Alex, I’ll take high points from the Goff Era for $200.

The last time Georgia beat Florida when scoring less than 30 points was November 11, 1989. The final score was 17-10.


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  1. Spike

    Senator, please don’t go there.

    • Brandon

      Yeah, I think’s an indictment of Ray Goff and the depths to which he sunk the program that his first year was the last time this occurred.

      • Brandon

        Here’s the history of the program for the period of my conscious fanship:

        85-88, Dooley on tail end of career, program is in good but not great shape, some difficulty recruiting begins due to talk of Dooley’s imminent departure

        89-95, Goff runs program into gutter, displays truly horrible in game coaching decisions on a regular basis (those of you who are too young to remember this well just don’t know how bad), defensive side of the ball routinely ignored, Randall Godfrey must make every tackle or its a touchdown. Was a good recruiter though and we have some great offensive talent that sometimes succeeds in spite of Goff but never does do to complete lack of defensive prowess at all times.

        96-00, Donnan takes over and restores programs ability to beat teams it should beat on regular basis (he does not get enough credit for this, he restored order, after his first year, Vandy, Kentucky, Ole Miss, Miss State became sure wins again) but can’t get over hump against main rivals (6-14 against UF, UT, GT, and AU). Also has unpleasant personality and loss three in a row to Tech, fired.

        Mark Richt (01-05) takes over and wins 2 SEC championships in the first 5 years and goes 52-13 in that span. Wins are built around good defense and classic ball control, don’t beat yourself offense.

        Mark Richt (06-08) the defense deteriorates under Richt’s best man, Willy Mo after departure of BVG, we must win more and more games in shootouts, due to good recruiting (i.e. Stafford, Moreno, etc.) winning continues at a decent clip

        Mark Richt (09-10), Willy Mo’s chickens come home to roost, our defense has the appearance of 11 guys who just met earlier in the day and decide to have a go at trying to stop D-1 offenses on the fly. Failure ensues. Richt finally replaces Martinez in 10′ with Grantham.

        Mark Richt (2011) Replacement of Martinez with Grantham appears to be bearing fruit, Georgia has lots of young talent on offense, if Grantham continues to solidify the defensive resurgence by being able to stop quality offenses in the coming years, the future looks bright, the only question is did Richt fire Willy soon enough? Or did he allow him to burn up too much of his good will so that a legitimate setback or two in the final games of 2011 finish him off. I hope not, Richt is an offensive guy, despite the insane hatred of Bobo some fans have our problems the last five years generally haven’t been scoring points, its been keeping others from scoring points. The bleeding their appears to be stopped, if we can all be patient, I think the good times are coming again, I think Richt has learned his lesson, he won’t let an assistant sink him again, as I’ve said before if you can fire your best man you can fire anybody. Let’s not let the less balanced among us see to it that some other school is the beneficiary of the lessons Richt has learned here, we paid for those lessons, we should reap the rewards.


        • Excellent synopsis. I’d add that JD’s big problem with beating the elite in the SEC came from his dismal recruiting on the offensive line and hitching his wagon to Quincy’s falling star. Also did less with more talent on defense than any coach I’ve ever seen. I think every player on the 2000 defense eventually played in the NFL.

          • Brandon

            Yeah, I think you are right about the 2000 defense, not just the starters either, a lot of backups too.

            • Dawgaholic

              My recollection is very similar to yours – 1986 is the first year from which I can recall games – big win in Auburn.

              Very accurate but I’d also include that McDuffie made a big positive impact on offense in the Goff era. I’m not sure we’d have had the success we did without him.

              • Mayor of Dawgtown

                The Goff era is clear evidence that one has to be careful when replacing the HC or face the consequences. The UGA program had slipped by the end of Goff’s tenure to an almost Kentuckyesk level. There are no guarantees of success for any program no matter how storied or successful in the past. If you mishandle hiring the HC your program can and will unravel. See UT circa 2011 as a current prime example.

          • Dante

            Yeah, I remember watching the Pro Bowl in the mid-2000’s when Seymour, Stroud, and Champ were all AFC starters. It made me sick to my stomach thinking about how much talent Donnan had vs our records in the years those guys were playing.

        • AthensHomerDawg

          You must have missed the Florida game with CJD and Bobo/Edwards/Ward. The Visor said afterwards …”Georgia was just better than us today”. I haven’t ever heard him say that again. And there were those goal posts that came down after CJD and “throw it over their heads” QB Quicey beat ut … between the hedges after a serious drought.
          just sayin’

          • Brandon

            Those two are included in the “6” in 6-14.

          • Macallanlover

            You must have missed Steve’s acknowledgement this season when he said UGA was the better team after the 45-42 gift wrapped win in Sanford. He was right, UGA was better, and it wasn’t even close.

            • AthensHomerDawg

              When he said it about the CJD victory , Georgia had won and won convincingly and were a 17 point underdog to a top 10 ranked Gator team. But if he said that after stealing one between the hedges so be it.

            • Char_Dawg

              Don’t forget how Damien Craig of Auburn gashed the very next week….was typical of CJD team…meltdown defense or Q Carter (5 pics against S. Carolina we were ranked 3rd in nation at the the time I think)

          • The 2000 win over UT was one in which the favored Bulldogs defeated eventual 8-4 Tennessee, in messy fashion with clearly the more talented team, thanks to an effective rushing attack and a stingy defense, and despite a few special teams blunders (hmmm, starting to sound familiar). Though not pretty by any stretch, it was a win the program desperately needed over a team that had dominated the series the preceding 10 years (very familiar indeed).

            Dawgs went on to win 5 of the next 6 (2000-05) against the Vowels. Hoping history rhymes here.

        • Brandon, Excellent. Now It Is Time for Dawg Fans to support the revitalized program & get on with winning with a JUNKYARD DAWG DEFENSE & an Offense that is definitely moving up in the right direction.
          Again, my take on the Gators: 2 & 3 over the last 5 years & 3 & 5 over the last 8 years, (including the Tebow Years & 2005 without Shockley). Why anyone wants to go back further than 8 years to compare programs is beyond my scope, unless you want to include all of the Dooley years.

        • AusDawg85

          To be balanced, other factors should be noted: the Jan Kemp affair, arrival of Spurrier, Saban and yes, even Miles, the BCS, Damon Evans, Penn Wagers, ESPN, etc. These all impacted the program regardless of who was at the helm.

  2. The Gator faithful I was around this weekend put the blame on Corch. He left them with a track team instead of a football team.

    • Anon

      A track team that they are apparently too stupid to figure out how to use.

      • Go Dawgs!

        + 1. Gee, Florida, I’m really sorry that you’ve got the fastest backfield in college football. We all feel really bad for you.

        • GreenDawg

          I’ve never seen a track star that can’t play football get 4 and 5-stars from a recruiting site. You can argue he didn’t coach them up, but recruiting was not the problem.

  3. UGA Illuminati

    TO: Leadership Committee
    The plan is going quite well. Muschamp and Dooley have done outstanding work after our placements into Florida & Tennessee respectively. Our next goal will be Kirby Smart to South Carolina. Will update progress later.

    Special Agent Russ.

  4. baltimore dawg

    one thing that’s bound to be lost in our eagerness to praise the obvious standouts is that we have pretty quietly gone from an absentee defensive secondary to one that creates coverage sacks. granted, that first half was awful, and we’re still prone to occasional broken coverages, but our corners and safeties have come a long, long way under lakatos. and we may be our most formidable in the nickle, if third-and-medium/long is any indication.

    • NRBQ

      Grantham was able to move Commings back to corner in the second half, and FU’s passing attack effectively disappeared.

  5. Dawg Vent

    See??? Our coach is a re-incarnation of Ray Goff! Fire Mark Richt!!!1!

  6. Lrgk9

    We do miss Belin’s presence on Special teams.

    I’ll take that win any day!

    • Anon

      Hell, I think we even miss Fabris.

      • Dboy

        after sat, I’ll take boring, frustrating directional kicks anyday over whatever that was on KO coverage

        • The Lone Stranger

          Is there any ‘inside info’ or documented source evidence regarding any muscle strain/pull/tweak in his kicking parts? This guy can very capably send the ball five yards deep into the endzone and he was noticably short even early in the game when you would assume he was kicking for the seats. His meltdown has been almost incomprehensible to me.

  7. AthensHomerDawg

    Things will never get so bad that Dawg fans resort to this:

    Fear the Pants or “Pants on the Ground”?
    You decide.

  8. Jermaine'sDye

    1989: Donald Douglas QBing for the Gators, Rodney Hampton running strong, Rick Astley & Ray Goff breaking hearts across Gwinnett County.

  9. Skeptic Dawg

    I have nothing to complain about today. A win over the Gaytors (regardless of how hapless they maybe) is always nice.

  10. Hogbody Spradlin

    There’s high points from the Goff era?

  11. gatriguy

    Serious question: before Sat, when was the last time we beat Florida when they scored first?

    • The Lone Stranger

      After some digging it appears the year was 1987: 23-10. Dawgs went behind 3-0 on then-series-record 52-yard FG by Robt. McGinty, but methodically ground down Gators with 306 yards rushing and 37:00 of possession. They also sacked Kerwin Bell five times (sound familiar) and generally rattled the Hell out of UF.

  12. Cojones

    Question: Where the hell is Uga? Good Dawg, Russ, but you know yourself that you are a standin. I certainly hope you’ve gotten some of the side benefits; i.e., real horsemeat, dental and medical care and all the short-legged pussy in Savannah. Sorta like Bubba and Earl, if I had all that sex, I’d lick my balls too. Come on, now. You barristers have privileged communications. Isn’t anyone talking to the dog?

    • Dawg Vent

      Where the hell is Uga?

      That’s a fair question. One that can be DIRECTLY attributed to our lame-duck head coach? How many Ugas have we gone through since Richt took over? Hell, I lost count. Weren’t we on Uga V when he took over?

      It’s time McGarity takes a good, long, hard look at Richt’s future. Because when he’s not busy beating Florida by only four points, or about to take the lead in the SEC East by only a game, he’s obviously out there POISIONING our Ugas and giving them CANCER!

      F I R E M A R K R I C H T ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 1 !

      • Macallanlover

        Actually, the new battle cry should be “Fire Sonny!!!!!”, or his children, for their lack of a succession plan.

      • Cojones

        Hadn’t thought of that (laying the blame on Coach), Dawg Vent. Don’t know where my mind went. The remarks aren’t as irritating as they used to be, Could it be that we’ve been immunized? Or is it because of the alligator trophy hide I’m wearing? It could be that Russ and the future Uga haven’t stopped licking their balls since Sat. Richt has been responsible so far of ridding the team and fanbase of the slow cancer consuming our reasoning. Maybe the next Uga has been cured already (of cancer, not lickin’ them balls). The next Uga will probably die of bad stats manipulated by bad mathematicians in the fanbase. Now, if Richt could wipe out ignorance and closet vampires, we may all return to the same Dawg-lovin’ page.

    • Hogbody Spradlin

      Speaking of licking private parts, there’s a second fine answer to that great riddle: It’s cause he can’t make a fist.

  13. Cojones

    Hey, Senator! Did your friend miss the plane return or stayover on purpose?

  14. W Cobb Dawg

    The thing I like about CTG and his staff is they take responsibility for the play of our D. Whether a good or bad performance CTG defends his players. He makes adjustments and fixes whatever is broke. If we don’t get sacks like earlier in the season, he amps up the pressure. It’s obvious the players are buying what this coach is selling.

  15. Dog in Fla

    Alex, I’ll take “Jeremy’s Halloween Nightmare” for $100:

    “Charlie Weis moved up to the coaches box to call the plays last week, that worked like a charm. Maybe this week he can call the plays from his house.”

    and $200:

    “Even a comatose Meyer and brain-dead Addazio found ways to move the ball against uga last year,”

    • Normaltown Mike

      RE: Charlie Weis in press box

      The buffet table in the press box was too much for Weis to concentrate on “the game”. He did have time to hum this little diddy.

      • Darrron Rovelll

        DJ Lance Rock is my favorite Halloween costume for all time!

      • Dog in Fla

        Good stuff! Rumor is that one of the reasons Charlie moved upstairs to the bigger buffet in the sky is that Will got the idea to punk Charlie’s sideline coolers from this video

  16. Will Trane

    6 and 2. And in one of those “2s” they gift wrap 14 points. And in that one special team was the issue. In fact it has really been an issue in all 8. There are 4 more…2 against SEC. I sure as hell would have a strong sense of urgency about my special teams. In addition I’d add the play of my QB. 3 great catches by some hard playing receivers save the day for Murray.

    What in hell has happened to Butler, Murray, and Walsh. Three of the most experienced guys on the team. All three are playing like first year starters. Butler’s performance on Saturday was just terrible.. Walsh you can not even comment it on that unless you follow the adivice of his head coach and blow him a kiss before he kicks from here out. He will do better if he is shown some love. Wonder if Murray treks back down to Tallahassee before the next big game.

  17. Go Dawgs!

    You must be busy today, Senator, but today’s the day that I’m more hungry for Dawg articles than any other day since the day before the opener. Could you just post the score again or something? More mocking Florida, please!

    • Zdawg

      Don’t you know, when UGA loses that’s when he gets the most traffic. I’m with you though, even Dawgbone can’t keep the articles coming fast enough.

  18. Will Trane

    I know beating Florida is big because of the past few years records being one-sided, but let us not treat it like we won some big title. In fact I recall those years where is was just another win for the Dawgs. Time changes.

    Bobo’s use of Samuel was almost pulled from Dooley’s playbook several years back when he sent big Ronnie Jenkins up the gut. Florida had no solution then as they did Saturday. Wear down a line some and send a power running back straight up. That hurts in a lot of ways.

    My take on Florida. A poorly coached team. I will not be surprised if Vandy beats them. Vandy may have the best QB in the East right now. Just think we felt bad about 6-7 last year. I’d say those Florida alums and boosters are more than a little ticked about their season. I’d venture to say you can…how did Muschamp say this…”guarantee” two more losses. Muschamp spent too much time on the sidelines at Auburn and Texas to come to that mind set. But that is what happens when you go there.

    • AthensHomerDawg

      “Vandy may have the best QB in the East right now.”
      Whoa Nellie!
      Tell me why!

    • Cojones

      According to Sat’s game, Auburn may have the newest AND best one in Moseley. Look at his stats. May not be the best D he threw against, but it is an SEC D.

      • Please just ignore the fact that Murray is 19th in the country in touchdown passes and on a pace to set the single season Georgia record for TD passes as well as the career record for TD passes at UGA. Has he had a few bad passes here but for playing behind a very average OL he is doing pretty good.

        • PatinDC

          Thanks for the reminder. Murray a top SEC QB. Not sure what else you could ask for. He has had a few rough patches, but is the leader on the field. Think Spurrier, Dooley or Muchamp wouldn’t be happy with AM?

      • Cojones

        My remark was aimed at the head-in-the-sand people who don’t notice things have changed at Auburn. In no way should it be taken in context with Murray. Comparisons are idiotic between certain level QBs who compete with each other only in one game/yr. Murray has earned a great deal of his yds with a schizoprenic O line and he has the lumps to show it. He deserves all accolades coming his way. I’ve already remarked that he may have gotten a monkey off his back with the FU game.

  19. King Jericho

    Anyone know if they’re replaying the game anytime soon? I’d love to set the DVR if it’s a strange time and watch it over and over again.

  20. did yoy see the picture from the beach and the game the Senators not busy he’s frickin hung over

  21. Brandon’s synopsis was damn near stolen directly from my still hurting brain. I would only point out that the comment about the Dooley Era applies to the entire Dooley era,”good but not great”. The obvious exception was Herschel but Herschel made Dooley great not the other way around

  22. Scott

    Anyone know how i can catch a replay of the game? Doesn’t want of the cable networks show it during the week?