Cocktail Party just like any other game.  But it ain’t.


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  1. stoopnagle


    I would find it acceptable if you could break their quarterback.

    Your obd. srvt, Stoopnagle.

  2. Dog in Fla

    Todd and his monster D will pour dirty juice on Charlie and his UF offense

    • Sanford222View

      Great band! Love me some Big Head Todd.

      When I was going through rush at CU Boulder in 1989 the fraternity I ended up pledging had them play for a rush party. It was the last fraternity party they ever played before getting too big for gigs like that. “Midnight Radio” and “Another Mayberry” are great albums.

  3. Macallanlover

    It is another game, just has a unique setting. Because of Florida’s obnoxious fanbase, their inferiority complex, and the fact they are usually one of the three contenders for the East title, the game is one everyone wants to win most. But it counts the same as a Vandy/Kentucky win, just feels better. Going to enjoy this Saturday evening….victory cigar poised.

  4. Less Sick, Always Faithful

    At least Williams and Geathers will be rested for the 2nd half.

  5. Bad M

    Seriously, Senator. Hush. The kids are all going to be geeked up, and don’t play trick plays well to begin with. Plus gayturds love your blog. (Which I can’t blame them, really. Going to click an ad now.)

  6. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Richt is right. It is just another game. Everybody else makes it into something bigger than it is. That is the root of the problem. We need to stop treating it like it is some sort of bowl. It’s important because it is an SEC game and we want to win the SEC East–that’s it. But it is not any more important than any other SEC game UGA plays.

    • W Cobb Dawg

      If I had a piss poor record against fu, I’d say ‘it’s just another game’ too. I’d also say Memphis or Shreveport is just as good a place for a bowl game as New Orleans.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        You do have a piss poor record against FU and you just said: “Memphis or Shreveport is just as good a place for a bowl game as New Orleans.”

  7. Less Sick, Always Faithful

    It’s not just “another” game. This ain’t Vandy, UK, Ole Miss, MSU, or some out of conference scrub. This is our 2nd biggest rival that has OWNED our ass longer than some of our players have been alive.

    Yes, we own the series. By a whopping 7 games. At the rate it’s going, it won’t be long before FU overtakes it.

    Alabama, or LSU during the regular season is more like just another game then FU is. And maybe CMR is trying to fool us, if it were “just another game” to him, he wouldn’t have encouraged his team to get a celebration penalty after the first touchdown of the game.

    • I spent many a Ga./Fla. weekend on Amelia & had the opportunity to do it again this year. I am a life long “Gator hater”. . This year is a “Must Win” game But the years we won the East & lost to UF worked for me. Winning the East is the goal, not beating the Gaturds .GATA..

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        It would be nice to beat the Gators AND win the East.

      • Mike

        The only times UGA has ever won the East, they still lost to Florida. Given that Florida has a very slight chance of winning the East no matter what, a Gator win over Georgia, even if it means UGA does go to the SECCG, is just like the old song says about Jesus…just alright with me.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          In 2007 UGA beat Florida and tied for the SEC East title with UT, which won the tiebreaker because UT had won the UGA-UT game that year. And don’t take the Lord’s name in vain–heathen.

          • Mike

            Seriously?? You are counting as a “tie” a year your team did not go to the SECCG? Damn, I can understand this if UGA was a team that rarely went to the SECCG. But for a team that has been there 3 times and won 2, it seems a bit unseemly to claim it. It is a bit like a participation award.

            • Mayor of Dawgtown

              No. I was just correcting your usual sweeping oversimplification, half-truths and misinformation as well as making a request to leave Jesus out of it.

    • MinnesotaDawg

      Of course. This “just another game” bullshit is just another approach to make fans, coaches, and players feel better about themselves in light of 3-18. I’m not sure that they aren’t are biggest rival considering the game’s history, the special setting, the hatred, and the implications of this game in terms of the division standings/tiebreakers, etc. Perhaps the downplay by Richt is just this year’s approach to keep his players from being too amped and unfocused. I can trust that he knows his players best (I guess). But there is little point in fans pretending like this game is no big deal, other than the need to save face, massage egos, and ignore that this rivalry will continue to be a decades long embarrassment for Georgia…until we start beating the f&%@ing Gators.

  8. Bob

    I think it depends on where you’re from, as to how big this rivalry is. I’m originally from South GA (Moultrie), so for me, FU is our biggest rival. If you live around Macon or northward, I suspect GT or AU or even UTe is considered our biggest rival. Remember, we don’t have a tag like “WLOCP” for any other team we play.

    I’m a UGA ’70 alum and old enough to remember when we seriously dominated the Gators and loved every minute of it. Those really were the good old days.

    • Junkyard Dawg '00

      “Clean old fashion hate” comes to mind as far as tags go. I live above the “Gnat line”, which is somewhere right in the smack dab middle of Macon and I still hate the Gayturds more. Course, I couldn’t fathom losing to the techies in this fashion so I guess I just hate whomever were losing to, the most.

  9. JaxDawg

    Jesus Christ people – what did Spurrier do when he was first hired as FL’s head coach? He circled the GA game, created a bye week before, convinced the fanbase that they had no business doubting themselves and the team, and created a momentum that continues to this DAY!

    So NO, this isn’t just another f*cking game against another SEC East opponent! Saying that makes Mark Richt and everyone else who utters that statement look and sound like a fool and a coward. Yes, it is but one game and yes, it counts as one SEC east win or loss, but when you consider the impact that beating Florida has on the confidence and momentum of OUR program then the game takes on special relevance.

    The impact on beating Florida now is as signficant for us now as it was for
    Florida in 1990. Beating UF is a tremendous boost for our program and our University – THAT is not debateable.

    • Dawg Vent

      You’re right! Mark Richt is a coward!!!!!!!!!!!1! Glad to have you on the FIRE MARK RICHT !!!!!!1! bandwagon, my friend!

      • Dog in Fla

        After his people read TB/Mr.CFB, JD and DV and report findings back to him, MR puts on earphones, turns volume to up eleven and comes up with gameplan

    • NC Dawg

      You’re right on about one thing — it was Spurrier who turned things around for UF in the Ga.-Fla. Game when the Gators were in exactly the same position UGA is now (couldn’t buy a win). He focused on the game all year and still, unfortunately, revels in beating Georgia. We need to do the same, like back before OBC, when Dawgs took it as a GIVEN they’d beat Florida every year.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      JD. Do you advocate UGA doing essentially exactly what Spurrier did? He suggested that the venue of the game favored the Gators and that is why the contract with Jacksonville as host city was renewed when Spurrier was HC of Florida. Do you advocate the reverse i.e. that since (according to Spurrier himself) the venue favors the Gators we should change the venue of the game?

      • JaxDawg

        No, I do not. If you’re asking me that question than you missed my point.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          Then you have no real suggestions and are just another “man-up” and “it’s all mental” blowhard without any substantive ideas.

  10. RandallPinkFloyd

    Just throwing it out there… we haven’t won the East in any of the years we’ve beaten the Gators. ’97 was a great year, but lost to Peyton and also an inferior ‘barner team. ’04 we beat Zook, but UT took care of their business and kept us out. ’07 the football gods let UT escape with last minute victories over USC, Vandy and UK to keep us out, again. You’d think beating UF would’ve meant winning the East one of those years.

    • adam

      I’m willing to chance history here. If we beat Florida, but USC sneaks by with some lucky wins and wins the East… I’ll still be happy.

      But it certainly would be nice to break from that tradition by both beating Florida AND winning the East.

  11. dawgtrain-2011

    Nice “spinal tap” ref. topped off with GFR. The party has started F-fla,it is NOT just another game.

  12. Cojones

    Expect this to be low-scoring with two good Ds on the field. Dawgs 13-7 maybe. What I really wish for is a few dominant tackling displays that will discourage the run backed up with an interception at the supremely right moment. There will be no revenge in this game since the trench work will be energy consuming at light speed. Both teams will be sucking for air by halftime which tends to dampen revenge flames.

    Sic’em Dawgs with all your might!!

  13. Slaw Dawg

    Florida, Auburn and Tech are ALL “different” and each is different from the other. The minute any of them become “just another game,” we might as well opt for the super-conference idea and hang up the old rivalries altogether and just admit that college football is just another sport. We can all be Nebraska (or Colorado, Missouri or mayyyybe West Virginia) ripped from the fading memory of essential, hot blooded epic contests against ancient rivals, passed down generation to generation, so we can play bloodless, comfortable, televisable games against opponents who will never hate us like the Gators who remember 4th and Dumb, or the War Crows who remember the shocking upset of 1970, or the Techsters who still writhe with memories of 1942.

    Sure hope Richt is saying something hotter in the locker room than he is in the pressers.

  14. Will Trane

    CMR had some teams that should have beaten Florida. They did not.

    Looking back at the Vandy, Tennessee, Mississippi State, and Ole Miss games the thing that keeps come back is the Dawgs simply never have that “make-up” to be a different team. They seem to struggle in some phase of the game(special teams and kicking), certain plays (running), certain quarters (mainly the 4th again), game management, and play calling. Going to Jacksonville lately is like going to see the Gators have fun and we endure another loss. CMR was suppose to be the coach to change some of that. Nope. We had moments…the fumbles, the INTs, the rushing the field for penalties, the black helmets. We had a couple of wins sprinkled through the decades. At some point you would think CMR and staff would put out a solid game and performance. Everything we do against Florida seems to be a struggle with the outcome already decided.

  15. Will Trane

    Plus I’d feel a little better if we did not have those suspensions to get thru …always an issue with a CMR team…we should be use to that by now. Plus our “girly-boy QB” does not get over-excited and decide to throw some passes “thru a tight window” for a pick-6 or two. And the offense has better production on second downs than they have lately.

    Like most commentators think and say. How will the UGA QB play? I has been decades when we had one have a stellar game in JAX.

  16. Bayless

    So far, every idea Richt has had to beat Florida, has failed. So I don’t expect this approach to be any different. Can’t wait til he’s fired. Only 5 more weeks!

    So true Senator, defense has been great against these 5 cupcakes, just gave up 85 points against the 2 good teams. Funny.

  17. Al

    1. Wash might not get playn time, other dudes in front.
    2. Def on a roll, wuz worried in opener @Boise @S Carolina, but starting rollin after dat
    3. Richt is 2-8, if he could fix this game, he’d already done it,.

  18. Fot The Fire Richt Crowd. I will continue to support any new coach & the program. However, i do believe any new coach will be compared to Richt & his record & will come up short. Richt is in my opinion the best HC the Dawgs have had in my lifetime. Hope that I am wrong about the new coach because I will always support the Dawgs & the entire football program & will continue to be a loyal & avid fan (& a Gator Hater). GATA..

  19. JG Shellnutt

    Already down here and it’s great…the weather, the plantation, the golf. Everything is perfect. Here’s to hoping I still call it a ‘perfect trip’ Sunday morning.

    Hey, Senator, you going to be there for breakfast at T-Rays tomorrow?

  20. For Richt to start winning consistently at Jax or win a national championship with UGA, he should be willing to get out of his comfort zone which he has really been unwilling to do so much.

    When he last did this with the 2007 end zone celebration, he seem to have made a tailspin and retreated to his cocoon which resulted to the deterioration of his following seasons.

  21. Less Sick, Always Faithful

    Cry me a river Mayor. We don’t need to move the game, we need to Win the game.

    So sorry that Dawg fans like to take a little vacation and enjoy a nearly 100 year old tradition. What a-holes they are!

    Seriously though, would there be as big of a push to change the venue if we were still winning a vast majority of them?

  22. Sicker and More Faithful

    If Georgia was still winning the WLOCP there would be no reason to move the game. 3-18 over the last 21 years is a damn good reason to move it, though.

    • ugafidelis

      That’s an awful piss poor, cry baby, BS excuse don’t you think? Since we’re losing the game we need to just tuck our tail between our legs and pray for some sort of Home/Away miracle turnaround? Give me a break!

      20 years ago the series was 45-20 or so. Jaxsonville hasn’t changed, the Dawgs and the Gators have changed. The Gators set it on a pedestal every year. The Dawgs… Well I don’t know what they do, but with quotes like the ones I’ve seen from some of our players these last to weeks, it’s obviously something different.

      I don’t recall Spurrier criying about moving the game. He just went in there and started winning!

      • Macallanlover

        This. Good thing is I feel the players are smarter than our fans. As AM said, “we didn’t lose those 18 games”. All in the past, but we have some wimpy fans.

    • ugafidelis

      Oh and by the way. The last time they went Home/Away. We lost both of them!

  23. Smitty

    Did we forget to put this little gem from the AJC on the site this week? Tech dead last in grad rates in the ACC? Love it!