A reader poll for the Dawg in you

When he’s not shilling for UCF, Mike Bianchi has had an epic time piling on the Gators this fall.  All of that bile he’s saved up for Urban Meyer gets a dose of contempt for Charlie Weis tossed in to get you to this.


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30 responses to “A reader poll for the Dawg in you

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    Todd Grantham had a pretty porous defense last year. Charlie Weis, the fat arrogant slob who works for the hated contemptible Gators, deserves the same amount of slack.

    • Cojones

      You are one fair and gracious dude, Hogbody. Comments like that really spice up a blog.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      For someone with the handle of “Hogbody” you sure are critical about a person being overweight. Why don’t ya cut the guy some slack on the poundage? (Hey, you at the end of the counter. Pass the mustard and ketchup, will ya?)

  2. Go Dawgs!

    Ah, yes, Florida media. Troll the Urbz after he’s gone and he can’t do anything to you. Courageous. Unfortunately, he hasn’t wiped down his ring yet, so you can still see your lip prints.

  3. Scott W.

    Who made the decision to change to the pro set?

  4. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Coaches don’t typically leave a top job in mid-career unless something is wrong. Irvin Meyers saw that all he had was a track team in Gainesville in 2010 and decided to get out before sullying his reputation further. Mus-chump inherited the problem and is having to take the hit.

    • The Lone Stranger

      And so Corch slipped neatly into the very institution (WWL) that had tirelessly pimped for him those six years, and he is set up to politick from the “inside” for his choice of HC openings. Like, maybe tOSU, or even *gasp* exulted PSU when Paterno wanders away following this season. Bad heart be damned!

      • Puffdawg

        Oh, no, I don’t think you see the conflict of interest there for ESPN even indirectly promoting their own guy. They are too ethical an organization to get caught up in that sort of snafu. 😉

        • Cojones

          Like they were when they had Donnan on and bashed us (the fan base) for getting rid of a “winning” coach. ESPN is shot through with conflict of interest and an article in USA Today question whether they are behind the conference realighnments for their own greedy purposes. But their taint falls on us as well since everyone thinks the money race is tantamount to great school teams. I blame them for their role in conflicting us. None of us have the guts to tell them to take a flying leap. Hope CBS keeps challenging the bastards before they sodomize college sports.

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            +1. I actually think some of the dickweeds in Cromwell thought this conference realignment sh!t through and caused it to happen on purpose for financial gain. Even if they didn’t, the WWL is responsible because their “Longhorn Network” idea is what caused A&M to bolt from the Big 12-2 toppling dominoes in every other conference in the process. Greed. It’s ugly and can destroy things.

  5. Smitty

    Wonder what the paper will be like if the drop one to Vandy….

    • Puffdawg

      That game is a win win for us. If Vandy loses, it just proves Franklin is a worthless piece of shit coaching a team who is still irrelevant in the SEC despite their recent “success” (and by success I mean still losing to everybody in the SEC). I never thought it’d be possible to dislike Vandy at all, let alone this much. If Florida loses, their fanbase has a complete meltdown and we get to watch them struggle to avoid a losing season. It wasn’t that long ago people on this very board were wishing we’d do things more like the Gators!

      • Cojones

        Good memory, Puffdawg and hold that thought because they will be back. Hope they all left for Sports and Grits, but that would be asking too much. Some of those were interlopers also, on here to stir the pot to favor their interests. Went by ESPN Sun and saw Ga-Fla helmets in front and listened to moderator quiz May and Holtz on the game. Lou Holtz has always been a fan of Mark Richt and this time was no exception. He said that part of the fan base was stupid with the hot seat talk and Richt was the finest Coach and gentleman in college ball. Not embracing him as such for as long as Richt would like to stay would be shameful. He mentioned that all teams have down years, but Richt’s record speaks for itself toward championships and patience is needed to get a NC along with a little luck. He is correct.

      • Just Chuck

        Hope for a Vandy win. The Florida fan base meltdown will be fun to watch but, even better, a loss to Vandy has got to hurt their recruiting.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          +1. I REALLY want Florida to have a losing season. There are 2 ways that can happen. The first is to lose 7 regular season games. The second is to lose 6 regular season games and then get beat in the bowl. Either way works for me.

  6. timphd

    Ah. Panic in Gator land. Its a beautiful thing.

  7. Puffdawg

    Indeed. For those wishing we’d fire Richt and hire Kirby Smart, beware!

    • Cojones

      You left off a few more names on the ignorant fantasy lists of proposed substitutes. Muschamp was one. Then Saban, Malzohn and any out-of -work HC out there. They are looking like the fair weather fans that they are. If you aren’t behind the program then go to hell! Their advice has been proven to be supercilious and frought with error born from disloyalty. Not to support this staff and team through hard times is just damn dumb. Not sticking with what is recognized as a good staff is dumber.

      • Griff

        Cojones, please don’t mention those turds on this blog, it only makes them think they are relevant.😉

        • Cojones

          Earlier and on this blog I felt they had become relevant. That’s why I’m trying to kick them to irrelevance. But I get your message.

    • The Lone Stranger

      He strikes me as a Mini-Muschamp — it will be entertaining to watch Saturday as the Eye Of Saban hovers just over his shoulder and critiques his every defensive signal.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        +1. Kirby Smart is a Mus-chump clone. No evidence that he would do better as a HC than his clone-brother. BTW, the media keeps touting the fact that all these new young coaches have ties to Saban. How well are they doing, exactly? Ask Florida and UT fans. They’ll tell you.

  8. Dog in Fla

    the best of ‘when lizrds attack’:

    “Who is to blame for the Sentinel keeping a sports writer like Bianchi ?”
    Posted by: Richard Herring

    “Jeff bowden is available and can beat these offensive numbers.”
    Posted by: Rob

    “If you believe Will Muschamp and Jeremy Foley need to be fired, join me in boycotting the remaining home games this year”.
    Posted by: UF Law 97

    “I think it is George Bush’s fault. He could have forced Will Muschamp to stay in Texas where he belongs coaching defense. Then UF could have hired a real coach, like say Charlie Strong.
    But now Muschump will be in Gainsville for at least four years, just long enough to sink below Vanderbilt. So there you go, it is George Bush to blame and if you don’t believe me, must ask Obama.”
    Posted by: Steve

    “Coach Muschamp is going to have a little extra time at the beach house when the Gators miss a bowl game this year.”
    Posted by: Daytona Gator

  9. Ginny

    I don’t know if I totally buy into the whole “Urban left the cupboard bare” scenario. Didn’t they have like the best recruiting class EVA in the history of UF just two years ago? I understand there’s a lot of attrition when you hire an entire new coaching staff but part of coaching is getting kids to buy into what you’re selling. I just find it hard to believe that talent is an issue at Florida. Perhaps it’s too difficult to comprehend that Jeremy Foley might have possibly made some poor hires. Too early to tell IMO but I think blaming Urban is a cop-out.

    • The Lone Stranger

      That’s what is said about the 2010 haul — stretching clear back to 2006 the recruiting has never been out of the top 6, for whatever all that is worth.

    • Dog in Fla

      Me too. I blame Jeremy for not wanting to continue the spread by hiring Mullen. His shift to pro-style by hiring Will and Charlie to coach, at least this season, with players recruited by Irvin for the spread may be the cause of Jeremy’s nightmare. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    • Bad M

      florida got hit with a lot of the same things that hit Georgia. They got hit with a lot of defections to the NFL, injuries, suspensions, arrests, and transfers that really hurt their depth. All the way back to 2007 and 08 with Cam Newton,Torrey Davis, Brendan Beal, John Brown, Adrian Bushell. Will Hill leaving early. Brantley considered a bust. Rainey and Demps not becoming Percy Harvin. I think they lost 9 just this year to transfers. Saban did take a lot of good recruits and western SEC oversigning hurt the margin of error. When you add a coaching change and a system change–man is it fun to watch. They were actually lucky this didn’t start earlier because normally a Heisman QB leaves early for the NFL. But it happens to every team. Coach Richt is doing a great job recovering from our hit.

  10. I told my UF friends that Weiss should be able to do something with the talent on that team. I don’t disagree that he deserves more than one year to get his guys and run his offense, but he should be able to do better than the current level the Gators are reaching.

    I love seeing the meltdown around me here in Gainesville. It definitely feels like a shift in the _force_ as everyone here seems shell shocked by the poor performance. The blame is definitely on Corch and Weiss, but mostly Corch.