He’s not like everybody else.

But Tony has a different relationship with the SEC.

—  Seth Emerson, on Tony Barnhart’s (premature) commentary about Missouri joining the SEC.


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  1. Go Dawgs!

    Barnhart’s an institution… er… he’s a tool of the institution, that is.


  2. HVL Dawg

    I don’t really get it.

    Barnhart wrote a column in advance on some news that everyone knows is coming. I’ll beth Seth has already started working on his comments for release after the news breaks. The SEC screwed B by posting early.

    Barnhart wrote his entire column in advance and let the SEC have a copy of it in advance. I know there is some quid pro quo going on here, but has anyone acused the SEC of editing Barnhardt?

    Me thinks other journalists are jealous of Mr College Football.


    • Go Dawgs!

      The issue here is whether it’s ethical for journalist Barnhart to take a tip from the SEC (Mizzou is coming, we’re not ready to report it yet, but when they do, we want comments from you for the story) and just work with them behind the scenes to get ready for the roll out of the story. If Barnhart’s only working PR for the SEC, then it’s perfectly reasonable. But if he’s still an independent journalist, that’s not the way he’s supposed to behave. Like Emerson said in his mailbag, if he’s really a reporter these days he’d get online and tell the world “I’ve got it confirmed from a member of the SEC’s leadership that they’re bringing in Mizzou and it’s just a matter now of timing for the announcement.” Is Barnhart still a reporter or is he now working public relations for the SEC? That’s the matter at hand.


      • ChicagoDawg

        Barnhardt is mouthpiece for Slive and the Conference. Period. He has reduced himself to being a pilot fish. He also needs to back away from the hair dye — dude looks scary on the CBS studio show.


  3. Cojones

    Go Dawgs!- You have your finger and ethics directly on the pulse. Didn’t know you were a sports journalist. If you were a journalist and commentator like Barnhart with the self-tile of “Mr. SEC” and it is unchallenged, wouldn’t you prewrite a column by request that could be released simultaneously or would you wait for them to tip you off that the announcement would be the next day? Either way, I see it as the SEC Office validating Barnheart’s title and not permitting other writers the same access. Would it be ethical to accept the tip and not take the chance that an accidental release could happen? Or would you just prefer to call him Mr. Supercilious?


    • Cojones

      Have noticed that other writers don’t take him on directly. Fear of the unknown connections or professional courtesy? Would think that the pc would go out the window after this slight by Slive and Barnhart (re, the title of this story). Or is the cattiness out of the bag? I think Barnhart proves he is Mr. Supercilious every time he opens his mouth, but can’t help myself from poking the bear(s).


  4. DawgVegas

    Another good musical hat tip there Senator. Did you catch Mr. Davies this week at Center Stage – great show (and he opened with I’m Not Lioke Everyone Else)?

    TB is still capable of good analysis, but he and WD on their radio show (and prior to that) are too cozy with those they cover. It really only bothers me when he gets on a soapbox.


  5. Chadwick

    Tony’s essentially an employee of the ESS EEE CEE. He’s been talking out the side of his neck for the last five years regarding SEC football and how the Home Office wants things spun. He’s certainly not an independent journalist when it comes to the SEC.