Running backs? We don’t need no stinkin’ running backs.

I swear, this reads like a bad April Fools’ joke.

A trio of Georgia running backs have been suspended for the upcoming game against New Mexico State.

As first reported by ESPN, Dawg Post has confirmed tailbacks Isaiah Crowell, Carlton Thomas and Ken Malcome have been suspended for a violation of team rules.

Malcome’s got a helluva sense of timing, doesn’t he?

I guess this week Georgia will be the team lined up in the five-receiver sets.


UPDATE:  Hmm.  This is kind of interesting.

… There was speculation leading up to the Florida game on Saturday that Crowell was facing a possible suspension, but he played.

Athletic director Greg McGarity said “absolutely not,” this afternoon when asked by The Athens Banner-Herald if discipline was held over until after the Florida game.

“This had nothing to do with the Florida game or anything,” McGarity said. “It was all timing.”


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187 responses to “Running backs? We don’t need no stinkin’ running backs.

    • That Leaves the RB from Reidsville. Any walkons available?
      Maybe time to let the other # 1 & Boykin get some carries.
      Or, let Murray & Mason see how many passes, particularly to the TE, they can throw in one game. Hope they are all back & rested for Auburn.
      Richt is again doing what is best & what is right. GATA.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        RB from Reidsville: That would be Brandon Harton, 5’6” 174 lbs.

      • Brandon

        I remember Florida had a gross shortage of running backs one time for the GA game, not all suspensions but I think a combination of injuries mainly and maybe a suspension or two. They just did this thing where Grossman through it immediately to a receiver on the sideline when the ball was snapped everytime. 2001 I think. Worked as a substitute for running ball pretty decently.

        • Will (The Other One)

          I remember them doing a lot of that in 2002 as well.

          • Brandon

            I think it was 2002 I am thinking of.

            • gastr1

              Stafford’s current offense with the Lions consists of virtually no running game. They throw screen passes and run draws instead of traditional running plays.

              • BeerMoney

                Yeah, but this is Bobo we’re talking here. No chance in hell he tries to be creative with what we have. Standard looks from 5th stringers is what we’ll see Saturday.

                • Pumpdawg

                  You can bet the beer money on that.

                • Cojones

                  I’m gonna laugh my butt off when the first play with these newbies is an end around followed by a downfield pass.

                  • Puffdawg

                    We almost made a whole thread without bashing Bobo.

                    If those are the first two plays, our fans will complain we were are using trickery against a small school. They will then proceed to focus they’re ire on Will Friend’s deficiencies. After that they’ll complain about Spurrier being able to win games with a 5th string running back and wonder why Mark Richt can’t. And then we’ll hear about how we are bound to lose more games this season because we are too conservative or too aggressive on offense, because we are not talented enough or too talented but too many prima donnas, because there is not enough tenacity by players or too much tenacity but lack of discpline, because our players are too uptight or our players are too loose as evidenced by our QB sporting an FSU shirt while holding a can of dirty dasani, because we don’t have enough 4 star players or we need more 2 star players like Thomas Davis who love Georgia, because our coach needs to show more passion, but not enough passion to embarass the program. Is there anything I left out?

                    One way or another we absolutely without a doubt will lose another game this season. Just because.

    • JayBird

      I know y’all are trying, but there is no damn way you’re going to catch me in the race for the Fulmer Cup. See you in “The Classic City” in a few days…War Eagle….. Jay

  1. Red Clay Hound

    Holy crap! What did they do?

  2. Fred Sanford

    atleast it is New Mexico State, and not auburn or the mellowjackets….come on guys, get your crap straight. There is time to party once you are out of college and getting paid

  3. WH

    Dear. God.

    Well, I would recommend putting Boykin or Smith at starting tailback this week and build some depth at corner this week, assuming we can safely withstand the juggernaut that is New Mexico State’s offense.

  4. Dr. Ken

    5 Wides would be good if we had 5 receivers healthy.

  5. Darrron Rovelll

    Put Zander in front of Figgins and let him run downhill out of a 2 TE set.

  6. Dog in Fla

    Holy Cow! Just exactly how much love does Mark have to spread around?

    • AthensHomerDawg


    • Cojones

      Who let the vampires into the back of the bus? Halloween is not the time to ease up on the vampires. Feel like I’ve smoked a bowlful because the energy is headed out like an outgassing balloon.

  7. Go Dawgs!

    I love this team. I mean… where else in the country does this happen?

    • Darrron Rovelll

      At least the LSU trio had the sense to be in different positional groups.

      • Go Dawgs!

        Seriously. I mean… I’d be mad, but I’m just kinda shaking my head and laughing. Hope it was worth it. Dang.

    • Brandon

      Yeah sometimes you just got laugh.

      • Go Dawgs!

        Right? I mean, we’re about to play a college football game without the top 6 tailbacks we initially planned to have this year, counting Ealey and King. Makes the days when Hines had to play quarterback look simple.

        • Brandon

          I hope our replacement is a half as good as Hines was at QB, didn’t he throw for damn near 300 yards in his one start at the position, that guy was one hell of an athlete

          • Otter

            Hines Broke a Peach Bowl Rec for Passing for like 400yards I think. It was vs. The Wahoos

            • Brandon

              I was going to say 400 but couldn’t remember for sure, he also had a 100 yard rushing game in his career as a tb and of course multiple 100 yard receiving games, not a lot of guys can say that. Tough as a pine knot too.

              • Jim

                And he started a lot more than one game at QB

                • Brandon

                  You are right, Goff threw him out there against Alabama in 95′ and maybe a few more games late that year, my memory of the Goff years is a little hazy game to game, its a self defense mechanism.

  8. Chuck

    I’m all for personal responsibility, but it sounds like our RBs need a position coach they fear a little bit more, I don’t give a rat crap what kind of recruiter he is.

  9. Joe Moore

    4/20 came a little late in Athens. Dumb dumb dumb! Hate this for the rest of the kids. Seems we will always be a punching bag for the National media when stuff like this happens.

  10. 69Dawg

    Well Well Well, it looks like the ganga done got the boyz. You can take the boyz out of the Hood but you can’t take the Hood out of the boyz.

    • hailtogeorgia

      Yes, because if you go check out the student body in Athens, it’s only the kids from the hood who are smoking weed…

      • The ATH

        +1000 – thank god no one drug tests the future lawyers, doctors and businesspeople.

      • AthensHomerDawg

        Hell I guess we all smoked some weed at some point. Did we sacrifice a game or two per our consumption. Probably not… So the hoodies just can’t catch a break. Pleezzeee! Handle your bidneezz. Get ready for the NFL …..AND prepare for the MCAT and LSAT or you will find yourself somewhere else.
        just sayin’

  11. Bad M

    We are seriously getting close to having to play Iron Man football out there. How many scholarships are left?
    I say give the ball to Geathers and Jenkins. Lets see what we can do with what is probably the largest backfield in the history of college football. Just make sure to tell the O-line to get out of the way.

  12. db

    Maybe Figgins will get some carries? Has he carried the ball this year?

  13. Dog in Fla

    If it’s weed, does this mean the Georgia Way is the same as the Florida Way?

    “We have certain standards in all that we do and their actions do not reflect the Georgia way,” Richt said in a statement. “They will serve their suspensions, learn a lesson and I’m sure be better men for it.” Yada. Yada.

  14. Brandon

    Who the hell let them room together? Bobo, you son of a bitch!

  15. 81Dog

    we should be able to beat New Mexico State with the Senator at RB. Or with 10 guys on offense.

    this isnt optimal, but if the players all get the message about team rules, it wont be a disaster. I predict lots of bubble screens, three TE sets, and FB carries by Zander Ogletree.

  16. Bevo

    Just surreal.

    I stand by my conviction that losing Caleb King was a terrible blow, despite the sunshiners that wanted to frame it otherwise.

    • hailtogeorgia

      Losing both Caleb and Washaun was a big blow because it hurt our depth so much.

      • Bevo

        IMO, Washaun wasn’t such a big deal but Caleb was huge. Guys on the team really liked Caleb. He was a hard worker and a dependable guy, just not in the classroom.

        Some people called me out on here for doubting Malcome was ready to step-in. The guy is so low on the depth chart it’s almost comical. Even in a season where we’re this thin at RB, he has only one carry all season and it came against Coastal Carolina.

        When it comes right down to it, we have zero RBs that are both reliable and highly talented at the position.

  17. Mayor of Dawgtown

    There are several FBs on the team. Put 2 of them in at the same time with one at the TB position. Alternate them so they all stay fresh and have to block for each other. Run the ball exactly like the Dawgs did with Samuel at the end of the Florida game only do it all game long. The game will be over before you know it. UGA wins 28-0. Time of possession: UGA 50 minutes, New Mexico State 10 minutes. UGA will get 250 yards rushing.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      P.S. This may actually be a positive in a perverse sort of way. Crowell and the other 2 RBs will all be well rested for Auburn.

      • That is probably the goal of this decision, save anybody from looking weak.

      • What fresh hell is this?

        Well rested and with no risk of injury until Auburn.
        It did occur to me that if the OBC did this there would be many, me included, that would say this was a self-serving move made under the guise of discipline.
        Not saying this is the case because we actually have a coach with some integrity, but interesting nonetheless.

  18. DawgPhan

    guessing there will still be complaints when whoever we hand the ball off to runs straight up the middle. and the guy in 319 will still be yelling at bobo.

  19. DA man

    Maybe Mudcat was in town after the victory? Or his car? And, yeah, we did beat Florida! We cover the spread against NMState even with the Senator running the ball. Go Dawgs!

    • Dog in Fla

      “Maybe Mudcat was in town after the victory? Or his car?”

      Mudcat was in town. He got a good trade-in on his famous car for an ice cream truck since the last time he was in the Classic City

      • tx for that post made my day…probably cus I’m high

      • Cojones

        Great! Feel like Cheech and Chong Revival time.

        The back door of the van opens and Cheech’s father says: “What are you kids doin…..all this smoke. Alright you punks , I told you what would happen next time I caught you smokin’ reefer!”
        He pulls off his belt and says, “Drop yo pants—Now!!”
        Reply from the van, “Whadda you gonna do, pervert?”

        • Cojones

          Think I’m gonna get high. It’s time for Fannie Mae and Priscilla to have choir practice while we drive down the Lake Rd. They like to get high too. Tail waggery all the way around.

          Dog in Fla, you made my night/day. Thanks.

          • Cojones

            My innocent wife informs me she heard this sung on SingSnap(she sings and records on this Kareoke website) over a year ago. It was sung by an 80yr old greatgrandma. Hadda be a hoot!

  20. HVL Dawg

    give the ball to #6!

  21. Ghost of Dawg's Past

    Time for a little “senior leadership”…This should be handled internally by B. Jones, Figgins, Anderson, Boykin, Troupe, Tyson, White, Butler, Walsh, and Glenn IMHO.

  22. TennesseeDawg

    My first thought was “you got to be shitting me” but was quickly followed up by “what’d you expect, this is Georgia we are talking about.”

  23. HVL Dawg

    Re: The extra week it took to confirm the test results.

    McGarity’s drug policy experience at UF has now paid off for GA.🙂

    • Comin' Down The Track

      I know nussink!

    • Dog in Fla

      Now that’s the Florida Way!

      • Ginny

        The Florida Way would be to have this all handled internally with no one hearing about it for months.

        • Dog in Fla

          Good point. Now that you mention it, another Florida Way would be no one hearing about it at all. h/t Huntley

          • I like discipline. Without it you become Miami, or Clemson.
            Georgia’s players are no worse than any other school. They’re just held to standards that they are actually required to keep. Other programs cover up problems. It’s not always expedient to do the right thing, but it’s always right.

            • Dog in Fla

              I don’t mind a little discipline myself every now and then as long as it’s properly administered by an expert

  24. BeerMoney

    1. I don’t think Figgins has gotten one carry this year. This is absurd. And this situation gives a great opportunity to give him some carries.

    2. Will Samuel still be an option or is he too banged up?

    3. Cue the Dawgvent meltdown…

    4. Seriously where else would this happen in America except at UGA?

    • X-Dawg

      Richard is out 4 weeks.

    • fuelk2

      How is it absurd that we haven’t handed off to a guy who played TE all his career until this year. Do you really think he carries the ball well?

      • BeerMoney

        Playing fullback should always be blocking on 97% of the downs, taking a quick handoff on a tough 3rd/4th and 1 or less 2% of the time and catching a pass 1% of the time. Hell, Bama let Terrence Cody carry the mail a few times, right? What kind of hands do you think that guy had?

  25. Jim

    Hey – i still have four years of eligibility remaining…

  26. HVL Dawg

    Cheer up everybody!

    Now we’ve got a great new reason to watch this weekend’s game.

  27. I guarantee you this would not have happened if I were the RB coach… because I wouldn’t let them test everyone at my position at the same time. Oh, and also, because if I caught any of my players smoking anything – legal or otherwise – I would make them run until their lungs exploded.

    • Cosmic Dawg

      Yeah, right on! I say we let Trey coach the running backs! You want to get high? I’ll give you a reason to get high – we’re gonna let a CPA coach your ass.

      “Dang, Coach Trey…lookit you turnin’ all red and everything…we was just gonna smoke us a little weed, now you’re trying to mess us up and make our lungs explode. And look what we did – we gave some to Blair, put on some Chi-Lites…now he’s gigglin’ like a little girl, tryin’ to get him to just chill a little, get loose n’ all…lookit him dancin’ over there.

      And we gave some to Aaron, too…he’s wound up TIGHT, throwin’ the ball to Russ, throwin’ the ball to the mascot, throwin’ the ball to somebody he thinks lives inside the ground…damn…like a crazy person.

      I think Coach Todd might need him some too. I ain’t gonna bring it up, you know, right to his face and all, but maybe you can get him some.

      • Dog in Fla

        +4 on those truly Cosmatose ideas

      • Cojones

        I’m laughing…tears streaming down. Just finding the admissions on this fan blog brings me closer to some of you. The Senator’s eyes have to be rolling upwards with every keystroke.

        • Cojones

          Hopefully, they consolidated the baggies and gave them to IV. He needs it for about 4 weeks. Nah. Dallas would get it and make brownies.

  28. Smitty

    Thomas’ second suspension of the season, nice bit of leadership from the Junior. And way to go Boo Malcombe, finally had your chance to get on the field and there you go. Maybe our RB Coach is too much of a “buddy” to them, I don’t know…..

  29. TennesseeDawg

    Harton will run for 175 and 3 TDs and the Dawg nation will wonder why we haven’t been playing him more often.

  30. Billy Mumphrey

    Legalize it!!!

  31. DawgVegas

    Didn’t Jenkins play some RB in his past? I’d like to see a NMS db try to tackle him after a few carries.

    • adam

      i don’t. only way a guy that small tackles a guy that big is via the knee.

    • Skeeter

      Yeah, I was hoping to have seen Jenkins in some goal line situation. What a sight that would be with Big John and Lil’ Harton lined up together. Opposing defense would think they were wearing 3D glasses.

  32. Turd Ferguson

    The lengths to which we’ll go to give the East to South Carolina. First we give them the game. Then we cripple their other conference opponents for them (e.g., Bray at Tennessee). And now stupid and distracting discipline issues. If these RBs really wanted to do it “the Georgia way,” though, they’d have toked up the week before Auburn.

  33. it occurrs to me that these kids are getting confused by the fact that SPICE,synthetic pot, iis legal BUT that doesn’t mean the NCAA can’t make it a band substance just like creatine etc.Just think’n. Have we really had this many comments without someone blaming Bobo.

  34. Ubiquitous GA Alum

    Where’s Kiante Tripp when you need him?

  35. James Stephenson

    I think this is a good thing. It give AM a lot of practice throwing the ball in a live game situation. Maybe get a few of his issues settled. Not too mention getting Walsh some kicks in a non-pressure situation but live game situation.

  36. skiingdawg

    Want to hand out extra punishment for being stupid. Make all three run the stadium steps – during the game!

  37. I thik the upside to all this is a former walk-on gets to shine in an actual game..hopefully, they’ll poll the others to see if there are former RBs on the scout team.
    These guys practice and put out all year with no aid and no chance of playing so I hope they all get in this game and blow it wide open. Go Dawgs, GATA!!!

    • Cojones

      We are participating in this hilarity because we know that this outstanding D will get us out of jail. Otherwise …….

  38. UGA should re-sign Herschel Walker ASAP.

  39. Somebody at UGA is probably trying hard to see if BOBO needs to go or to stay.

  40. I wonder if they will suspend all the receivers too in addition.

  41. Somebody is really trying hard to prevent UGA from covering the point spread for this game. Have the DAWGS covered the spread in any of their wins??????? Just asking/saying.

  42. kckd

    I had heard a lot about this before last week. What happened is that Israel Troupe got busted for giving illegitimate piss for this test and was suspended. Somehow in the grape vine “Israel” turned into “Isaiah” and that’s why IC’s name came up.
    The first I head about this test coming up was on Tuesday and whether it was random or someone made sure it was done this week, it was noted that they wouldn’t get results back until after Saturday. Which turns out to be a very, very good thing.

  43. Scott

    Our Kickoff Coverage Team identified through watching replays of Vandy and FLA game:

    6 Michael Erdman (rs-FR)
    25 Mark Deas (rs-FR)
    11 Connor Norman (rs-FR)
    46 Alex Ogletree (SO)
    48 Kosta Vavlas (rs-FR)
    36 Shawn Williams (JR)
    33 Chase Vasser (SO)
    42 Corey Campbell (rs-FR)
    43 Quintavius Harrow (FR)
    57 Blair Walsh
    10 Jordan Love (So)
    27 Nick Marshall (FR)

    I realize there are 12 players here, but we must sub occasionally. I didn’t see Nick Marshall in the Vandy replays, but he was on the field for the Florida td return and was most noticeable. 7 of the regular 11 are either true freshman or redshirt freshman.

    • adam

      Coach Richt did say earlier in the year that our troubles on special teams were mainly due to multi-year guys (walk-ons that specialized on special teams) graduating. Lots of people learning what to do.

      • Scott

        A couple of these guys just do not seem to have enough foot speed to be out there. We need someone with a shot of chasing down the returner other than Blair Walsh.

        • adam

          I suspect that most of those guys are actually quite fast.

          But… kick coverage is all about discipline and angle of pursuit.

    • Cojones

      Surprised Sailor wasn’t on it.

      • Scott

        Sailors is on the punt units. Surprisingly, there does not appear to be common players among the kickoff and punt units.

  44. kckd

    that’s last Tuesday not this Tuesday.

    • The Lone Stranger

      And that is what makes this a little harder ppunch to the gut — why would they all burn knowing UF was up next?

      • The General

        Ganja can show up in pee for several weeks after smoking. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and believe the cheeba party was during the bye week.

        • adam

          Bye week party is possible since it usually can only show up in a piss test for about 2 weeks. Sometimes less.

  45. I said preseason I don’t know why we’re not giving Marshall some snaps at RB. He’s got the body and the moves. He’s thicker than B. Smith.

    And he sure as hell ain’t playing defense. Just burning eligibility running down the field not tackling guys on special teams.

    • Scott

      How fast is he? He does have decent size. Maybe we will get lucky and he will turn out to be another Robert Edwards if given the chance.

    • adam

      That’d be a great idea to bring up to Coach Richt if you could. Pity the call-in show is already over.

      I’d throw that at a beat writer on twitter and get him to ask if that’s a possibility.

      • Scott

        I will tweet and give it a shot.

        • adam

          “SethEmerson Seth Emerson
          Branden Smith, Brandon Boykin and freshmen Damian Swann and Nick Marshall could also see time on offense, according to Bobo.”

          looks like he beat us to it.

  46. H-Town Dawg

    Let the fullbacks run the damn ball! It ain’t heavy!

  47. Skeeter

    What’s happening on campus nowadays? Why can’t they just get laid and leave it at that. Stupid Bobo!

  48. UFTimmy

    This is where I make the joke that if you were timing the suspensions for a key game you’d sit them against Florida and play them against Ole Miss.

    • Even if UF brings Meyer back, UF will not win against UGA again. LOL

      • Mike

        Interesting. I remember reading the same thing after 2007. Hope springs eternal, does it not?

        • H-Town Dawg

          Hope springs eternal? That’s what Gator fans counted on year after year before Spurrier arrived. Don’t think that trends can’t be reversed. There’s still plenty of time for you to be made to accept it. In the meantime, good luck with Vandy. I think this is the week the Commodes finally pull off an upset. Then again, maybe we should stop classifying victories over Florida as “upsets.”

  49. Will Trane

    Interesting we have 3 players from the same position suspended for team violations. Crowell is perhaps the most talented TB Georgia has had in decades. Barely three fourths of the way through the season and he is beset with injuries and suspensions. Without any question the top recruiting position for the Dawgs will be at TB. If the two players on the scout team make solid showing, look for Thomas to be gone before the Tech game. By end of the seaon the other will be gone too. Need to clear the roster for some players.

    It is unbelieveable that Crowell is this immature. Carver High is not UGA. The line between Crowell and King is very close. Frankly, the AD and the Athletic Board has to review what is going on with the RB position coach.

    I would cut Thomas now and McClendon at the end of the season. Only reason Thomas and Malcome are suspended is Samuel’s injury.

    But for sure I find another running back coach who does a littler better evaluating and recruiting RB not only in Georgia but in the SE. Just amazed at Crowell! Kid is just dumb. Just play the game, go to class, and learn the trade. With his skill sets and his attitude he is burning a lot of checks. Running with dreadlocks flowing from your head gear is nowhere near dradt status and a big buck pro contract.
    Not sure Bobo can run an emptry backfield set or a single back (FB) scheme with the current play of Murray and the lack of depth at WRs.
    Needless to say the coaching staff needs a strong meeting with and without players.
    But the staff needs to let these 3 know this is the end of the line. Funny how my counter part and I both said Sunday night…who do you think will get suspended after the UF game and the circus atmosphere. We got one of them. Beating UF was just another win, but UGA likes the circus atmosphere and 24/7 party celebration.

  50. W Cobb Dawg

    Get a REAL RB coach, not a flunky who couldn’t otherwise land a job as a coach, and has no previous experience coaching or instructing young men. Oh, but he’s a good recruiter? Getting a kid from GA to attend the state flagship school is not recruiting, unless our recruiters really suck. Hire an RB coach who actually earns the paycheck.

    • Puffdawg

      I can’t believe some of you guys who purport to be fans and yet continually tear down the program. What basis do you have for completely trashing McClendon? Was he smoking weed with these guys? As for your claim he “couldn’t otherwise land a job as a coach,” we just doubled his fucking pay this past offseason to counter an offer he received from another school. So not only is this bullshit you are spouting disrespectful to the very team you claim to be a fan of, but it’s also a downright fabrication. Additionally, it appears we are right in the thick of things (if not leading) for the nation’s #1 high school running back, Keith Marshal of North Carolina, who would NOT be attending the state flagship school. Would McClendon surpass “flunky” status if he lands Marshall? I guess McClendon’s biggest crime so far is that the nation’s # 1 high school running back he signed last season was “a kid from GA.”

      Get off the bus energy vampire. You make me sick.

  51. Will Trane

    I’m with you W Cobb Dawg. The history of the kids who McClendon recruits, evaluates, recommends, coaches, and mentors has to be seriousily looked at. I have thought for 3 years this was the weak link in the team. The RBs have no fear of him or the “ever-loving” Coach.
    Think we all understand what McGarity meant when he said the program would be reevaluated at the end of the season. Just as the flame had a moment to cool under CMR, the wick just got ramped up big time.
    You have to have a roster to play. Hard for people to understand that, and maybe a head coach. It is one thing to wet nurse a kid through high school for unsaid, but understood reasons, but not in the SEC.
    I like what Bear Bryant had posted on a sign above the dressing room…”BE GOOD, OR BE GONE!”

  52. Will Trane

    I read CMR’s comments about the kickoff coverage after watching the SEC Express rebroad cast of the UF game. Totally agree with CMR about avoiding blocks. On almost ever run back you could see players still locked up with a Florida player even after the play had moved down field. Plus lane assignment and containmend collapsed quickly for returners to get in a running lane. Getting down field quicker and getting / staying off blocks is a good observation by the old “ever-loving ball coach”. Most are inexperienced but I did not see many getting blocked down or if they did getting back in but not off the block.
    With the suspensions and discipline issues coming up again, you have to wonder whether this team can beat UK, AU, and GT. NMSU will be a challenge now. Suspensions change rosters, roster changes change game plans and game management, and now just 2 days to get in your sets, plans, and roster. Thanks Thomas, you senior for your leadership. if it was me as the Hc you would turn in your play book and be gone. Same with Malcome. Need those scholarships back….has to be some kid who is mature enough and wants to play in the SEC. Look for Crowell to have strong competition next year if he makes it that long. Odds in Vegas says he wont.

  53. I kept hearing this rumor all weekend. The first time was Friday morning over some beers at the Landing. I was just thinking on my drive home from work today that it must have all been false because nothing had come out. I finally got to sit down to my computer tonight and boom goes the dynamite.

    Seems shady to play these guys for the Florida game and hold them out for New Mexico State. I would like more of an explanation.

    • kckd

      As I wrote up above, the rumor was there would be a drug test the week of the UF game and luckily, the results wouldn’t be back until after Saturday. This meant suspensions would be for NMST. This was true and rung true when I got it in an email. Some will say drug tests come back in a day and sometimes they do if they are negative. If they are positive they go through further testing and can take up to a week to make sure that it’s not a false positive. The second rumor came down that week that Isaiah had failed or got caught trying to cheat on it. Turns out it was Troupe who was indeed suspended for the UF game. Coincidental IMO, that Isaiah ends up failing it after all. But we didn’t hide knowledge of his failure to let him play in the UF game.

  54. Cojones

    Can hear Sat’s cheers now—Harton!, Harton!, Harton! I said that would be the cheer this fall after Spring Game.

    Or it could be: Doobie!, Doobie!, Doobie!

  55. Doesn’t Cleveland Gary or Sterling Boyd have some eligibility left?

  56. NC Dawg

    I’m kind of worried about Crowell anyway; he’s shown the moves, but not a lot of the important intantibles needed for college fb success. He badly needs a mentor, IMO. Where’s Herschel?