Tastes like…. victory.

Tonight, the 3-18 talk can kiss my ass.

All that matters is 24-20 and 5-1.



October 29, 2011 · 8:56 PM

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  1. I’m dressing up as Jarvis Jones for Halloween!

  2. baltimore dawg

    the dream team is undefeated vs. uf!!

  3. NRBQ

    Anybody else notice how the defense bowed up in the second half after Commings moved back to corner?

    One first down, and 32 yards of offense in the 2nd half, Brantley 2 for 14.

    Augusta represents.

    • adam

      Kwame was a man possessed when he finally got in!

      • Skeeter

        lol, yeah Brantley probably had the option of moving up in the pocket to get crushed by Kwame or dropping back to get hit by Jarvis.

      • C

        Kwame didn’t play in the second half

        • adam

          Welp. Then Jenkins was killing it.

          I was in the opposite endzone. It was the possession where we nearly stopped them for a safety… Three times.

          Thought I saw 99 in the game though. Much easier to see on TV than from 130 yards away.

    • The Lone Stranger

      I do tend to believe that the secondary shake-up brought on by the suspension threw the Defense off somehow — and Commings was sticking to some receivers alright. The use of a mobile QB could have been problematic for UGa, I reckon. Good thing the Cheesburglar stuck with his schematic advantage.

  4. TDuga

    As I walked out of the stadium tonight I relished in the fact I was not taking any shit from Gator fans. I strolled past a number of them with a smile on my face and showed some class but in my head I was thinking “F you Gators.”

    • BCDawg97

      it was HARD to not gator chomp every single one you passed. Because sure as shit had we lost, some random Guido or sorority girl would’ve come up and chomped you.

      • I was at the Brewhouse Cafe in Little 5 Points in Atlanta for the game, and we got the occasional chomp from the inhouse Gator fans. I chomped the hell out of them when Samuel hit that hole for the go-ahead TD. Felt *good*.

  5. Joe

    This feels like it can be duplicated next year as well. The worm has turned.

    • NRBQ

      This defense, with its frosh/soph linebackers, safeties and corners will be frightening next year. And most of the juniors will be back.

      Seance with Erk!

      • Russ

        I’ve thought for the past few years that our problems were squarely tied to our bad defense. It looks like we’re setting up for a great defense for the next few years at least.

        Now, can we find a special teams coach? Is Hartman still around for Butler and Walsh?

        • Brandon

          Damn right Russ, and its pretty evident at this point we were right. Bashing Bobo is almost a religion with some though, its based on faith and the inherent belief that every offensive play should result in at least a first down.

          • How ironic is it that had Walsh been his old, reliant self, we would have settled for three on both those fourth and longs? I hope our coaches notice this irony and learn from it. Most of the time, it’s a better bet to gamble just a little bit more (a fg is quite a gamble now) and get a possible payoff of 7 vs 3……Kick those two and make them and what’s the score? Truely it was the Dawg’s turn to win.
            Dawg fans are singing “we’ve only just begun”
            Gators are singing “Rocket Man” (“I think it’s gonna be a long, long time)

    • heyberto

      I have to hold out on that for now. I said the same thing in 2004 and 2007. I want to feel as you do, I just can’t yet. But i am going to enjoy this win for the next year for sure. Feels great.

  6. HVL Dawg

    UF is a very poorly coached team. Meyer is on the hot seat.

    • Phillydawg

      Uh, yeah. I predict “Meyer” will not be coaching florida next year.
      What a game by the D. Win. Muff said!

  7. “All that matters is 24 to 20 & 5-1″.” Life is indeed good some of the time.

  8. X-Dawg

    0 for October. It was time to die, Bitch! Suck it Gators!

  9. Stoopnagle

    Will Muschamp is 0-1 vs Georgia.

  10. Mike

    Definitely a different defensive team in the 2nd half. Nice to have Tree, Robinson and C Wash back.

    AU Game should be a lot of fun.

  11. BMan

    Special teams sucks more than a whore on dollar night, but that defense showed up to straighten some shit out tonight. And the offense finally took the ball when it mattered and killed some clock.

    Brantley will have such bad memories of Jarvis Jones, years from now he may decide to skip his 29th birthday.

    • Bevo

      Yep. Same story all season. Lousy special teams and shaky offense (at best) when we play real teams. Those two problems could cost us another game this year.

      I’ve been bullish on the DEF since Boise St and I’m still drinking the D kool aid. We have the D to thank for any and all success we’ve had this year. Grantham is earning his paycheck.

      I guess we’re just not that good on offense, but I honestly don’t know about the special teams issues.

      Awesome win!

  12. Turd Ferguson

    Little off-topic, but … can someone explain to me Derek Dooley’s decision to trade Matt Simms for this freshman? Simms struggles against the #1 and #2 teams in the country, so you burn a RS on your 3rd-stringer?

    And as I type this … Simms is back in.

  13. Skeptic Dawg


  14. vincent aka charlottedawg

    Hear hear to rs and jj. i take back everything bad i said about samuel. great to watch us play lights out d and run the ball down their throats. now if only we could play special teams….oh well who cares it’s nice to finally find a way to win one for once. i feel like uga teams of yester year would’ve lost a game like this. way to go dawgs!!!!!

    • heyberto

      Well, it’s not like Samuel finally got good.. I thought Bobo finally figured out how to deploy him. Give him a crease and have him run north / south and power through. The key being that the O-line was able to create some holes for him to run through, and he sured played hard. Made me happy to see his hard work pay off and for him to get a TD in this of all games. Hope he’s back at it soon.

      • Darrron Rovelll

        +100 – as I have mentioned all year. We should not be in a spread formation when Samuel is in the game. He is a “North-South”/”downhill” RB who is 230 lbs. Put 2 TE’s in the game, put Figgins in front of him and tell him to run through the biggest hole he can see with a much violence, fury, and speed he can generate.

  15. Bryant Denny

    Congrats, Dawgs. Enjoy!

    • gastr1

      We will, baby, we will. F FU and F GTU!!!

      • Thanks BD. Looking forward to your game next Saturday, and hopefully the chance to get a crack at you guys at the SECCG!

        Overall, not much to say except our Dawgs found a way to win it, despite what seemed like them trying to find a way to lose it… Walsh, Butler and a second half A Murray were wilting out there. Thank God for our Def and their play! This team will only continue to grow from here… Way to go Dawgs!

        • Maybe I’m being too hard on those guys… AM especially made the plays when he absolutely had to… I was just referring to his 0-9 passing late in the game and from the view of this Dawg it just seemed like the gator curse was trying to continue its work on us. Still proud of them all… no truer definition of a team victory yesterday. …Nothing finer in the Land..!

        • Walsh saved the day. If he was kicking worth a spit, we wouldn’t have those two touchdown passes……we’d have settled for 3 plus 3.
          Forced CMR’s hand. I hope he notices.

  16. About 6 whiskey cocktails in, this guy is thinking about heading downtown… think the easy chicks are out?

  17. sUGArdaddy

    I just hope our fans can enjoy it. Murray made huge throws when we had to have them. People are so obsessed with stats or whatever that it’s driving me nuts. Our fans can’t even enjoy a victory anymore because we want to find something to complain about.

    We beat UT and UF for the first time since ’88. There’s no such thing as ugly wins. Get behind this team and let’s ride it to 12-2!

  18. Dave

    One silver lining to Walsh’s problems — Richt almost has to go for it on 4th….the results are obviously awesome…..also, Muschamp not going for it on that 4th was awesome….maybe no confidence that Florida can win? It’s good to see our coach be the aggressor, especially in this rivalry. Here’s to hoping it will continue

    • Dave

      that 4th and 2, I mean

      • It looked more like 4th and three to me. To long to line up in the toe to toe set UF was in after breaking the huddle. You could tell then it was a bluff. That formation is good for a half-yard to a yard, but they were’nt going to make it and it showed.
        I’m just thankful nobody jumped offsides. In years past we would have.

        I’m glad Muschamp didn’t blow a gasket. I want him there for a long time.

        • The Lone Stranger

          I can’t see Coach Boom lasting more than another two years. Very Zookish in his game management.

  19. Dave

    Also, does anyone know why we were using Samuel instead of Crowell for most of the 3rd and 4th till the last 1 or 2 series? Was Crowell banged up?

    • Cojones

      No one knows yet about Crowell, but Bobo gets the credit for running Foth’s heavy body against FU’s D formations that were begging for it. The credit has to be shared with the O line since the camera angle from behind the I showed the lane open precisely as he hit it. Bobo earned his bucks and our thanks tonight. The announcers thought it was a brilliant move for all that’s worth. The TD passes were based on the fact that the FU defenders weren’t turning around; therefore Murray threw into coverage. The O play was worthy of my name tonight. They all played with large cojones.

      If this team ever puts everything together in one game, no one can stop them. Oh well.

    • adam

      Crowell – shin contusion. Came back in and played hurt. Got us some needed yards on the outside.

  20. Grafton

    Not that it matters to us bu I saw that TTech got whipped 41-7 by Iowa State. The same TTech that just beat OK last week. Whatever… GO DAWGS!!!

  21. Irishdawg

    Fellow travelers, do not let one Gator fan try and say that Georgia got lucky with turnovers or injuries or any other whiny bullshit. UGA manhandled UF today, and if it wasn’t for our goddam special teams it would have been a 20 point victory. Suck it, Gators, suck it.

    • Cosmic Dawg

      That’s right. We outplayed them in the 2nd more than they outplayed us in the 1st. No doubt which was the better team tonight, and the outcome wasn’t a fluke.

    • Macallanlover

      That would be dumb, even for a gator fan. After all the dropped passes, missed FGs, missing players, turnovers,strange calls, etc, that went their way over the years, how could they complain with a straight face? The stats tell the story, only the Special Teams collapse today made this close into the 4th Qtr.
      Defense looking very solid these days, offense needs to step up of we are to win out, and compete in post season. I don’t even need to say someone needs to relook our STs. Now that we have more healthy bodies available, I want to see some athletes on coverage teams.

      Enjoy Dawg fans, we are going back to a double digit edge in this series. Our players are young, and very talented….and they ain’t skeered!

      • If you don’t think a gator fan is that goofy, check out “Mike”s post in the article below this one. He attempts to minimalize Ga’s win by using the worn out “sour grapes” approach.

      • Cojones

        We didn’t even have our best receiver and two players suspended until second half. They can limp and gimp all they want to, but Murray going out favoring a leg, riding the bike and coming back in showed who can man up under adverse conditions. Say what you want about other players, but Murray is the biggest MAN on our team.

  22. Cosmic Dawg

    Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!
    Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!
    Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!
    Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!

  23. dawg dad

    I received a check from my father for my birthday next week. I cashed it, divided it, and sent the money to my 2 kids (who are students at UGA) so that they could go to GA/FL. They both called me after the game — ecstatic, happy, breathless and elated. One could hear the thrill in their voices as people were screaming behind them. They both thanked me for helping them go. I do not think I have had a better birthday gift. A great day. Go Dogs!

  24. Zdawg

    Thank you coach Richt. Thank you.

  25. JasonC

    Let’s hope this is a start to a 20-something year streak of dominance for the Dogs.

  26. Cojones

    Has anyone heard from Mike tonight? What was that smell, Mike? Smells like a Jarvis Jones napalm night run to me.

    Please get your players healed up in time to puncture Spurrier’s balloon.

  27. donkeydawg

    Samuel’s exuberance in the last two drives perfectly represented how Dawg fans felt. He, and we, overcame an extraordinary amount of frustration. I couldn’t be happier that he was the DGD who got to show it.

  28. timphd

    All the bad things I have said about Samuel IV are now forgotten and apologized for. The dude was a beast in the 4th quarter. Announcers said Crowell should watch the tape and learn how to hit a hole. Go DAWGS!!!!!!

  29. BMan

    Crowell was pretty good at hitting a corner when the Dogs had to kill the clock. They needed to get a few first downs, and he got the first one for them. O-line played well most of the night. And raise a glass to a group of young, unsung receivers.

    But that D, that sweet D. I’m loving it. Those three big sumbitches up front absolutely held the point of attack, and our linebackers are learning how to find/shoot the gaps and wreak havok.

    • Macallanlover

      Nothing wrong with having a “Mr. Inside, and a Mr. Outside” is there? I have always loved RS’ dawgliness, doing whatever was needed, but now we see RSIV unplugged and….wow! With that exra gear and 230 pounds hitting the whole I have a hole new confidence about our running game. And yes, that includes what IC brings. Don’t forget, Samuel is just a Junior so we have about a season and a half to enjoy the potential for these two together. No one questions Crowell’s talent, the lesson he could learn from RS is in the area of the heart. IC does seem to be missing a lot on drives, to me he needs to have more of Richard’s “whatever it takes” attitude for the team. (I am not suggesting he play when injures, just seems to need a lot of rest fo a 19-20 year old.)

      Regardless of who totes the rock, we have unleashed the new modell of RSIV, and that is likely to make the other backs better. Additionally,we have a young team that seems to be getting better despite poor blocking, and horrible STs. Now we just have to remind RSIV that we hate Auburn even more after their dirty play last year. Would love to see every single Dawg player put paw tracks all over those white unis in two weeks!

  30. Jordan

    How ’bout them Dawgs!

  31. fetch

    I know this is off topic, but did anyone else know that the Geico Caveman played QB for Stanford?

  32. Mike

    Congrats. Your team deserved the win. Your defense played especially well.

    • Normaltown Mike

      Thanks Mike.

      We really tried to dig our own grave in the 1st quarter. Gator fans must be amused by the creative ways we administer self-inflicted wounds.

      • Mike

        Hell, your team tried to do it in the fourth quarter. Or at least your play calling on offense and then your terrible special teams play. Fortunately for you guys, your defense would have none of it.

        • Bevo

          You’re right.

          That’s been the story all season for us.

          Unfortunately, we’re seeing very little improvement on offense and special teams as the season goes on. Defense is all we got. Thankfully, it’s pretty darn good one.

          • Normaltown Mike

            I hope Lemay is giving a fair shot at QB this spring cuz I’m losing confidence in AM.

            • Gravidy

              I’m not saying you’re misguided, but I am saying you’re dreaming.

              • Mayor of Dawgtown

                This was Aaron Murray’s junior year academically. He was red-shirted his freshman year. Technically he is eligible for the NFL Draft after the season is over. We may need LeMay–and/or Hutson Mason.

                • Gravidy

                  I don’t see how he turns pro early, least of all after two seasons of competition. He is far from the prototypical NFL QB.

                  • Mayor of Dawgtown

                    6″1″, 210. Hmmm, let’s see. Drew Brees, Mark Sanchez, Mike Vick among others currently, not to mention Joe Montana, Bob Griese, Bart Starr, Johnny Unitas,…..nah, absolutely nothing to worry about.

                    • Puffdawg

                      Mike Vick? Come on Mayor, quit wasting our time.

                    • Mayor of Dawgtown

                      I noticed that you didn’t refute any of the other examples I gave. Who’s really wasting whose time, PD? And if you don’t like what it wrote don’t waste your time reading it much less writing something in response.

                    • NRBQ

                      Your last four examples’ careers pre-date the era dominated by defensive linemen playing at 6-4 to 6-6, FWIW.

                      Anyhow, Murray ain’t 6-1, and he sho-nuff hasn’t done enough in CFB to get drafted.

                    • Mayor of Dawgtown

                      He probably won’t come out anyway ’cause it looks like he’s having a lot of fun at UGA right now. That said, I think you are wrong NRBQ about him not having done enough to attract any interest from the NFL. He might not be a first round pick but he definitely would get drafted, particularly if UGA really tears it up the remainder of the season. Like I said above, I hope he doesn’t come out early because of the effect on next season. Even with the defensive flaws present at that time how many more games would the Dawgs team have won in ’09 if Staff hadn’t left early? The LSU and UK games at minimum plus probably a high scoring game at UT. That’s an 11 win season we should have had that year. Pardon me for being a little paranoid.

                    • Gravidy

                      As I said, he hasn’t played well enough to leave early – especially not after two years on the field. And if you think he’s 6’1″, take it from someone who has stood right beside him. He’s not, and it ain’t particularly close.

                    • Mayor of Dawgtown

                      UGA Official 2011 Roster: ” Aaron Murray 6′ 1″ 211.”

                    • Gravidy

                      Come on, Mayor…I can’t believe you’re pressing this issue. You’ve been a sports fan long enough to know that the measurables on sports rosters are a tad optimistic at times, especially heights. Countless players have gotten shorter once the hit the measuring tape at the NFL combine.

                      But none of that matters. I’m telling you that I’m 5′ 11″ tall, and I stood two feet from him on the practice field last year during a coach’s convention during spring practice, and I was practically nose to nose with him. He absolutely is not 2″ taller than I am.

            • The Lone Stranger

              Agreed — he comes off as over-tense.

          • Keese

            Murray made some critical throws in the game which is great. But man, he’s got to get it together. Probably 20 times during the game people around me had their hands on their heads like “what is he doing”. Our D won this game for us, really… despite ST and our offense

            • Bevo

              “Our D won this game for us, really… despite ST and our offense”

              That’s been the case all year.

              • Bevo

                I keep waiting for us to turn a corner on offense and special teams, but I’m still waiting. I’m starting to think it won’t happen this year.

                • sUGArdaddy

                  Name one QB in the sec not named Tyler Wilson you’d rather have…and wilson’s a push.

                  Truth is, great qb’s are hard to find. We’ve got a pretty good one who is probably going to be all-sec and is leading the league in TD passes. And he’s still young.

                  Dawg fans need to get their head out of their rear. If you think lemay or Hutson would be better, I’m sorry, but you know very little about football. There, I said it. Murray is a dgd and is playing his rear off. Stop complaining about wins and cheer!

                  • Mayor of Dawgtown

                    +1. The point of my post above is that some people better be careful what they wish for re: QB ’cause they just might get it. I don’t think Murray will come out early and certainly hope he won’t but I didn’t see Knowshon leaving after only playing 2 seasons either until it happened. Murray is likely going to be All-SEC and maybe First Team on some lists, particularly if the Dawgs win the East and absolutely if the Dawgs were to win the SEC Championship. What happened to the last 3 First Team All-SEC QBs, Newton, Tebow and Stafford? Just sayin.’

                    • Of course we should bench Murray, all he is doing is leading the SEC in touchdown passes. Does he occasionally have some throws that make you shake your head, yes, but he also put the ball on the money on a couple of fourth down touchdowns to give the receivers the chance to make the great plays they did and the same to Conley on the big third down pass to help run the clock out. He also ran for 40 yards and helped keep some drives alive with his legs. At his best he is one of the best in the nation, he just has to be more consistent throughout games.

                    • Bad M

                      I’ve got to say, I thought our back up receivers would be very good given the chance. This year has been a disappointment in that regard. They show flashes of that talent, but they drop some crucial ones out there. AM is not ready for the NFL, but could use some help from his receivers.

                  • Keese

                    You’re the only one mentioning different QB’s. Where you getting this Mason or Lemay stuff from? I just want to see Murray quit being so damn inconsistent and play like we know he’s capable of playing. If he was it would’ve been a blowout win instead of the 4th quarter stress. That is all

            • adam

              Murray really missed some potential big plays…

              we had a chance for a while to run away with the game and we never quite did.

              If Samuel hadn’t been hurt on that last play though… I would’ve been a big fan of us quick-snapping it and letting him score again to go up 31-20 and let them know we kicked their ass.

  33. Stoopnagle

    Still feels good, doesn’t it? Man, I looked forward to our score rolling up on the ticker during the great late games last night… Now let’s get after NMSU and finish.

  34. mwo

    Did anyone besides me want to spike the ball to stop the clock after Samuel’s last carry, then score and go for 2? That is what SOS and CUM would have done.

    • TCD

      I was kind of hoping he’d score to make the final score look more like a beatdown but hey, I’ll never complain about a win in Jacksonville, even if it’s 2-0.

    • Biggus Rickus

      I wish there had been a little more time on the clock, so Florida would have suffered the humiliation of a team kneeling at their one.

    • adam

      I was hoping we’d line up, quick snap, and let Richard score one more time.

      But after I heard he was hurt on the last play, I was glad we just got out of there with the victory. One more TD as the clock expired would’ve been beautiful though. The stadium would’ve absolutely exploded.

    • The other Doug

      (What Would Corch Urban Meyer Do?)

      • Aligator

        He would fake a heart attack, retire, unretire, half ass coach for a year, retire and go into commentating on ESPN

        • Aligator

          We are worse off now that when he got here ….

          • AusDawg85

            …and may it only get worse.


          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            Are you really worse off Aligator? He won you 3 SEC East titles, 2 SEC Championships and 2 BCS National championships. If the Gators have a losing season this year and don’t win a game next season FU is already ahead of the curve. The reality is that nobody wins every year. I for one would gladly trade one or two shitty seasons for a crystal football. Look at Auburn: 8-5 in ’09 and likely will win 8 or fewer games this season yet they got the BCSNC title in between. Tell me again how awful that is.

            • Aligator

              It is awful on one hand as mediocrity is not a good taste. i do agree with you though and thanks for your perspective … It would be nice to see the Dawgs drub everyone else they play … including LSU in the SEC Championship game …

  35. Jim

    well, it looks like we know who our coaching is going to be next year. we have so much talent it is sick. Now lets DO something with it and GATA!!

  36. Sniffer

    Lewis G. would be so proud…

  37. Macallanlover

    I love AM, he is a great leader, and a warrior who can get it done with his arm and his legs. That said, we need more cosistency from our QB and offensive leader. The same guy that can make those great throws into tight coverage in 4th down has to hit the open receivers. Pulling for you lad, but leadership comes with responsbilities and you need to get the offense to the level of our defense if we are going to acive our goals. We are two SEC wins from playing for our 13th SEc title, which will tie us for 2nd all time. GATA!

    • Cosmic Dawg

      This is about right. Well said.

    • Cojones

      The problem with Murray is that he has spoiled the fans. Evryone is congratulating the D, but I didn’t see any D players on the field when Murray connected for TDs on two 4th down plays. The O line gave him time to throw, he was pinpoint on accuracy and both receivers voraciously tore the ball to themselves. Well done Big O. Too bad it wasn’t perfect enough to be really appreciated as winning the game. Cheez!

      • Macallanlover

        Now, now, I am not whining, I am just working on getting us a W against the winner of Bama-LSU. We were certainly good enough to win 7 of the 8 we have played, but we cannot let down. Nothing wrong with encouraging us to do the :tighten up”, and step a little higher. You know I am positively inclined. We certainly did some things right on O, but we will be facing better competition than UF soon enough.

  38. Cosmic Dawg

    I think our offense is getting a little less credit than it deserves. I get that our ST points allowed makes our D look worse than it is. But Florida’s defense came into the game ranked pretty close to ours, despite having played LSU and Bama. I get that our D gave our offense great field position, but let’s not act like our offense was terrible. It wasn’t. Murray had some bad throws, but he had some clutch throws, too. I’ll take the clutch throws when it counted over some of those admittedly bizarro misses. We were also driving the ball consistently in the final minutes – one yard shy of another TD…

    • Cosmic Dawg

      Not to put too fine a point on it, but what I meant was
      Our defense had an awesome day against a fairly marginal offense,
      Our O had a “better than marginal day” against a pretty stout defense.

      So both did their jobs pretty good.

    • Cojones

      And that one yard shy was a class act. Some will attempt to put a negative spin on it that it was a lack of belief in themselves and they wanted to protect the ball after they had shown the cojones to throw two TDs on 4th down. They had the time and Figgins to ram it in. I say Good Dawgs!, one and all with classy coaches to boot.

  39. Aligator

    Congrats UGA, great game.


    I would exchange the Dom for a good 18 yr. old single malt, but those are some mighty fine sticks you got there.

  41. timphd

    Lions versus Bronchos: 5 minutes left in 4th quarter. Tebow’s passer rating a sterling 51.5 and Matthew Stafford at 130.8. Justice is served.