Best “stone, meet glass house” blog post ever

You gotta love Auburn fans.  The complete lack of self-awareness here is almost admirable.


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  1. Spike

    At least they didn’t do any robberies.


  2. The comment about Crowell not being a good student from the school that put out sociology majors like Cadillac Williams, etc., was priceless.


  3. AthensHomerDawg

    “UGA fan is already clamoring to poo poo this story as “nothing to see here, move along”.” Did they just take a shot a the Senator? They are getting a bit outta hand.


  4. H-Town Dawg

    I love the line “You are hearing nothing from Richt on the matter…”

    Really? From Wednesday’s SEC teleconference: “People who make comments who don’t know probably shouldn’t quite frankly because they don’t know,” Richt said. “I’d be able to prove 100 percent that they’re wrong, but I’m not going to spend the time doing that. The bottom line is we have rules and we follow them to the T. We’ve got the utmost integrity in how we go about our business. That’s how we’ve tried to build this program since the day I got here and we’re not going to change for any reason.”


  5. PauldingDawg323

    Auburn people are the least self-aware people you may ever meet. Their motto, “Awwll Eeyun” is perfect evidence of this. They are the Cartman of the SEC.


  6. Bulldog Bry

    He’s right about one thing. If this was another school, wouldn’t we be questioning the timing? And yes, I know there wouldn’t have been a suspension for a first at the Barn.


  7. Nate

    I get that as fans we can be a bit delusional. For instance, I swear I saw someone defend Willie Martinez once. I think. Anyway, given that we tend to see our team in a rosier light than others, that is still a tremendous amount of denial. I mean top to bottom, head in the sand, “Cam Newton didn’t break any laws” denial. As an example, someone in the comments typed this:

    “Really are we surprised? That’s exactly what I expect from Richt and his Dawgs. I HATE Georgia and their criminals. Richt…I’ll keep my mouth shut I’ll just say I hate him!”

    I rest my case. Auburn sucks.


  8. Careful Brad

    Chuck and Chernoff took calls yesterday asking for people’s opinion on Crowell, Oliver was saying “he’s an incident guy”. They were questioning whether he would last at UGA.
    I was tempted to call and say “I think he’ll probably steal a laptop, throw it out a window, transfer to Auburn, and Chuck will talk about what a great person of character he is.”


  9. Stoopnagle

    What is Richt’s record versus Auburn?

    And they want him at Georgia a long time.


  10. PauldingDawg323

    4-1 over the last 5 years.


  11. TennesseeDawg

    Auburn Sucks


  12. Go Dawgs!

    I hope we beat the shit out of them next week. And I hope Crowell goes for 150.


  13. Spence

    I want to beat them this
    year <—- understatement


  14. Dog in Fla

    I expected so much more from Col.Angus

    Maybe it would do him good to come over to Athens this weekend and meet our Mulva.


  15. Doug

    What do you expect from the site that referred to Georgia players as “monkeys” after they were dancing on the sidelines to “Soulja Boy” following the 2007 Blackout game? Track ‘Em Tigers has been a cesspool almost ever since it got started.


    • Well, where one or more AU fans are gathered…

      One school has a pretty public history of disobeying the rules with major violations, probations, under-the-table payments, ineligible players, and is a cow college full of pig fcukers.

      Another school has an overzealous police force that arrests players for scooter violations and for not divulging a middle name. A school whose head coach is upright, moral, and above board on everything according to the vast majority of people who have had any experience with him.

      One of these schools is trying to denigrate the other for allegedly manipulating the timing of punishment so the team would be less harmed by the outcome.

      Does it count as irony if they are not sufficiently self-aware?


      • AthensHomerDawg

        “One school has a pretty public history of disobeying the rules with major violations, probations, under-the-table payments, ineligible players, and is a cow college full of pig fcukers.”

        Poetry. Our comptroller is an Auburn grad. Mind if I share this with him? 😉 Great guy but a bit pious of late. I have managed to piss off all the Florida personnel might as well go full monty!


      • MinnesotaDawg

        +1. Well said.


  16. Hogbody Spradlin

    Well, he did have a couple of sentences in there about how we’d act if the shoe was on the other foot.


  17. Nate Dawg

    “embarassing display of sportsmanship against Vanderbilt”.
    Wow. Sportsmanship talk from a barner. I can see Nick Fairly sitting on his couch in his glass house right now.


    • Hackerdog

      I like the accusations of dirty play against Ben Jones. See, if our player hits your player in retaliation for dirty hits against our QB, then we’re the dirty team. QED


      • Macallanlover

        But if you can understand that kind of twisted logic/rationale, you are truly qualified to be an AubieCane. Their entire fanbase still doesn’t get why everyone around the country is so wrong about them. It’s like a parent watching Junior in the marching band at the parade and can’t believe the rest of the band is out of step.


  18. RC

    Let me guess- Col. Angus is a GA native who got denied admission to UGA and had to run to the waiting arms of AU, thus adding an extra layer to his bitterness.


    • SSB Charley

      Undoubtedly. There’s a reason I call that JUCO the University of Couldn’t Get Into Georgia. Reminds me of my high school classmates in southern Illinois that went to Mizzou because they couldn’t get into Illinois.


    • stoopnagle

      Hey, does UGA have a billboard on I-85 or US 280 on the outskirts of Auburn, AL? Because AU did or does have one on 316 at Hwy 20. Wonder who they are recruiting?


  19. CPJ's fupa...

    All I can say about that tripe is….Damn….just, DAMN!


  20. Bobby Fenton

    Dawg Checklist:

    1) See nothing odd with running backs getting suspended for a game against New Mexico St., a game which is sandwiched in between Florida and Auburn (I had no problem with UGA doing this, btw)

    2) Feign righteous indignation over a Florida player not being charged for involvement in a slap fight amongst drunks

    3) Accuse another school of the pot calling the kettle black

    4) Profit (cause haterz gonna hate)



  21. Spike

    Let’s have a blackout on their ass!!


    • The Lone Stranger

      Let’s get back to traditional butt-whupping in the Red shirts and just put black spots in front of their eyes at every opportunity! Picture the relentless heat J.Jones is set to apply to that Moseley kid. And C.Washington too — it’d be beautiful to uncork him.


  22. stoopnagle

    How can Auburn fans act so butthurt barely removed from a BCS title?


    • adam

      Because everyone knows they cheated to get it. They’re so defensive about it, too. Makes it pretty clear Auburn fans know it as well and just refuse to actually admit it.


  23. Toom

    Wow. Nail on the head, guys. A group of us were talking in Jacksonville about AU and asking the question of ourselves, “Why do we hate Auburn so much?” Conclusion is that most of our rivals at least have some sense of self-identity on both positive and negative fronts. Auburn people (I’ve been around a lot of them and they’re generally nice people until you talk football) simply don’t see themselves anywhere close to how others see them. The inferiority complex and the douchery that comes with it, the institutional cheating, the lax discipline and academics. The only group to whom you could explain that a) this was our own administered testing and b) we have tougher guidelines than you have … and you’d still get a giant, collective blank stare.


  24. Dawgfan Will

    I feel dumber for having read that article and half of its comments. God save us all from self-righteous college football fans.


  25. F. A. Latio

    That Auburn author, Col. Angus, is nothing but a pussy!