Kent Turene is an ambitious man.

The good news is that Kent Turene has qualified and will enroll in January.

The better news is that he’s not done yet.

“It was tough at first, but it was a learning experience. It has made me better as a player,” Turene said to The Red & Black. “It has made me take everything more seriously, and helped me become more responsible for everything. Also, I’ve been taking steps to become a better person and a better athlete.”

Georgia’s going to have one helluva group at linebacker next season.


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  1. Next’s years group of linebackers may have the best combination of depth and talent that there has ever been in Athens. They are going to be nasty.


  2. fuelk2

    If we can get Swann and/or Love coached up, that defense next year starts to look pretty scary.


  3. Scott

    I don’t pay much attention to recruiting, but I happened to check the rankings yesterday. It doesn’t look like we are doing too good this year. Rivals has us currently at #20 with six SEC teams ahead of us.


    • Sanford222View

      We have a lot spots left to fill though. We aren’t filling the class up as fast this year due to Richt’s “Hot Seat.” There a lot of big names still on UGA’s board. If the Dogs close well down the stretch then you will see that ranking improve greatly.


      • This. I foresee Richt getting a nice little contract extension following the season if the team wins out (regardless of what Sakerlina does). When that happens, the hot seat talk will quiet down, and recruits will put a little faith in Richt being there for their time in Athens.


        • Dawgfan Will

          Seems like we are also holding off on offers longer than we used to. We used to be like Texas: filling up most of our class early so there was little drama on signing day. Our recruiting philosophy seems as though it may have changed.


      • Russ

        The “Dream Team” signed after we went 6-7 and lost to UCF, and Richt’s seat was a lot hotter then.

        I don’t attribute it to Richt’s status. It’s still too early to see what recruiting will be like. We need OL and RB.


        • The Lone Stranger

          I’d wager the Dawgs snag the Keith Marshall kid from NC, and then the OL follows after him.


          • JasonC

            My concern is that a lot of the big targets we have out there, especially in-state are leans to other schools. I agree, other schools are closer to filling their allotment, but I wonder if we still swoop in to snag them at the end. A lot of our recent recruitment talk has been for 2013 and on.


        • Spence

          The Dream Team also committed very late, on the whole.


  4. Jim

    I am liking our defense a lot – would love to see howmit holds up in atlanta against bama or lsu

    Tons of young talent on the roster – hope the staff can coach ’em up. If they dont it isnt due to a lack of talent


  5. AlphaDawg

    Please, Please, Please.

    Lets not make any statement regarding that our LB corp will be our strength next year. Everytime we do this something happens and that particular position group tanks it for the year.


    • jryu

      seriously. at least 2-3 years running.

      LB looks inexperienced and will probably the biggest question mark next year. 🙂


  6. X-Dawg

    Love the comments from Kent! He sounds like a great young man.


  7. JaxDawg

    Our D has the “potential” to be excellent next year (knock on wood).


  8. My comments on Bill King’s Blog which are about the same as mine on this blog are not being shown. The senator’s Blog is now the only one i comment on.
    If Richt can recruit all of the Juniors & RS Sophs. that are on the Dawg’s Defense Now, Next year’s D could indeed be awfsome.


  9. That would be Awesome not Awfsome.


  10. dean

    Just remember, Kent, when you get to Athens JUST SAY NO!!!!

    This is great news for the team and for the young man. Apparently this has worked out for the best for both parties involved.


  11. Keese

    When Georgia has had it’s great defenses in the past, you could always point to one player that raised the water mark and embodied/personified how they played as a group. The style of those players were contagious to others on defense. Georgia has lacked this for some time. I see Jarvis Jones being that guy that just makes everyone around him better. Perfect example of speak softly big stick guy that has a junkyard d mentality.

    Turene figures to be an impact player also


  12. charlottedawg

    Remember when it wasn’t too long ago that aside from rennie no georgia linebacker really did much? my how things have changed. these guys remind me of what rennie would have been like with more height and physical ability and that’s said from someone who was a huge fan of his. they play smart fast and mean. amarlo herrera alone looks like an upperclassman.


    • hailtogeorgia

      The most disappointing thing is that Darryl Gamble is STARTING in San Diego as a rookie. I’m not knocking DG, but I do feel that he had so much more to offer, and his play in San Diego supports that thought. Olivadotti is doing some good work with these guys.


      • adam

        Jancek was absolutely terrible at his job. If anyone doubted that… they’ve been proven wrong by Belin and Olivadotti’a success. Coach Olivadotti is a really, really good LB coach. He lived up to his reputation. It’s a shame his kick coverage unit hasn’t been as good. Maybe he just needs some time and some better players in on kickoffs.


  13. Smitty

    Thats great to hear from Turene. I sure hope we land a big time Tailback given our current situation there. I think Crowell is a helluva talent but I’m afraid he will get a half season suspension before its all said and done one day. I hope I’m wrong but he has little wiggle room and a couple years to go on our squad with the policies we have in place.