Georgia-Florida, the replay

You know, for a game with its sloppy moments, that sure is a fun watch.  (And I don’t mean that in a “for a fat girl, you don’t sweat much” sense.)

That throw to Conley still gives me goose bumps.


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  1. dean

    (And I don’t mean that in a “for a fat girl, you don’t sweat much” sense.)
    Thanks Senator. I spit coffee all over my desk.

    I know Grantham is getting a lot of deserved credit but Lakatos has done an outstanding job with the secondary. A couple of sacks were due to coverage and there were a few other plays where Brantley had to throw the ball away due to coverage.

  2. The pass to Conley was surreal. Did it make sense though? With our defense dominating the way it had all day, wouldn’t it have made more sense to run it up the gut again?

    Conley was on an island out there. The pass was to the wide side of the field with only Conley and the FU defender. A misfire by Murray or athletic play by the FU corner could have easily resulted in 6 points the other way.

    It was a gutsy play. I just wonder if it was necessary to take that kind of risk at that point in the game and at that position on the field.

    • yurdle

      It made sense. Getting that first down turns the game from “Florida is going to have to hustle down the field to score in a huge hurry” to hail mary time at worst.

      Was it risky? Hells yeah. But that’s the kind of risk that we’ve been looking to see UGA take in order to put a game away. Instead of counting on our defense alone to stop UF again, Bobo called a play that would allow us to finish the game with the ball in our hands.

      Put another way, the risk of something bad happening on that play was lower than the risk of something bad happening if you gave Florida the ball back with time on the clock.

      • Not the way the defense was playing in the second half… plus, Georgia had missed on nine straight pass attempts before that.

        • yurdle

          That’s the kind of difficult-but-damn-it-we’ll-do-it play that good teams have to make to win games. It’s a stop route, throw to a spot pass. I would have blown a gasket if we just ran the ball between the tackles for 2 yards instead. Sure we’d missed 9 in a row, but several of those were throwaways or blown routes.

          If you can’t make that kind of play, you don’t deserve to win football games. Sure the defense was playing lights out, but I keeping the ball with your offense is best defense there is. If fact, I think making the call to throw there shows great confidence in our D: if we missed that throw, we punt out of the back of the endzone and make Florida go 80 yards with no timeouts in just over 2 minutes. Because we think they can stop that, we are free to make the risky call to seal the game.

          • Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE the play call. But you’re kidding yourself if you think it was the less risky path to take there.

            • yurdle

              Kidding one’s self is the prerogative of giddy fans after a rivalty win. Guilty as charged.

            • Orl Dawg

              I felt pretty confident that the defense would hold them from where we were on the field. I love the play call because we were playing to win the game and put a dagger in them. Everyone is always saying how we should go for the juggler when we have the opponent down. Well, that is exactly what Bobo called. If it’s incomplete, then they’ll possibly get a chance on offense. It it’s complete, we can pretty much run the clock out. Too many times I’ve seen the dawgs play not to lose against UF. We played to win the game with confidence in the offense and defense.

          • Cojones

            Think you outlined the big play(and there were many), Senator. The Dawgs lived up to my facetious name on that play and the two tds. Murray lives up to his ability over and over, but everyone runs to the stats to judge him;i.e., 4th in the SEC(down from 1st). I prefer him making these iconic saves for my limited memory bank. He is a pleasure to watch when you remember the beating he has taken because of O line difficulties and backfield players who are too good to make blocking their number one achievement since hs play. If you had his memory of the hits and you are in a tight game, think you could deliver? The help he gets from Bobo is incalculable at that position. That’s one of the reasons I defend him and Richt every time the energy suckers attack. There are others on here who make it no secret that they defend these people as well. The players and posters keep me coming back for a shot of passion juice on this blog. DGDs, one and all.

      • James Stephenson

        Plus you are telling your team you are in it to win it.

        • AusDawg85

          Flashback moment of Drew’s last punt vs. Vandy may have also influenced CMR’s & Bobo’s decision to stay aggressive with the offense on the field.

  3. BCDawg97

    Did we even run another play after IV took it to the 1 on 4th and 3? It was at that point I could finally celebrate knowing the Gators couldn’t touch the ball again and break our heart. I was high fiving and hugging anyone in sight.

  4. Two things stand out for me in those highlights. On the two 4th down passes and the 2nd down pass to Conley the offensive line (and running backs) did a great job of blocking. Only one guy got close to Murray got picked up by Crowell. The second is again the offensive line. For all the deserved Credit Samuel got for running hard in the 4th quarter the line deserves just as much for the size holes they were opening up. Hopefully against a very poor New Mexico State run defense they can open some big holes this weekend so it won’t matter who is play running back.

    • TennesseeDawg

      Let’s be honest. If Walsh had been on his game this year those 4th down passes would probably have never happened and the outcome could have been very different.

      • James Stephenson

        Maybe so, but if kicking was not in his head, maybe he is booting those balls 7 yards deep and there are no two long run backs.

        • Cojones

          Tenn Dawg, every game can be different until the final whistle. Don’t quite understand what you are saying.

      • King Jericho

        If kicking’s not an issue, we score 6 points instead of 14, but also score 6 more from 2 other FGs he missed in the game. We also stopped the game at the one yard line, leaving 7 more points on the field. 14 or 19, we still win. Let it go.

        • Disagree here. Richt made it a point to say he didn’t think 3s were gonna get the job done, which is why he went for it on 4th down. Even is it’s a guaranteed make (as in years past) he would have gone for it because he know we couldn’t match them FG for TD.

        • Yeah, but two more scores would have meant two more opportunities for the Gators to return kickoffs.😉

          • Scott

            “We felt confident about what we had called if we could execute it,” Bobo said of the two fourth-down plays, both of which resulted in touchdown passes. “We were either going to get it or keep them pinned down, was Coach’s thinking. We weren’t making field goals and we weren’t covering kicks very well, so that kind of changed our philosophy offensively on what we were calling.”

            My take: 3 points is basically a wash if Florida starts its next possession in scoring position after poor kick coverage.


    Oh to have heard Munson make the call !
    The way the Dawgs spotted Fl the big lead….The amazing TD catches….The domination of the Junkyard Dawgs on defense….Richard Samuel’s coming out…the way he steamrolled the Gators at the end….the scene in the stadium as the clocked ticked down……It would have been spine chilling and wonderful…….WE MISS YOU LARRY!!!!!!

  6. TCD

    I still can’t believe they converted that 4th and 19. Just a ridiculous play call.

    • mp

      I can’t believe Grantham called for 2 LB’s to blitz on 4th and long. Bringing 5 – I get it. Bringing 6? That’s just a bit crazy. And then the blitzing ILB (can’t see if it was Robinson on the small screen) got upended, opening up the hole for Brantley to step up (and maybe forces Rambo to react to the potential run enough to lose coverage of Reed).

  7. The most amazing thing about Bennett’s catch is that he had to wrestle the DB for the ball as they went to the ground. It also got me to thinking I’ve never seen Bennett with his helmet off, I’m pretty sure it’s really Kris Durham pulling double duty for the Dawgs and Seahawks.

  8. James Stephenson

    My question, how is that block in the middle of the 4th and 19 not a chop block. It looks like the guy is getting high-lowed.

    • AusDawg85

      It was…by Demps, who Rambo was having to spy on since we blitzed 6. I think that’s why Ogletree got hung-out covering his guy deep without BR’s help.

      • James Stephenson

        I watched that play again the other night and it had to be a chop-block. Otherwise if Brantley steps up, he gets clobbered.

  9. Newt

    A few things:

    Poor Jaylen Watkins, and by “poor”, I mean “thank you for consistently getting abused in man coverage” Jaylen Watkins. Starting with King’s TD, every time we needed a big play, we went after him. King’s TD on Watkins, King’s big 3rd&9 on Watkins, Conley’s clincher on Watkins.

    I’m sure #24, Josh Evans, was glad his dreads cover his name on his jersey so nobody could read it after Samuel dump-trucked him to set up the winning TD.

  10. charlottedawg

    A few thoughts: 1 loved, loved, loved how we were the more physical teaM and played with the same amount of swagger. an example was when murray finally connected with charles for about 20 yds and charles just trucked the safety then got up and just looked down at his hapless victim 2 thought that bobo actually called a pretty good game but they just didn’t execute usually with a bad throw or a drop. 3 not sure if i would call it a signature win but i’ll take that performance from murray. he made the throws when he needed to and most importantly he didn’t make any back breaking turnovers. 4 per the last sentence uga: 14 pts of turnovers uf: 0. that pretty much has determined the winner of this game the last 4 years.

    • yurdle

      I’m not 100% sure Charles was down on that play.

      • Cojones

        Felt the same way until the replay showed his knee touching. Charles knew it as well . He could have shown his ass and continued down the field, but I liked the domination better. More subtle and deadly than beating your chest. The Dawgs were men in this game and we will see more of it in the next few games. Can’t wait.

  11. Hobnail_Boot

    On the replay of Conley’s catch, you can see that the UF fans have already left, en masse. Such good sports, those Gators are.

    • Cojones

      Don’t recall that we stayed around when we lost and the outcome was obvious. They were good game predictors.

      • Hobnail_Boot

        They were down 4 points with a few minutes left, playing against a team they have owned for 2 decades and who had shown a laughable display on special teams. The outcome wasn’t obvious.

        Only game I’ve ever left early was @ Clemson in ’03, and that was due to my then-girlfriend being wheelchaired out due to heat exhaustion. Hell, I stayed to the bitter end of the ’08 WLOCP.

  12. NRBQ

    Hate to belabor a point, but this composite clip clearly shows why Samuel was finally effective (1st td this year).

    Every run, he was lined up 8 yards behind the LOS and hit the line full speed.

    Only one of IC’s carries came in that set, and he got 12 yards. The rest of his carries (and most in every game so far), he’s set beside Murray, three yards deep.

    Danielson kept harping that IC should learn something about running “SEC style” from RS4, but the coaches have yet to give him the right opportunities to utilize his speed and ability to adjust, IMO.

    • I agree with you.

      But Samuel also displayed more elusiveness in that one run (leap and spin move!) on the scoring drive than we’ve seen from him in the rest of the season combined.

  13. Dawgy45

    I kinda think my favorite part was seeing UF’s left tackle lying on his chest, pounding the grass, watching helplessly as his QB becomes Jarvis Jones’ personal plaything…and that he can be seen doing that more than once.

  14. Scott

    Bobo’s own words about what he and Richt were thinking as excerpted from ESPN article:

    “We felt confident about what we had called if we could execute it,” Bobo said of the two fourth-down plays, both of which resulted in touchdown passes. “We were either going to get it or keep them pinned down, was Coach’s thinking. We weren’t making field goals and we weren’t covering kicks very well, so that kind of changed our philosophy offensively on what we were calling.”