Dawgs turn into Hogs.

And Mark Richt leads the way.

… Last week, he had his guys singing “Rocky Top” before Tennessee’s game with South Carolina. This week, could he be sneaking off to learn how to “Call the Hogs” to help Arkansas get a win over South Carolina Saturday?

“I gotta learn how to do that,” Richt said. “I was trying to do it. I know it has something to do with [saying] “sooie,” but I gotta learn how to do that right. If I do, I might try to get the boys to be ready to cheer on Saturday night.”


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58 responses to “Dawgs turn into Hogs.

  1. Matt

    Cheering for Arkansas does no good if we don’t get past Auburn. I’d rather see Saturday night spent on watching more Malzahn game tape than the SC game.

  2. Will Trane

    Amen, Matt. Or a rewind of Walsh’s FG attempts, followed by kickoff & punt coverage 2011 season series editions, and top high school running backs in the southeast plus southwest USA. The mind of football coaches at UGA dazzle us.

  3. This has to be the lamest thing Richt has ever pulled. I don’t what I’d say if I heard that Spurrier had the Gamecocks chanting “War Eagle.” I wouldn’t be happy, that’s for sure.

    • H-Town Dawg

      Maybe CMR should get all red in the face, get teary-eyed with his lip quivering as throws a hissy and refuses to do interviews with a certain reporter who’s being mean to him. Does sound familiar?

      • Trust me, I know it looks strange from the outside, but if you were in our shoes, you would have cheered Spurrier on for that one. I wouldn’t blame CMR for a minute if he called out the worst hack at the AJC, and neither would you. What Spurrier did was no different.

        • Dawginwashington

          So Spurrier goes on a (planned) tirade against a reporter he doesn’t like to cover up some not so cool (0r new) news that he’s kicking a QB off of the team (for drinking with his position coach at some Brolicious party) and you think Richt would do that? HA! You SC fans are ridiculous and deluded into thinking that Spurrier is the reason you win.

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            Listen, I really don’t like Spurrier, his antics or anything else about the guy but anyone who doesn’t understand that Spurrier is the ONLY reason South Carolina is winning whatever games it does win is living in a dream world. If you doubt that statement go online and look at the won-lost records of the Gamecocks teams from the beginning of college football forward. The highest win total they have ever had in a single season is 10 and it happened only once. The next highest is 9 and that happened only twice–with one of those being last season. This year is shaping up to be the best in their history even if they don’t win the SEC Championship. They should carry SOS on their shoulders all over the campus and build a statue of him when the season is over–and they probably will do both. No offense intended.

        • AusDawg85

          Calling out the worst hack at the AJC? Now THAT would take a lot of time and distract him from the program. So many to choose from…

        • Skeeter

          What shoes?

    • Macallanlover

      It’s for the good of the conference. We would give either Bama or LSU a better match in Atlanta, I doubt either of them would throw 3 TDs your way like we did. Of course, it seems I remember some SC boys doing the gator chomp and greeting folks with a “go gata” in the past.

      SEC conference alliances are even stranger than politics someday when looking for a bed mate. Arky will drill you whether CMR learns the pig chant or not….and even Muschamp might find a way. No one in America would give either of us much chance in the SECCG, but that makes for a fun chaance to ssneak up on someone.

      • “We would give either Bama or LSU a better match in Atlanta.” Sure. That’s to be expected, considering how well you handled us in Athens, and how you’ve beaten our common opponents so much more soundly than we have. Oh, wait…

        • Macallanlover

          I understand how to read scoreboards, but unlike you, I can see a little deeper. If you don’t think you got your ass thrashed that game, you are one of the few…including your HC. And, you have several key components missing since then. So yeah, I think our defense would make it a better game. I don’t think it will matter as your chances of winning both of the remaining conference games is close to nil, and you stand a decent chance of losing both. I realize your SEC East crown from 2010 has gotten you into rarified, high-altitude air so that may explain your giddiness. Remember, you are still Sc and you have no pedigree, nor rings……evah!!

          • Puffdawg

            Seriously, will this clown still be hanging around here in two weeks?

          • Excuses, excuses. You can chalk up your loss to one of two things: Either Murray gave the game away because he’s not capable of performing in big games, or we took the game because our defense creates lots of takeaways. Either one reflects better on us than it does on you.

            At any rate, I’m glad to see that “seeing a little deeper” apparently means taking pride in moral victories. Hope you’re happy with calling a loss an “ass thrashing.” As for me, after having nothing but moral victories to crow about for many years, these days I’m enjoying the real thing. Really, it’s a testament to how far your program has fallen that you’re now taking such pride in a loss.

            • Bevo

              You touched on an important point. In fact, our offense and ST units are still diligently working to give games away. They’re not satisfied yet with SC. Thankfully for us, our defense has charitably intervened on their behalf.

              I’m with you that a loss is a loss. I think the outcome of that game reflected more the ability of our offense/ST to suck than it did SC’s prowess. It was just one of those games where the lousier team lost. But, even then, the bottom line is still: SC was the better team when it mattered. Would UGA win a rematch today? Probably, but that’s not the way the game is played and Georgia lost when it counted. We gotta live with it.

              Now, please go lose to the Hogs for us.

              • “It was just one of those games where the lousier team lost.” That, I think, is a fair assessment. I’m certainly not going to chalk the win up to the Gamecocks’ prowess. That said, I do think a couple of things are worth mentioning about how the two teams would match up if they played today. One, the Gamecocks defense is far and away better than it was when we played you. We made some adjustments to our pass coverage schemes that have paid off very nicely. Two, losing Garcia and Lattimore hasn’t hurt us as much as you’d think. Losing Garcia was a net plus, because Shaw is a better QB than 2011 Garcia. (Whether he’s better than what we *thought* we’d get with Garcia is up for debate.) Losing Lattimore hurts more, obviously, but Brandon Wilds proved that he can be a capable backup. The injury that has really hurt the ‘Cocks was LT Kyle Nunn. Our offensive line has gone to shit without him, and that has more to do with the problems on offense than do Lattimore or Garcia.

                Honestly, if I hear one more person say we’re worse off without Garcia, I might puke. That guy was a cancer.

                • James Stephenson

                  I got news for you. You have not played a passing team like GA since you guys left Athens. How do you know? You played Auburn, who could not pass, Kentucky, god awful, Miss State, can not pass, Tenn, freshman QB. Exactly what passing offense have you played this season that compares to UGAs? In fact, if we played you again, with Shaw, I say GA beats you guys by 20.

                  • Mayor of Dawgtown

                    ^ This is why we have to start playing the ‘Cocks later in the season. They had all summer to get ready for us and a cupcake to work out the kinks before their game with us. We, on the other hand, had to prepare for Boise. By this time in the season we are getting better while the lack of depth is apparent for the ‘Cocks. Whether it is Garcia getting kicked off the team or Lattimore getting hurt something happens to the first stringers at USCe every year. Last year was no exception–just we couldn’t get our act together to win enough games to take the East lead. USCe won the East in ’10 with a 5-3 conference record for cryin’ out loud. We play them later in the year UGA kicks their asses every time. McGarity, where are you?

            • Macallanlover

              Feel free to twist the words and add your interpretation. It has always been tough to have a discussion about football with a cock fan without them trying to change the meaning of words from their intention. No one ever said anything about moral victories. Just an assessment about two teams. If your mind is so simple as to think a win means you are the best team, there is no way to talk with you. You can say that about that particular day, and you would have a better case. Wouldn’t mean you would be right, but at least you would have some ground to stand on. Or hasn’t it reached the state of SC that the best team doesn’t always win? It just takes a litle longer. Don’t go assigning meanings to my comments, you aren’t qualified, nor authorized. You are entitled to your opinion, that’s it. You have no titles, thus nothing to celebrate. You can say you are making progress, and that would be true, but celebrating with no titles is pretty lame and weak.

          • By the way, if you think UGA’s defense is more likely than USC’s to keep a game with ‘Bama or LSU close, you might want to go compare defensive rankings.

    • hailtogeorgia

      Why is it lame? Would you prefer him give some canned answer of “we can only control what we control”? At this point, the only way his team gets to Atlanta is if the Cocks lose, so why not get his team on board? I’m sure he’d rather them be focusing on a football game on a Saturday night than going to the bars.

      • It seems unseemly for Georgia players to be singing “Rocky Top.” Are you going to do the Gator chomp next week if we beat Arkansas? You don’t think there’s anything strange about that?

        FWIW, I said the same thing to my fellow Carolina fans who cheered for the Gators last week.

        • Easy to say when your team has the tiebreaker in hand, gm.😉

        • AmpedDawg

          First, any singing of RT or calling the pigs is tongue in cheek, but cheering for those teams to win is not. What I can’t figure out is whether it’s more incontheevable that (a) you wouldn’t think that dawg fans would pull for UF next week if SCe beats Arkansas, (b) that Dawg fans aren’t really pulling hard for Arkansas Saturday, or (c) that you would actually chastise your fellow Cock fans for pulling for the team with whom the Cocks ARE TIED. I suppose I can understand that it may be hatred borne (i.e. you’d rather both the Cocks and Dawgs to win out so the Cocks go in on a tie breaker), but that’s pretty ballsy considering SCe’s history of late season collapses. But, I assume that your fellow Cock fans probably had that squinty eyed “wtf are you talking about” look.

          • Maybe they did. At any rate, I didn’t pull for the Gators. (Pulling for the Gators is like selling your soul to the devil, but I digress.) To me, the best possible way for the season to end would be for both the ‘Cocks and the Dawgs to win out. That way, there would be no doubts about whether the ‘Cocks backed in to the SECCG or not. So, the Senator is right that I’m blessed with the tiebreaker, as I can only take this position knowing that the ‘Cocks control their destiny. I guess you’re right that I’d prefer to get into the SECCG because of an UGA loss than otherwise. But that would never make me cheer on a coach doing the “War Eagle” chant. Just seems classless to me, like Richt is embracing the idea of backing in rather than winning straight up.

            • Cosmic Dawg

              The comment earlier that the cheering is tongue in cheek is a pretty important one. Also, the rules say that the team from the East that wins the most SEC games gets to go to the SEC championship. There is no backing into anything – we would have won more games than you – that’s how it works.

              Also – although SC barely beat GA, that is only a snapshot of both teams at that precise point in the season. That is all we have to go on, but there is likely zero probability that the score would be exactly the same, even if they played the game over from scratch on that same day. So a tight win in week 2 gives us some indication of where both teams are in relation to each other, but it really gives us no good picture of which team is the best team at the end of the season. So the W-L record, even in the face of a close game, seems to be a reasonable standard to pick the East champion. After all, you don’t think that by beating South Carolina, Auburn deserves to go in your place, do you?

        • hailtogeorgia

          Yeah, it’s not a fun thought to entertain, but the bottom line is that without a Carolina loss, what Georgia does the rest of the season doesn’t matter…so if Richt is using this to keep them focused and keep morale up, then it’s obviously working.

          For the record, I wasn’t yelling “War Eagle” the first weekend in October, either, but I was positively giddy when they beat y’all.

  4. ” Root Hog Or Die” has ALWAYS been 1 of my favorites. Got to pull big time for the HOGS. Every Dawg from Richt all the way down to Me needs to be calling for the Hogs. GATA. As to Spurrier, he hates the Dawgs as much as I hate the Gators. No lessons to be learned from him.

    • Chopdawg

      We can “root hog” all we want!–but unless we improve light years over last Saturday, we won’t beat Auburn.

      It’s all good, tho; I’m not up for any more trips to any Domes, this year.

  5. JaxDawg

    I suppose it’s harmless, although I would have kept it private given the problems with our RB’s and the issues on special teams. Especially in light of the fact that we play AU the next week (although I like our D in that game).

    Bottom line, win the games YOU play and let the other shit take care of itself.

  6. 69Dawg

    It really matters not which team in the East wins, the SEC has a vested $$$$ interest in an undefeated ALA or LSU winning it all. The SECCG will feature a group of referees that have been instructed to keep ALA/LSU undefeated. UGA or SCU stand no chance in that game at all.

    • Cojones

      Disagree. Yeah, they both are back as topnotch teams, but are you buying this super championship teams ESPN is spinning? The problem with media hype and internet rant nowadays is the heavy weight of shit placed on top of any team facing a “monster” team created by those two entities. Their athletes put on their britches the same as ours. Even though some of our fans and detractors buy into these teams as being unbeatable by another SEC team, I don’t. That crap is for teams outside the SEC to buy into where they have a psychological disadvantage in a NC game. We have swingin’dicks that can match up with most of their swingin’ dicks. These announcers have really sold you a bill of goods. Sure, I rate’um high in the Mumme Poll, but not against our team when we have an attitude. It’s funny how winning out can make that attitude happen. How can anyone know and cheer for these Dawg players and think differently about how they would play because the other players have different colored uniforms? Screw that pansy ass talk. Think of your favorite Dawg and then think who can stop them from another team. Now put an attitude on that player. Don’t tell me both LSU or Bama can’t be beaten this year.

    • Hogbody Spradlin

      And 69, your evidence that the games are gamed is?

  7. bulldawgy

    Cojones, I like your thought process.

  8. Hogbody Spradlin

    Woo pig sewer!
    Izzat how that goes?