Name that caption, Gator schadenfreude edition

You get a two-fer today.

Photo via Kim Klement/US PRESSWIRE

Photo via Kim Klement/US PRESSWIRE

Have at it in the comments.


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83 responses to “Name that caption, Gator schadenfreude edition

  1. BeardDawg

    Muschamp: “Man, Urban is going to be pissed at me.”

  2. citizencrane


  3. ScoutDawg

    I wonder if Mack is still pissed?

  4. See no fat man. Smell no fat man.

  5. simpl_matter

    I can’t believe I can still smell that. WTF was on Charlie’s hand?!?

  6. HahiraDawg

    “lacking the requisite ‘plays on the wristban’, father and son must read the small print on the palms of their hands”

  7. 81Dog

    “If I cover my eyes, maybe I’ll become invisible to Jarvis Jones and Grantham.”

  8. The ATH

    Off-topic, but Senator, have you seen this yet?

    This should be a must-watch for any high school senior on the fence about UGA and – well anywere.

    • Now I understand why many were bent out of shape about a picture of Aaron Murray with a beer can in his hand. It’s so out-of-character for a college kid.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Once again I must be the voice of reason for this blog. Does anyone watching the above video think for one second that the parents of those students would approve of that behavior? This is Exhibit “B” in the case RE: Moving the Georgia-Florida Game. Exhibit “A” is, of course, 4-18.

    • James Stephenson

      At the 2 minute mark, hey who invited grampa.

    • Anon

      We really do have a bunch of douchey students.

      • adam

        I’m a student and sometimes there are some other folks in the student section who make that a pretty terrible experience.

        Like… Someone puking in the stands. Or the two guys smoking cigarettes who wouldn’t stop – even with the other students yelling at them.

        • Chopper Reid

          Hey adam…H.T.F.U.

        • One Who Loves Cigarettes And Beer To Excess


        • The Entire Student Section

          They only smoke cigarettes now? When I was there, the GBI was in the stands at least 4 times a game searching for the weed smell.

          And Adam, time for College 101. That girl puking in the stands? She needs someone to hold her hair. Or was it a guy? Then he certainly doesn’t need the rest of his liquor.

          Bottom line: if you can’t take a party in the stands, Tech is ready when you are.

      • Every school has douchey students.

    • Stephen

      Can no one at UGA shotgun properly? Almost to a person, that was horrible, horrible form. Tilt head, can is vertical… it’s a mini-funnel people, not a pie-eating competition.

    • Spence

      That was the most pathetic shotgunning of a beer I’ve ever seen.

  9. PatinDC

    OK Coach wants the WTF play.

  10. Big Shock

    “After the offense sputters once again, Charlie Weiss takes off his shirt to fire up the boys.”

  11. Just Chuck

    It’s probably not “The Heartbreak of Psoriasis”. Anybody old enough to remember those commercials?

  12. Jojadog

    – SMH
    – WTF

  13. Brandon

    “Sweet Jesus, I should have used preparation H.”

  14. Go Dawgs!

    “Anybody can ‘Tebow’… I’m ‘Muschamping’.”

  15. Mike

    “Damn, I have already lost as many games to UGA as Spurrier lost to them in 12 years, as Meyer lost to them in 6 years and even as many as Zook, (ZOOK!), lost to them in 3!”

    “Well, even Tebow lost one game to the mangy mutts.”

  16. Who’s idea was it to snort cocain before coming out in the 2nd half?

  17. Zero Point Zero

    Dream job my MFN ass, this is a MFN nightmare! That fat MFN C-Bomb Charlie is making me look bad. That crazy MF Meyer can suck my C for leaving me with this Shite.

    Same exact quote for Brantley less the MFN, MF and C-bomb.

  18. BenG

    Oh no! We suck again!

  19. Cousin Eddie

    Will, “I can’t bear to watch John get sacked again.”
    John, “I can’t bear to see me get sacked again.”

  20. Zdawg

    Jarvis Jones silhouette is burned into my eyes!

  21. Puffdawg

    Muschamp – Dammit! I washed my hands THREE times at halftime and they STILL smell like pussy! I gotta quit touching my players!

    Brantley – “That (the Spikes eye gouge) wasn’t right. It was a bad deal. It will forever be in the mind of John Brantley and in the mind of our football team. We’ll handle it (by gouging our own eyes), and it’s going to be a big deal.”

    Bonus Muschamp – “There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home.”

  22. AusDawg85

    Boom F’er: “Charlie Weiss…WTF was I thinking?!”

    Gimpy: “Florida/Meyers…WTF was I thinking?!”

  23. HVL Dawg

    Muschamp- This is so embarassing. Orange and blue are the worst color combinations possible. Why did I come to this crappy school.

    Brantley- I can’t believe that punk from Plant High School is beating me. Why did I go to this crappy school.

  24. Skeeter

    The Standing Tebow

  25. Bryant Denny

    C’mon Dawgs, these are weak.🙂

  26. Charlie's Cooler


    “Is he gone yet?” (referring to Jarvis Jones)


    I can’t believe I hired that fat ****. (referring to Charlie Weis)


    “Oh crap. We’ve got Vanderbilt next week”

  28. D.N. Nation

    Guys, I really don’t know why we are doing a photo caption contest when we’ve got to focus dearly on New Mexico State. This shows a distinct lack of planning on our part.

  29. Spike

    Misery loves company.

  30. Dog in Fla

    Boomer: “You’re only given a little spark of madness. You must never lose it.”

    Brantley: “Jarvis keeps readjusting my “Breathe Right Advanced Nasal Strip”

  31. Z - Dawg

    Muschamp/Brantley : “Jesus”

    Grantham: “You said it man! Nobody F%$#@ with the Jarvis!

  32. Red Blackman

    Sorry, I got nothing.

    Preoccupied with trying to figure out where I’ma watch both games.

    It’s okay, William……..I’m a professional.

  33. Grafton

    Goody’s. BC. Goody’s. BC. Goody’s. BC.

  34. FerrolDawg

    Serenity Now….MF’er.

  35. Phillydawg

    Oh god, Charlie just sh*t in the cooler without lifting the lid again.

  36. Prosticutor

    Dear lord, I wish somebody would just choke me

  37. Section Z alum

    Will: “There goes the jorts endorsement.”

  38. Dawg19

    Florida’s version of “Cover Two”…

  39. Cojones

    “Those bright flashes of light coming from the Georgia players….they are everywhere.”

  40. Damn Good Dawg

    Boom: Holy shit, i can’t remember where eff I put my keys?
    Brantley: What the HELL is that in my pants?

  41. 81Dog

    looks like the MusCHOMP to me.


  42. Comin' Down The Track

    What a weird chant from the crowd. What the heck does “Regression-To-The-Mean!” stand for anyways?

  43. “i hope janorris saved the good shit for after the game.”

  44. stoopnagle

    1. *sigh* motherfucker.

  45. Keese

    Muschamp: what would Ray Goff do?

    Brantley: what would Tebow do?

  46. Dante

    Speaking for Florida Head Coach Will Muschamp is Good Times female lead Florida Evans: “Damn! Damn! Damn!”

  47. Bulldog Joe

    Brantley: “So THIS is what dad was talkin’ about.”