ESPN is messing with my mind.

Seriously, how do you explain the entries on two of these three lists without making drug references?  (Not that Jarvis Jones doesn’t deserve the love, of course.)


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8 responses to “ESPN is messing with my mind.

  1. Rick

    The last couple years Richt was a victim of his own success, and this sort of talk makes me think he is now a benefactor of recent failure. Seems perfectly fair to me, but to my mind ‘coach of the year’ all but sailed with the 0-2 start because that was the meat of the schedule. If we finish out with 10-11 wins, that is ‘average Richt’, which after the last couple of years I will take in a heart beat, but ain’t COTY.

    I’d have to go with Saban, this team actually seems to be a full step ahead of even the great Alabama teams of late, and when you are already at the top any improvement is extraordinarily hard to come by.


  2. TennesseeDawg

    Jones for DPOY and Miles for COY


  3. Will Trane

    I’ll nominate Boise State’s coach. Thouhg his coaching against us was very good.
    Sanford’s would be a second.
    Bama and LSU are talented, deep teams. Could change my mind based on what I see Saban and Miles do in that game. In SEC, and I sure as hell hate to say this, but Franklin at Vandy has changed them…
    Regardless of how we win or lose out…can not nominate CMR…performance of special teams, play of his QB, and continued discipline issues with players. Somewhere and somehow CMR has to start resolving that issue. But his game plan and game management has been good this year compared to past years.


  4. 69Dawg

    Jones is getting the “he went to USC” halo from ESPN because we know how they love them some USC.


  5. Cojones

    Leading the SEC in sacks will get the award any time. Congrats to Jarvis.

    Kinda agree with Rick in that Saban has done a bangup job, unfortunately his popularity poll is behind the grass eater and he doesn’t try to hog the spotlight like Miles sometimes does. Think that the natl team rankings follow the same popularity. Can’t believe the number of interviewed people picking Bama to win vs LSU (2 to 1 is my best guess). These are mostly the same people who vote in the polls. It’s a mystery.