Requiem for a heavyweight

Shorter Actual Bill Connelly“That Florida came close — considering they would have almost been better served by kneeling the ball instead of actually running forward with it — is impressive. Sort of.”


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11 responses to “Requiem for a heavyweight

  1. Spike

    Florida. Beat Vandy or become Vandy.


    • TennesseeDawg

      I’m rooting for Vandy. If Taliban University was playing Florida I’d root for the Taliban.


      • HahiraDawg

        ? is, if Arky beats USCe, will you root for FU vs USCe? I have felt dirty all over just considering the dilemma.


        • 81Dog

          it’s no dilemma at all, really. Do we hate them both? Sure. Is there a direct, immediate and substantial benefit to UGA if a particular one of them loses? Absolutely. Would it be worse for UGA if a particular one of them won? I think that’s clearly a yes.

          It’s not like we have to date the winner. Florida’s out of the race. S Carolina’s not….yet. Ergo, we pull for the Gators. I agree that it will feel a little dirty, but if Florida can hand Spurrier the loss that knocks him out of the running for the East, we’ll all get used to it.


          • Not sure it makes any difference. The Florida team we saw on Saturday isn’t coming out of Columbia with a win.


            • Darrron Rovelll

              I would not be so confident of a USC win. USC’s RB situation is about like ours for NMSU. Connor Shaw is not exactly lighting it up with the “ball plays” and if UT had gotten any servicable QB play last weekend, they could have won that game.

              If Brantley’s ankle is actually getting better and he continues to play, his timing with his receivers should improve. Even with Urban leaving the cupboard bare in Gainesville, UF is more talented offensively than UT.

              I would bank on a UF win if I were the Dawgs, but I would not be surprised if the Gators help us out.


              • Brandon Wilds, whom I teased about a week ago, went for 28/137 against Tennessee. You think any of Georgia’s backs will do the same against NMSU this week?

                Shaw may be mediocre, but I didn’t see a single Florida DB who’s gonna cause Jeffery to break a sweat.


  2. dean

    How bad of a beating would the game have been if not for our poor special teams? We will never know.


  3. SPIKE FACTOR! Doubt any of the boys at EDSBS will do it for the game, but would love to see it