Good Dawg degrees of separation story for you… from the 1980 Georgia team to Seinfeld.

Movie and Television Stars, Linden Ashby and Susan Walters, will be participating in parts of the Scott Woerner & “1980 Dawgs”  film event, which will be held this Saturday, before and after the Bulldogs Homecoming Game.

Times: Before Game: 9:30 – 11:30am,  After Game: 4:00 – 6:00.  Location:  The Red Zone, 155 East Clayton Street, Athens, Ga.  *Note:  Currently,   Linden and Susan will be there early in the morning session only…

… Linden and Susan are both huge Bulldog Football fans and were instrumental in the “1980 Dawgs” project.   According to Mike Moss, Executive Producer of “1980 Dawgs”   “Linden and Susan were both very helpful and supportive of  the 1980 Dawgs project .  There advice and insights from their experience in the  film and television industry were invaluable”

UGA Football Legend, Scott Woerner and “1980 Dawgs” Filmmaker, Lenny Daniel, will be talking with fans and signing autographs during the event.  Linden Ashby and Susan Walters will also be available for pictures and autographs early in the morning session only.

You may remember Susan from this show:

Scott Woerner and Mulva.  That’s a tough combination to resist if you’re a Georgia fan.  (By the way, a review of “1980 Dawgs” is in the works.)


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11 responses to “Dolores!

  1. Joe

    Dawg Nazi…No TD for YOU!


  2. JaxDawg

    Just how long can we ride the 1980 horse? To death?


  3. SSB Charley

    Waitaminnit. Are you telling me Johnny Cage is a Dawg fan? Life gets better and better by the day!


    • I’m still hoarse today from the Georgia – Florida game. Linden, aka Johnny Cage, was taunting Brantley with some hilarious stuff. Like most Dawgs, we were yelling our lungs out! Johnny Cage had us all cracking up because his taunts would co-incide with Brantley making bad throws. Still feeling the satisfaction from that glorious day.


  4. Mike Cooley

    And as another interesting bit of Seinfeld/UGA six degrees info, did yall know Newman is a Dawg?


    • Joe

      Yes, and so was the actress who kept kept saying, “Jerry, when are you going to see the babeee? Jerry, you’ve got to see the babeee”

      She lives in Watkinsville.


  5. Joe

    As was the actress who said, “Jerry, you’ve got to see the babeee, Jerry, when are you going to see the babeee?”

    She lives in Watkinsville.