Game day thoughts, NMSU edition

I don’t have many.  Georgia should win comfortably, even if it doesn’t cover the spread (New Mexico State has covered the spread in its last five games straight).  And it will be fun to see who makes the most of the opening at tailback this week.

But the key to the day is scoreboard watching.  The Game of the Century has sucked all the oxygen out of the room where two other top ten SEC teams are meeting tonight (and, by the way, both are playing for division leads).

With a little luck, it could be a very fun night to be a Georgia fan.  Keep your fingers crossed.

And with that, I’m off to Athens.


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42 responses to “Game day thoughts, NMSU edition

  1. timphd


  2. JasonC

    I hope the team has their head in the game and not on the games tonight. With a razor thin OL and no RBs and even a pretty thin WR corps plus our usual Keystone Kops on special teams, we could get ourselves into trouble before we know it if we don’t focus.

  3. Lrgk9

    Root Hogs !

  4. King Jericho

    Even the Senator can’t keep his mind on NMSU in his game post! How in the world are our boys suppose to keep focused?! Murray’s going to get someone killed out there!

  5. Skeptic Dawg

    As any longstanding Dawg fans know, today will be an ugly, mighty struggle. Yes, the Dawgs will win, but it will be much closer than most expect. Look for Murray to toss 2+ picks, a fumble, and the defense will look lost at times. Final score 24-13. Final note: Cocks beat the Hogs. Load up the bourbon fellas.

    • Dawg Vent


      Step away from the ledge. I want Mark Richt gone as much as the next guy. But NMSU is a truly, truly horrible team. We’ll win big. And c”mon. No way SC wins. Fire Mark Richt!!!!1!

    • 69Dawg

      You are channeling your inter-Munson, I like that. I expect at least one returned KO for 6 by NMSU since they are quit good at it. We will see if our D can hold up to a throwing team and drum roll, can our OL block a DL that is 40 lbs lighter than we are. The gamblers apparently don’t watch much UGA football to have it at 32 points.

      • Cojones

        Heck, it was at 38. Somebody’s watching.

      • The Lone Stranger

        Here’s to the Dawgs treating this contest as one in which to polish up on special teams play. I contend they ought to get in some work, if only on kickoffs, for Bogotay as otherwise they may not be booting too many field goals. But then with these young pups you never really know.

        Also, the Aggies are in the upper reaches statistically in KO returns, so there is that deficiency to iron out as well.

        NMSU should not stand much of a chance physically, and the plan should be to yank all primary contributors by the 4th quarter.

        I wouldn’t take that +32 gamble.

      • wwright78

        I think that you guys are being a little too “Chicken Little” on this one.

        • Macallanlover

          Those two aren’t Chicken Little, just haters. They are miserable so they try to convert others to their sad existence so all can whine together. Chicken Little is a lot sharper than the two negatrons/Energy Vampires. Pathetic when we are losing, and unable to snap out of it when things go well. I wouldn’t ever want to be that kind of fan: no balance, completely lost touch with reality—then bitter because their chants are being drowned out.

    • wwright78

      Care to revise your speculation?

    • Ausdawg85

      Aaron Murray called and said to suck it.

    • orlandodawg

      49-3 at the half. Great call.

    • NRBQ

      ‘Nother great call, Septic Dawg.

    • gastr1

      You were so ON that. Great call! Hey, how are all the folks over at the Vent doing?

    • OKDawg

      Nice prediction by Skeptic Dawg.

  6. Skeeter

    Here’s to a coming out party for Karempelis, after which everyone can spell his name!

  7. Russ

    Ha! Well, I thought we might struggle for a bit, and I guess we did for the first 7:00 of the game. 🙂

    Oh, and watching the Vandy-FU game and it’s nice to see the league still protecting the Gators. 6:00 left in the game, Vandy driving for a leading TD, and one of the most blantant interference calls was ignored by Penn and his merry band of buggers. FU manages to kill the clock, and then get a cheap TD with a 1:00 left in the game to make the score look respectable.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      When will the rest of the SEC (i.e. everybody except Florida and Bama) wise up and force Slime and his minions to get rid of Wagers? I thought this conference had to do what a majority of its members want.

    • NRBQ



  8. Scott

    Brandon Harton is pretty good at pass protection. It looked like he picked up every bliltz and prevented several sacks.

  9. PatinDC

    UGA Covered.😉

  10. Puffdawg

    I hope William comes back to post because we all know he’s a damn good dawg and had best of intentions when he got bombarded. Seriously, hope we can all move forward and agree while we aren’t there yet, we might can get there. Go Dawgs!

  11. Cojones

    Hi Puffdawg. It was getting lonely on here. Expected to read about 200 posters. The two “NC” teams we saw tonight do indeed put their pants on as we do! We have a shot and on post game ESPN (I know, I swore off them, but…) Pollack was amped as well and I couldn’t believe he and Crier stated the only team that has a possible shot at LSU was the Dawgs, as if we have already beaten Auburn and Kentucky. The team we saw today may do just that.

    As posted on another blog, revenge and SECCG reward are powerful motivators for next weekend. Go you hairy Dawgs!!

    Looks like the detractors have taken flight. Now if some DGDs would come back and admit they are wrong about the coaches and this team, we may get back into recruiting pretty heavy.

    • Charles

      They’ll never confess to being wrong. Ever. Unfortunately, our fan base has a large quotient of delusional assholes who expect infallibility in every aspect of the game, because their lives are testaments to the perfection they’ve come to expect from 18-23 year olds This isn’t about “fun,” or even being fans… but a search for validation. Screw ’em. They can pull for Alabama and call into Finebaum and piss and moan throughout the work week.

      Fact: Mark Richt is the most successful coach in our program’s lengthy tenure (after 100 or so games into his career). He wins (and loses from time to time) with humility. Can’t wait for next weekend, and the week after that… and the week after that.

  12. Cojones

    Did anyone miss the fact that NMSUs offense scored more tds than FUs offense? That ought to flush the Turds. They also tied FUs O for points(13). Mike this was worse than your nightmare last week. And the refs had to hand you the Vandy game. Is FU going to be bowl eligible?

    Skeptic Dawg, have you sent the $10 to Bobo yet or were you just a sorry ass poser on here? If you were here’s hoping the Senator pulls your plug. If not, how about a little proof?

    • Don’t pull Skeptic Dawg’s plug he does a fairly good job of representing a lunatic fringe that I like to be prepared for when encountered in real life.