So, Aaron Murray, what are you doing after the game Saturday?

Going to a sports bar would be my guess.

“They’re both on at the same time? Man!” Murray said of the two SEC games. “I’m going somewhere to eat so I can watch both of them. That’s what I’m going to do, making sure both games are on so I can watch both. I definitely want to watch the Alabama-LSU game, but obviously I’ve got to watch the Arkansas-South Carolina game and hope Arkansas can pull it out.”


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  1. 2 TV’s & a splitter, or if you have u-verse, just hook up two TV’s to your gateway. Aaron must not have much experience in the fan arena.

  2. William

    How about you study the game you’re playing in this weekend!! You have a walk-on at RB!! Be concerned with yourself and these plans will make themselves after your victory!!

    • Macallanlover

      What did he say that made you think he wasn’t doing just that? What has he ever said that made you think he doesn’t every week? We can criticize every bad throw, but I haven’t heard a word that AM isn’t well prepared, or doesn’t spend his time getting ready. In fact, not knowing there was a timing conflict puts him well behind the average fan.

      • William

        And you probably wouldn’t hear a word until something bad happened. Then it would be, “well, we got caught up in where we were in the East standings” or “We didn’t really take them seriouslly enough”. Just because you haven’t heard about him not taking this game seriouslly doesn’t mean he is. I am pretty chill on it, honestly. I just don’t want to sit through some really ugly football because the team was trying to decide how they were going to watch other teams, instead of making sure they dominated an inferior opponent. That’s all I am saying.

        • WF Dawg

          “I am pretty chill on it, honestly.”
          Your triad of double exclamation points may beg to differ.

          • William

            Over-kill? Yes. Overly anxious? No. We are playing walk on RBs. I know its NMSU, but still. Your best bet for this game was to get up while getting some meaningful reps in, and getting out without injury. Now, you have to be creative and put players into situations they aren’t normally in. Against an opponent who, while not great, will treat this like their superbowl. And our starting QB (who hasn’t been the sharpest recently) is looking at what his plans are for after the game? If we had lost to UF, would you be as lax on this? My bet is no. Ideally I would love to hear nothing from him and just see flawless enxecution while he tunes up for Aurburn.

        • Cosmic Dawg

          “And you probably wouldn’t hear a word until something bad happened.”
          “Just because you haven’t heard about him not taking this game seriouslly doesn’t mean he is”

          No news = bad news.

          That’s how I knew things were heading south with the RB’s – there was no mention of them doing anything wrong leading up to their suspensions. Also, have you noticed how little we have heard from Godzilla lately? That guy is totally up to something. I’m not paranoid, I’m just saying…

    • Sanford222View

      Chill. He is answering a question from the media. Plus, this is referring to what he will be doing Saturday night after the NM St. game. It would be pretty pointless to study the Aggies at that point.

      • Puffdawg

        Yes, but in the 7 seconds it took him to answer that question, HE COULD HAVE BEEN STUDYING GAME FILM. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • gastr1

      Aaron’s game is 7 hours before the marquee games.

    • D.N. Nation

      How dare Aaron Murray say he was going to watch TV after playing New Mexico State.

    • Bourbon Dawgwalker


    • Orl Dawg

      Hey William, the game he’s playing in this weekend with the walk-on RB kicks off a little after noon. The games he wants to watch kick off Saturday night. So, the game you want him to focus on instead of watching those other two games will already be over. Before you throw shots at AM, why don’t you understand what the heck you’re talking about….moron!!!

    • Go Dawgs!

      Settle down, Francis. If you read the quote, he doesn’t have a plan yet, not that it takes THAT long to figure out what bar or house you’re going to. How long do you think it took him to formulate the thought that he wants to watch both games? I think we’ll be OK without the 10 seconds that it took to answer this question, seeing as how he was dealing with the media anyway and thus unable to study the gameplan during this time. Jesus. Take a freaking pill or something, William.

      Also, scary though: Aaron has to go to class this week and do schoolwork too in order to stay eligible! Holy crap, how in the world is he ever going to get ready for a football game?!

      • Red Blackman

        The right answer would be………..

        “After the game I’m gonna chill wit IC and Boo, smoke a spliff and then chase some bitches downtown. Oh yeah, one more thing, newsman………Awbun sucks and I’m gonna get me some payback, bitches.”

      • Hackerdog

        You obviously don’t understand the amount of preparation it takes to watch a college football game.

        AM has to text his friends to get a list of who’s coming. He has to coordinate schedules to see who’s driving/meeting up where. Then he has to determine which pub in Athens can best accommodate that size group. Then he has to download their menu so he can email that around and get appetizer orders. He also has to spend a few hours optimizing his iPod playlist for pro-Razorback songs.

        I honestly don’t know how he’s going to swing it.

    • W Cobb Dawg

      NMSU isn’t an sec game.

  3. HahiraDawg

    Watch Arky v USCe, as for UA & LSU…its called DVR.

  4. charlottedawg

    Granted a LOT would have to go wrong to lose to NMSU but mistaking a cupcake for a bye week is what causes app state michigan. U can worry about the 7 pm slate from 4-midnight saturday outside of those times you need to focus on nmsu then auburn. there’s still a loooong way to go and as sweet as 6-2 and beating uf is we still most likely need to win out to go to the dome. not to mention you WILL lose to tech AND auburn if you don’t have your shit together. get. to. work.

  5. sUGArdaddy

    You guys really need to relax. It’s actually fun for these guys now, and that’s a good thing. And, not to nitpick, but you do know NMSU has no impact on SEC east standings, right?

  6. KornDawg

    Just be careful, AM, not to say “Wooo pig, sooie”, I’d hate for the Gamecock Nation to consider you “lame.”

  7. RandallPinkFloyd

    Where in his response does it make you think he’s overlooking NMSU? He was asked a question on what he’s doing about after the game and he answered it. These are college kids, they all make plans for what they’re going to do after the game. Get over it. Everything we’ve heard from Richt and Bobo is that he prepares more than any guy they’ve ever had. Pretty high praise from guys who coached David Greene.

  8. Faulkner

    Is the NMSU game on TV or pay per view?

    • BenG

      It’s on CSS, which is great if you happen to have Comcast. As a DirecTV customer, I frickin’ hate it.

      • Faulkner

        I’m on U-verse so looks like a no go for me. What sucks is I won’t even get the replay during the week. I guess I’ll just have to re-watch last weeks game.

      • ScooBoo

        I don’t know what area you are in, but I believe that it’s on ESPN3 and I’m guessing on their Gameday plan or whatever it’s called. Though, I’m sure there are blackout rules in place.

        I’ve had luck on blackout games on justintv . com (?), but there are others.

  9. Bob

    My Lord, give the kid a break. From all accounts few players at UGA have ever worked harder or spent more time preparing for a game than Aaron Murray. He was asked about the Bama-LSU and Arkansas-Carolina game, both of which take place at least 3 hours after we finish. Sheeeesh.

  10. D.N. Nation

    Aaron Murray: “I watched tape of last year’s Florida game, like, three times a day.”

    Aaron Murray: “I plan on watching Arkansas/South Carolina and LSU/Alabama after our game is over. Perhaps while eating food.”

    I mean, are we upset that he goes to class, too? Dates girls? Takes dumps?

    • That’s basically it. I think some people here tend to forget these guys are, you know, college students. God forbid they want to act like college students from time to time and not professional players. Now if we were Auburn, I’d understand that the boosters would like to see a return on their payroll.

      • Puffdawg

        The funny thing is a lot of our fans didn’t like Stafford because they think he didn’t really care about his time at UGA (which I disagree with). But now we have a guy showing some excitement about the SEC East race and he gets dogged for it. Sad.

        • William

          At what point did I dog him? I’m allowed to be a pessimist. Forgive me if I don’t hop on the rose-glasses express. I just worry that maybe AM and a few others aren’t taking this weekend’s game seriouslly. It’s a valid concern. Blasting me over my opinion does nothing to change it. Where as they should blow dorrs this weekend, they could easily win a tight game and get people hurt before a meaningful game.

          • Orl Dawg

            I’m not blasting your opinion; but can you at least understand when the games kick off. You’re wanting him to worry about NMSU insteand of watching those games. Meathead! the Dawgs play at noon and those games are on Saturday night. Your statement makes no sense! If you had said he should be worried about Auburn, I would be ok with that. But you didn’t. Your statement makes it sound like you have no idea when the game kick off.

            • William

              I never said you were blasting my opnion. I said I was being blasted over my opinion (which the Meathead comment seems to back up). I actually do know when all three games mentioned kick off. If we were to win a tight game and got a few key people hurt before Auburn, because the guys didn’t take the game seriouslly how pissed would you be? That’s my point. Whether it’s fair or not, when a player speaks to the media what he says is scrutinized. I will admitt the exclamation points make my concern seem over done. However, I still feel my point is a valid one. How often do you hear about LSU and AL players talking like this? I love Murray, seriouslly. I just would love to see them get up big on this team and rest everyone. Past history leads me to be pessismistic though.

              • Hackerdog

                Since you have stated that you understand the schedule of all three games, your statements now appear that you don’t understand the linearity of time. You are saying that AM watching games that occur AFTER he plays will somehow affect him during the game. That seems ridiculous to most of us.

                Do you think this reverse time effect has any limits? If AM has a heart attack when he is 50, will that also affect his performance this Saturday? Should he go on an aspirin regimen when he is 45 to mitigate the risk of us losing to NMSU?😉

          • D.N. Nation

            I just worry that maybe AM and a few others aren’t taking this weekend’s game seriouslly. It’s a valid concern.

            It also has absolutely nothing to do with Aaron Murray noting that he wants to watch football later in the day, per the original post.

            I’ve got a big project upcoming at work. I also have tonight’s dinner planned. HOW DARE I FOCUS ON DINNER WHEN I’VE GOT THIS PROJECT! See how ridiculous it is?

            Where as they should blow dorrs this weekend, they could easily win a tight game and get people hurt before a meaningful game.

            You’re right. Murray’s going to be out there wondering which out of Bama/LSU or USC/ARK he wants on the biggest screen later in the evening, totally misread the coverage, and loft a pass to a defenseless receiver who’ll have his brains scrambled.

            • King Jericho

              I was laughing so hard that I was almost to the point of weeping into my hands. I don’t know if you caught me at the perfect time or this was actually as good as I made it out to be. Well done either way.

          • Go Dawgs!

            Again, show me where he said anything that makes you think that he’s not getting ready for the game? How does answering a question from a reporter by saying “yes, I’d like to watch both of those football games” mean “I’m spending pretty much every free second worrying about where I’ll be on Saturday night to watch both of those football games to the point where it’s really beginning to affect my preparation for any football games I may be called upon to play on Saturday, I don’t really know, I haven’t looked at Georgia’s schedule to see if we’re playing anyone or not?”

            Take a deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep breath.

            • William

              Honestly, the only reason I’m getting angry at all is the way people have taken to attacking me for having an opinion. I don’t imagine he will be thinking about anything but the game come game time. My only point was I was worried this was indicitive of the thinking during prep time. Far be it from me to question how our team prepares. When things seem to be going great, it’s easier to get distracted. I DO NOT think they will lose to NMSU, far from it. However, I really don’t want this to be a game where they come out flat, screw around and get someone hurt. Can you at least understand where I’m coming from?

          • Hackerdog

            You are correct that our players could get hurt during the NMSU game. They could also get hit by a bus on the way to class. So it would be best for them to skip classes this week. Actually, they could get hurt just leaving their dorm rooms. Let’s see how many bubbles Ron Courson can get shipped to Athens this week.

            I’m all for safety.😉

          • gastr1

            Dogged him, dog. Can I get a Dawg up in here?

    • paul

      He goes to class AND takes dumps? Dude clearly has way too much free time. Where does he think he is? College?

  11. Darrron Rovelll

    Wherever you go Aaron after the game … don’t eat the tuna.

  12. Scoop

    Hopefully, Murray will avoid drinking a beer, with a Georgia Tech student in the bar with an FSU shirt on this time–ha!

  13. Will Trane

    Good deal QB. We all wanted to know your Saturday night plans for watching 3 SEC teams in the East.

    I suggest the Arkansas – Carolina game. Warning. They may show Clowney and Ingram nailing the Arkansas QB, and that could bring back memories of your fumble for a TD. In fact if those two guys get it going alot on Arkansas, the TV crew might slip in a shot of your sack, fumble, TD.

    But if you hurry up and put away the Aggies, you can truck back down to Tallahassee for another party. Either way recommend you carry Bennett , King, McGowan, Conley, Charles, and company…you will need those guys to handle the remote.

  14. Cojones

    Will, you ain’t from ’round here, are you?

  15. Cosmic Dawg

    William, I’m sorry everybody piled onto you, but we’re trying to stay positive, not because of the winning stretch, but because this team DOES seem to play with heart. So saying that they’re backsliding or not caring about competing or caring goes against what we’ve been seeing on the field. We have had our issues this year, but I don’t think grit and desire has been one of them.

    You can make SOME criticism of AM’s play this year, but the kid can’t do much more to convince me he gives a real serious damn about GA football. I much prefer his attitude to stupid Tebow’s bizarro over-emoting and treating footbaw like some weird mythological journey and playing bad sports rock (=fake juice) to pump his idiot team up.

    Also, would AM be a serious competitor if he did NOT give a damn about the other games on Saturday? I’d think he was insane if he wasn’t thinking about the other games…

    I get that you are worried that the team could lose some focus, I am too, but this doesn’t really indicate that to me.

    • William

      Sorry, I’m 5 beers in now. I’ve got thick skin, so no worries. Besides I think Will Traine made me look sane by comparison. I understand your points and thank you for making them while not referring to me as a Meathead or Moron. My Dad was a huge Munson fane……gues some of it wore off when I wasn’t looking. My apologies to the Dawg Nation. Join me for a beer! It’s raining, so you know no one is getting out of here any time soon.🙂

  16. Macallanlover

    Was traveling this PM, sorry I missed all the fun. Two comments:

    1. I have it on good authority that AM was in Tallahassee during the off week on a scouting trip for an expected bowl opponent so everyone backoff that weekend, it was official business.

    2. William, there is no, zero, chance this game can be anything BUT an ugly game. If we play well, executing the Mike Leach, no RB offense, the game will be a blowout so pretty ugly. If we don’t execute some exotic offense well, we could lose/struggle with NM State, now THAT, and the resulting fallout, would be coyote ugly. So count on it, it will be ugly, and it won’t be your fault.

  17. RamTough

    Scouting trip. Have you seen this picture of Murray yet?

  18. That this post has 87 comments now is a sign of some kind. I hope it is a good sign. Anyway…

    Odell (or Slowdell) Collins once hurt his toe on a washer or dryer in the laundry room before a game. Yep. Shit happens.

    I am not taking NMSU seriously. I hope the players are. But, I just want to level with y’all. I am taking them lightly. As such, I am extremely concerned about where I will watch the two prime time games, what I will do with my kids during this time and will I have enough great beers to go the distance. Even though I am looking past NMSU, I still believe we will beat them by a score of 45-10.

    After sweating bullets for 60 minutes in Everbank Field last Saturday, I am adopting an Alfred E. Newman strategy this weekend… “What… me worry?” Join me, it is a nice little vacation from the rigors of an SEC schedule.

  19. hassan

    Natty Light specials at Hooters!