Clap for the Zooker

Check out what the Penn State student section did just before Illinois attempted a game-tying field goal with seconds to go.

Good to see that kind of effort rewarded.



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19 responses to “Clap for the Zooker

  1. Keese

    Think the opposite might work fro Blair Walsh?


  2. Go Dawgs!

    That was freaking cool. With our students and band down behind the open end zone now, maybe we can work a little magic against Auburn’s kicker.


  3. Zdawg

    College football. Nothing like it.


  4. Hobnail_Boot

    I don’t get it..


    • Cojones

      All the students ran over to pack the end zone behind the posts and to distract the kicker. It worked! That’s assuming that your post is sincere.


      • Hobnail_Boot

        It was. I saw the band moving but didn’t realize they were just packing it in b/t the goalposts.

        Is Penn State the least-inspiring 8-1 BCS Conference team in a long time, or what?


  5. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Senator, do you plan on having a thread discussing the upcoming “Game of the New Millenium”–the LSU-Bama conflict scheduled for this weekend?


  6. Cojones

    And that sir is why I put P St(8-1) in the top 10 of the Mumme poll. Thanks.


  7. Demosthenes

    So…is the end-zone empty normally at Penn State home games?


  8. Orl Dawg

    No, the endzone is not empty. The students sit at that end of the field. They just all packed into the area directly behind the goal post. They have one of the best student sections in the country.


  9. Bulldog Joe

    Looking at some of the other replays, they also hurled a few snowballs at the ball when it was in the air.


    • Gravidy

      I have a question about this. I’ve seen snowballs hurled at footballs during extra point and field goal attempts many times before. Does anyone know of an instance where a football got hit by a snowball? What would happen if a football did get hit? I assume nothing, but it sure would be a shame to have a game decided like that.


  10. Dash

    I think Demosthenes’ question was… how was there all that room for them to run to? There seem to just be like 8,000 empty seats.


  11. Marmot

    Seems like they should all pack in to the left or right of the goal posts in order to create the proper distraction.


  12. Skeeter

    Or maybe wear alternating white and navy colors and move in some odd patter to create a MagicEye effect.