There’s no better feeling in the world.

The beer tastes better. Sex is better.

It’s a proven fact.

UPDATE: Exile on Main Street sounds better, too.


October 29, 2011 · 7:55 PM

92 responses to “There’s no better feeling in the world.

  1. The beer tastes like sex.

  2. SAmule—tote the rock—yeah baby

  3. doogles

    The sex tastes like beer…

  4. heyberto

    So nice to win an ugly one

  5. gastr1


    I about crapped my pants.

    • Bourbon Dawgwalker

      how do you know so much about ooops I crapped my pants? Cuz I’m wearin them, and Brantley just did!!!

  6. Bevo

    Thank you, Jarvis Jones

  7. DawgPhan

    just cracked a big hoppy monster from terrapin to enjoy the victory. beer does taste better.

    a couple of damn good dawgs showed up today. RS4 and JJ were both monsters today.

    • fetch

      Killin’ Sweetwater IPA’s as I type.

      • gastr1

        Probably heresy, but wine’s my choice when drinking alone, and since I’m thousand-plus miles away in Big 12 country, wine it is. 2008 Marques Concha y Toro cabernet sauvignon. Paired perfectly with grilled gator.

    • Fuelk2

      Big hoppy is the beer of today. Red ale – just perfect.

  8. fetch

    Here’s to Bobo takin’ what the defense gives him (or should I say, can’t stop)!

  9. OG

    Flaws and all, I’m just glad they finally decided to win.

  10. WF Dawg

    I still can’t believe it. Despite Walsh’s misses, despite Butler’s shanks, despite kickoff coverage that would make Jon Fabris cringe, despite Crowell’s random disappearing acts, despite leaving Mitchell, Troupe, and Wooten in Athens and having to resort to throwing the ball to walk-on Rhett McGowan, despite poor QB decision making and a 0-9 passing streak, despite giving up a 72-yard screen on the first play of the game, despite throwing a pick off a guy’s helmet, and despite a proclivity for annual bed-wetting in JAX…

    we won. We won.

  11. Derek

    The best part is that we didn’t beat Florida because we played well. We beat Florida because they really suck. It’s been A very long time since we could say that.

  12. Evidently Normaltown

    I don’t even know what to type. I’m just so happy!

  13. H-Town Dawg

    What a time Munson would have had with this one!

  14. fetch

    Was that the third or forth team we held to negative rushing yards this year?

  15. Coondawg

    Thankful for our Defense right now. A little worried about Murray and Crowell though

    • The Lone Stranger

      Still very concerned about AM … Though on the two biggest throws of the night he lofted the thing right there where it had to go. And T.King squeezed that sucker like no reception he has previously! Just a thing of beauty.

      • Cojones

        So did Bennett! The O line gave Murray the time to execute and he did so flawlessly on both 4th down TDs. Both receivers showed nerve and determination. Good Dawgs.

  16. Life is good. Georgia is 4-0 in October. Florida is 0-4. Regardless of why, or who each played, that fact makes me happy.

    Go Dawgs! Go Samuel IV, and go clone Jarvis Jones. I’m serious. Let’s clone him.

  17. Coweta Dawg

    I have no idea how we won, but by damn, we did! Cheers!

  18. SCDAWG

    Dawgs win Dawgs win, thank the good Lord, Dawgs win! Hallelujah, Dawgs win! How’s that “gurantee” taste right about now Corch Muschamp?

  19. fetch

    Four games left in the season, and UF is already mathematically eliminated from the SEC CG. . .and we are not.

  20. Hogbody Spradlin

    Well, well. We gorked one out against Florida.

  21. It wasn’t pretty, but it was beautiful.

    Jarvis Jones is a baller.

  22. aristoggle

    Somewhere Erk is smiling! I gotta go get me a big ass cigar …

    Woof, dammit, woof!!!

  23. Normaltown Mike

    Murray and Brantley took the QB position back to pre WWI levels of futility.

    But a win none the less.

    Jarvis Jones reminds me of the players we used to have in early 2K’s.

  24. Dawg’s defense HUNKERED DOWN ONE MORE TIME!

  25. ChicagoDawg

    I’m piss drunk… H

  26. Normaltown Mike

    Ultimate irony!: Spencer Hall dogged Samuel in his pregame post (link below). I pasted text for those of you who don’t want to waste your time at that site.

    “Morning, Aaron Murray! We’re sorry, but your [MALCOLM MITCHELL] has been sent to the factory after his [HAMSTRING] displayed the [THREE RINGS OF DEATH.] We’re sure this won’t be an issue for the Georgia offense, however, as Mark Richt will simply ask Richard Samuel to play wide receiver, but only after playing fullback, holding on extra points, and doing it all despite being unable to run laterally without falling over. Have you ever really watched Richard Samuel play football? He’s like a human hoop: rolls well in straight lines, and wobbles wildly and falls on his side when asked to move side to side. It’s amazing.

    Anyway, best of luck to you at [THIS IMPORTANT GAME BETWEEN TWO NOT REAL GOOD TEAMS.]”

  27. JG Shellnutt

    Cheese krystals taste better too.

    • gastr1

      WTF are “cheese krystals”? A Krystal burger w/ cheese and no burger?
      Damn, that’s scrapin’ the bottom of the barrel, JG.

      • Macallanlover

        Double Cheese Krystal is the best item on the menu, but I always chase it with a few of the Originals—no cheese.

  28. Rusi

    I want Jarvis Jones’s babies….drunk in charlrston

  29. Chrisfrmatl

    When was the last time UGA “Found a way to win” in Jacksonville… Its usually always the other way around.. When we win in Jacksonville, we usually have to dominate and play GREAT

  30. Dante

    Whoa there, good buddy. I agree with your earlier comments but Exile on Main St can’t sound better. It’s as awesome as it ever was.

    • BMan

      In the spirit of Exile’s “Sweet Virginia,” the Dogs finally found a way to shake the shit right off their shoes. And the Gators offense was a “Turd on the Run.”

      Jarvis was sectacular.

    • ChicagoDawg

      Not making this up, but I had a Salvadore Dali-like dream this week where the ‘Stones were in my dream and I am some how hanging out with them at a banquet, prior to a concert….yeah, make no sense whatsoever….anyway, I am working up the courage to ask Mick to sing “Tumbling Dice” during thier show…, I go up and ask them to play the song and Mick and Charlie Watts say no can do, because Keith is not there for what reason I have no idea….whatever the case, because Keith is not going to be at the show they decide they can’t accomodate my request, but they start mulling over other Exile songs they can work into the set…anyway, it was one of those dreams that made absolutely no sense whatsoever…..
      Have I mentioned that I am completely looped?

  31. Pumpdawg

    I forgot what I was goin to say.Damn.

  32. Just heard a TV CFB halftime color commentator say how much he was impressed by Murray today. Makes me wonder about some of the comments above. But what the hell, the defense was superb & everything is wonderful as far as i am concerned.

  33. Spence

    I thought two keys were A-ron playing well and special teams. And Crowell. Here is to RS4 and the defense. What a game.

  34. Russ

    RSIV and Jarvis Jones were the men tonight! As long as we have this defense, we have a good shot in all our remaining games. It’s been a long while since I’ve had confidence in the defense. Erk is smiling.

  35. Russ

    Oh, and I’m glad we gave those shitty Boise State game uniforms to Ohio State. I hope we didn’t have to pay them much to take them.

  36. Russ

    I heard that Charlie Weis stayed in the press box during the game because of the free fried chicken.

    • BMan

      And the weight limit in the elevator.

    • Cojones

      And I was looking forward to Ben Jones calling a play aimed at his cooler with him on it. Damn. He went and hid in the rafters.

    • The Lone Stranger

      Perhaps the two super-egos at work have already run afoul of each other and are keeping their distance. Emotions are raw in LizardTown.

      • Cojones

        They are raw in the whole state . How would you feel to have 3 losing teams and Rick Scott as governor? Anytime I’m in the dumps I just conjure up that image.

  37. Dboy

    We won. I don’t feel good about our team’s play but WINNING!!!

  38. Hobnail_Boot

    Just opened the Maker’s. God, I hate Florida.

  39. Bad M

    Congratulations and thank you guys! You made my whole next year better.
    Now get a designated driver!

  40. Matt R

    Took my 10 year old daughter to her first Georgia game. It was only the biggest game of the year. She had a ball, learning the Georgia chants and all. She wanted to know what was happening when everybody held up four fingers and started to wave their hands up and down at the start of the fourth quarter. I had to explain to her the importance of Krypton Fanfare. We were behind at the time and she said right then, “Dad, I think we are going to win”. I’ll never forget it. She going to have to go to the rest of them forever now. She is undefeated!

  41. Cojones

    Why do I get the feeling that I’m blogging with a bunch of drunks? Three cold Blue Moons and three shots of tequila didn’t even touch my adrenaline rush as of yet. I’m as sober as a judge. Judge? Judge? Somebody go look for the Judge. He went out in the yard to pee and never made it back. Thank God tomorrow ain’t a court day.

  42. Mike

    Congrats on the win. Your team played well on defense, especially in the second half. We had one, count ’em one, first down in the second half. We had the ball twice on the UGA side of the field in the 4th quarter and could not even get a first down. That is a credit to your defense.

    Enjoy the win boys.

    • Normaltown Mike

      What is the Gator fan perspective on the Weis strategy of going all in with a limited Brantley?

      CUM’s use of Burton in conjunction with JB last year seems like it could’ve been more effective than JB on one leg and 4-5 receivers every down.

      • Mike

        It worked well in the first half. I think Weis was caught between a rock and a hard place. Easy to second guess. In retrospect, this was as good as it was going to be. I feared a blow-out.

        Frankly, Florida had ample opportunities to win/put this game away early. Georgia had ample opportunities to create a blow-out win/put this game away late.

        Yesterday, we saw two pretty average teams, one slightly less average than the other, especially on defense. Which probably sends that slightly less than average team to the SECCG. With all the greatness of going to Atlanta, I am not sure the SEC East winner is really a winner this year. But that is why they play the game and anything can happen.

        Now my only decision is this; do I scalp my SECCG tickets for the maximum profit, or do I sell them for face to my good neighbor?

        • Forget it Gator, these grapes aren’t sour to Dawg fans and you can’t pronounce them so without looking like a poor looser. Learn to say “congrats” without qualifiying the complement with a left handed slap.
          Georgia is actually a pretty good team that played poorly enough to let a lousy team hang around.

          • Mike

            I don’t usually respond to silly things, but this is pretty bad. Poor “looser” indeed.

            • Normaltown Mike

              I hate a poor loo sir.

              You get in there and there’s no toilet paper. Or some miscreant has micturated all over the seat. Yuck.

            • Cojones

              Sans the comments, you’re a good sport for posting, Mike. We look forward to a return match with a much better team, both yours and ours.

              • Mike

                Next year should be interesting. Second year for Muschamp and all that.

                As far as my comments, what bothered you? Were you offended by me calling my team average and your team slightly better than average? If so, I did not mean it as an insult. I meant as an opinion based on what I have seen from both teams all year.

                Guys, the obvious goal of every team in our division is making to Atlanta. This year, I am just not sure that is a benefit, what with either LSU or Bama waiting. Having said that, that is why they play the game. UGA has a chance to win the SECCG and Florida has no chance. I would rather my team be the former than the letter, even with a near certainty of losing to a team from the west.

                • Macallanlover

                  We will definitely be the underdog against either of those, and rightfully so. But UGA is the only team in the East this year, imo, with a chance to compete with those two. If we are healthy, our defense can keep us in that game. We need to get more consistent on offense, get our kickers in and out of therapy, and put some sholarship guys on coverage teams. Doable, long shot, but doable. Right now, one game at a time. Good luck to you guys against SC.

                • Mike, I just thought it was “sour grapes”. I should have let it go.
                  Actually, South Carolina has the real say in all of this. Georgia still has to get by AU and KY (I’m not real worried about KY) and SC has to lose (or loose??) and it’s looking like they are charmed.
                  As a Dawgfan, I’m really excited about the next few years!

  43. So I wake up this morning, and my girlfriend expressed some amount of concern that I would be nursing a 5 alarm hangover. Looking at the available evidence, she had every reason to expect such.

    Georgia beating Florida really does make everything better.