Who controls their destiny now, sucka?

One too many games with a mediocre offense, ‘Cocks.


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  1. wnc dawg


    • The Lone Stranger

      Loves me some Pig! I always wanted one of those Hog-on-the-Head hats that those Fayetteville folk don.

  2. Grafton

    Take care of Auburn and off to Atlanta we go! GO DAWGS!

  3. WFdawg

    The SC defense wasn’t good either. 2-3 dropped TDs by Arkansas were the only thing keeping it close. Sooie.

  4. Brandon

    Who missed Don Estaban Garcia tonight? I’m thinking Spurrier, he might be regreting not giving bro a 6th chance, shouldn’t have put so much stock in shaw’s big performance against Kentucky, hahaha.

  5. Brian

    that ride of pure luck HAD to run out….

  6. heyberto

    Hard to say whether I want the gators or cocks to win next week. Gators win, and we have breathing room. But I’d love to see the further humiliation of Gainesville’s finest. If we beat Auburn, I won’t really care.

    • Brandon

      I’m going to hold my nose and pull for florida, i’d like to have the breathing room and we want boom to stretch his career out down there as long as possible.

      • heyberto

        I like this rationale.

      • Bad Marinara

        Can’t do it. I would have had a hard time pulling for them if the championship was on the line. Now, there is no way. Love watching their collapse.

        • Brandon

          I didn’t pull for them with a championship on the line, other than my years in Athens and law school I have lived all of my life 45 miles from the Florida line, I hate them as much as anybody but GA needs breathing room, I’d rather not HAVE TO beat Auburn (anybody who feels bad about “backing in” to the championship game needs to be prepared to return our 2005 SEC championship because we backed in that year). Also Muschamp is an incompetent windbag, we need him to coach 3 or 4 years down there at least, if he loses to SC and FSU there’s a good chance they will realize how bad he sucks and can him next year if he doesn’t improve, if he can get them to at least 7-5 I think they rationalize it as Meyer left the cupboard bare, blah, blah, blah and it buys him more time, regardless whether they win or lose now they are playing for the differnce between a third and fourth tier bowl game.

  7. dawgshack

    Pulling for Dawgs (and Gators to cement it) next week! We started the year in the dome and have a chance to redeem ourselves, which is all we could have hoped for.

  8. vincent

    here’s your opportunity guys. Beat Auburn.

  9. Skeeter

    Cocks couldn’t get it up.

    Shame both teams couldn’t have lost, though.

  10. Concerned because the Tigers had an open date. Can’t believe this Gator Hater will pull for UF against USCe. Just Beat Auburn. When was the last time the Dawgs beat the Gators, Vols, & Tigers in the same year ? GATA.

  11. BeardDawg

    Thanks Hawgs, we’ll take it from here!

  12. Dboy

    After watching these games, my enthusiasm has been tempered. If we had played LSU or ALA those would be 2 losses. Maybe Arkansas would have been competitive. As bad as UF has been, I wonder good we would look if our schedule had been a bit tougher. Easily below 500 and CMR out on his arse after the weedeater bowl.

    I get the sense our young team is maturing nicely as the season progresses. Maybe we can make the SEC champ game competitive. That said, gotta beat AU and UK first… Would be a bad time for one of those sleepwalking games.

  13. D.N. Nation

    Richt/Bobo went for the TD when the kicking game went belly-up.

    Saban didn’t.

    Richt/Bobo control their destiny for the SECCG.

    Saban doesn’t.

  14. Dawgfan Will

    Bobby Petrino is still a douchebag for what he did to the Falcons, but as of tonight, I will consider his account settled.

  15. Matt b

    Anyone worried about AU besides me? They won’t exactly lay down. Think the team wants revenge for last year’s b.s.?

    • Biggus Rickus

      Yes, I’m worried. Both teams in that series have spoiled many of the other’s seasons.

    • No One Knows You're a Dawg

      I think it’s going to be a very difficult game and I hope our players have the maturity not to think whipping NMSU means the rest of the season is going to be easy. The post-game show was talking about all the times Auburn has broken Georgia’s heart.

    • You have to be concerned about Auburn but they are not in our heads like the lizards were for all those years until Muschamp got there. We may not beat Auburn, but it won’t be because we are playing with crap in our pants.

      • timphd

        Just wish they weren’t coming off a bye week. Two weeks to prepare for Malzahn is a worry. Of course it wouldn’t take two weeks to realize the D doesn’t cover the wheel route does it?

        • Biggus Rickus

          Apparently nobody covers the wheel route. I saw it work time and again Saturday (though the Arky running back dropped it).

  16. JaxDawg

    Now it’s revenge time for what Fairley, the slope-headed, kuckle-dragging, mouth breathing, silverback did to Murray last year (I still want to see him eating through a straw). Between the “all in family” and their meatstick coach, this becomes hate week #2. If AU isn’t the most detestable school outside of Gainesville, Fl then I don’t know who is.

    • heyberto

      Lol. Meatstick. I love that one. +1

    • The Lone Stranger

      It feels unhealthy, but I think AU has jumped the Gator for me as holding the most-detested tag. They now epitomize a brand of sleaze that I only used to associate with da U

  17. II understand I have always been in a minority on this point but because I’m old enough to remember when we always pimped more talented UF teams I have always hated Auburn more than any of our rivals.Only fight at a game, paint job damaged at a game,the Hoses but mostly I heat them for all the things they think they ain’t.(The best school in Alabama and a decent University)

  18. sorry ……’hate them for all the things they think they are but ain’t” hit post too quick

  19. Spike

    If the Dogs don’t get this done, they have nobody to blame but themselves. GATA!! Blackout Auburn!!

  20. Chopdawg

    What time today does CBS announce the TV sked, for next Saturday?

  21. Looks like 3:30 on CBS is a mortal lock for next Saturday. Most significant game in Sanford Stadium since Alabama 2008.

    • 69Dawg

      Oh crap Aaron will be sky high and throwing it 100 yards. He should be made to run for an hour before the game just to dejuice him.