Traffic talk

All I can figure is that the hot seat’s been good for business at GTP.  Last month saw a record number of hits in a month here, more than 420,000.  The site’s had well over a million hits in just the last three months.

I blame Bobo.


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22 responses to “Traffic talk

  1. Fitzdawg

    Nope. It’s all your fault.


  2. Pat yourself on the back. This website is great! Thanks for the hard work to bring us insight and give us the opportunity to spout our (often) retarded thoughts.


  3. baltimore dawg

    since you’re too modest to say it, i will: the biggest reason traffic has increased is that this is the best place on the web to read about and discuss uga football. thanks for this.


  4. TennesseeDawg

    The lead-up and win against Florida can’t hurt.


  5. CrawforDawg

    And when election time rolls around, I will vote for the Senator again!


  6. Dawg Vent

    You’re welcome.

    Fire Mark Richt!!!!!!!!!!11


  7. So when you gonna quit the day job and do this full time? The world could use fewer lawyers and more bloggers…….

    (wait, what?)


  8. Comin' Down The Track

    Is it weird to say that I get antsy when you go on vacation?


  9. W Cobb Dawg

    I don’t believe the traffic is a media-generated thing. Dawg fans have a lot of pent-up concerns about the team. The Senator’s blog is the best resource for Dawg fans to vent and discuss the team and related issues.


  10. Mayor of Dawgtown

    If you build a better mousetrap……..


  11. Congratulations Senator,
    We had a record month at LHB yet managed only a bit more than half your total.


  12. Alcohalic Genius

    Yea. I’ll drank to that. The Senator like the Barry White of football blogging. Got a way with them word. Can’t get enough o’ yo stuff, BayBay.


  13. The 1 blog (Or howmany) that is a must every day. Could be Bobo’s fault?.


  14. AusDawg85

    Occupy GTP!



  15. NRBQ

    Congratulations, Senator, for less than you deserve.

    The takeaway from this page is that you never come off frothing at the mouth with indignant I-know-more-than you bullshit or half-ass witch-hunts, thus inviting mostly intelligent, cogent responses from spirited yet reasonable UGA fans.

    If you go out of bidness, my day just won’t be the same.