It’s on!

Georgia-Auburn gets the 3:30 PM slot this Saturday.

Welcome, Verne and Gary.


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  1. Sanford222View

    I am ready to head to Athens now!

    Should be a great weekend. I am playing in a Auburn/Georgia charity golf scramble on Friday in Dacula to kickoff the weekend. I could be happier with the 3:30pm kickoff either. Perfect to me. You get plenty of tailgate time and don’t get back home too late.


  2. UGAfoo

    I can’t wait. Everything is on the line. It doesn’t get much better than this. Revenge, pride, return to glory, a new era of Georgia football.

    • While agree that Sat will be a great day” the new era of Ga football”makes me wonder how long an era is because I think we finished 2nd in the nation in 2008 and that was less than 4 seasons ago….hardly an ERA’ but I am picking nits….. lets just hoss em

      • The Lone Stranger

        Or hose ’em … whatever is most expedient!

      • UGAfoo

        An era with a top ranked defense and domination in the East. Consistently beating UT, UF, and Au.

        • Brandon

          Lest we ever forget, the word “domination” and can never exist without “top ranked defense” in our conference, end of story, anyone who tells you different is full of you know what. Our decline began with Willy replacing Van Gorder and our return has begun with Grantham replacing
          Willy. Does not mean we’ll win Saturday, but if Grantham continues the improvement on defense happy times will return again everybody just needs to be patient, the main problem is solved.

      • Toronto dawg

        I assume you are referring to the final poll of 2007 that was released January of 08. In the actual 2008 season we were blown out by Alabama and Florida and was our only loss to blech under cmr.

  3. SouthGa Dawg

    Comes down to two things:
    1) special teams
    2) stopping Auburn’s run game

    Also, I wonder is Auburn noticed the wheel route being open ALL DAY.

  4. Terry

    Time for payback for last years Awwburn game.

    Any chance of adding a +1 button and Google log in?

  5. AthensHomerDawg

    Wonder if Vegas pays attention to who the refs are for SEC games and adjusts the lines accordingly?

    • The Lone Stranger

      Why, who is working the UGA-Dirty Bankers game?

      • AthensHomerDawg

        NO clue…. but I watched some clips of the Florida/Vandy game and thought Gators got some help at the most opportune moments. Without those no calls Vandy would have won that game.

        • Vindexdawg

          Penn Wagers was handling Florida/Vandy. Let’s hope he follows the Gators to Columbia next Saturday as well. If I NEVER see him at another Georgia game, it’ll be too soon.


      If you watched FL/Vandy, you saw SEC officiating at its normal worst.
      Vandy clearly, clearly, clearly got the hose. Florida mugged Vandy’s recievers to the point that the announcers couldn’t even believe it.
      Something needs to be done. The SEC has the worst, and I believe some dishonest, refs in football… any level.
      Fair calling and Vandy wins that game.

  6. aristoggle

    Forecast models look to be clear and mid-60s. Fabulous! (Don’t hold me to that, I made a C in meteorology … I’m no David Chandley.)

  7. Lrgk9

    Speaking of SEC Refs – Did you see the egregious non-call in the UF-Vandy game? The Vandy WR was clearly pushed in the pack and no flag leaves pocket.

    Penn Wagers crew – nuff said.

    • Russ

      Yep, saw it. I believe FU loses without that call.

      I guess Penn and his merry band of buggers didn’t get the memo that FU isn’t on the “protected” list anymore.

  8. timphd

    All Barn is coming off a bye week. That always makes me nervous. Hope the Dawgs don’t have their collective heads in the clouds after this weekend.

  9. This is going to be a LONG week!

    I wish SC-FU was a night game instead of noon. Somebody remind me: was it Florida or UT that had lost earlier in the day in 2005, such that Georgia knew it only needed to win 1 of 2 vs. AU and UK to clinch the East, and on to be the sacrificial lamb in the SECC vs. the unstoppable LSU Tigers (heh)?

  10. Russ

    Glad it’s the premier game on CBS. However, I’m sad to see that Uncle Verne is slipping more and more. In the WLOCP, he call Aaron Murray “Cox” at least once, and Gary called him “Rogers”. Last night, he called Alabama “Arkansas”. He called and LSU reception and interception until Gary corrected him. He just seems to be stumbling a little more this year. Still, I like to hear him and Gary.


    I need help….I’m leaving for Guatemala (mission work) Saturday morning. I will be completely out of any possible news source on the game,possibly for up to a week. Usually I get to a place with wi-fi by nightfall. If so, I can get an update from Ms. Uglydawg. But wi-fi, like everything else, is unreliable in Central America.
    I can live with missing the game, but not with a loss.
    For those of you so inclined (and I hope that means everyone here), remember me in your prayers. I really cherish prayers….especially from Dawg fans. And please, please, please, Bulldawgs, hunker em’ down one more time!

    • Zdawg

      Go get em UglyDawg. The best of luck.

    • AthensHomerDawg

      It’s about a three and half hour flight from Atlanta. So depending on where you are departing from you may just want to hang out in the airport. A lot of Sodas (small cafe) have sat television you may get a cup of coffee and some dinner. Worst case get a SIM card and just have some one keep you posted. Wish you luck

      If your working in the rural areas below 1500 m take your Primaquine! And don’t drink the water.😉

      • UGLYDAWG

        Thanks for info and good wishes. I go in and out of there prettty often. Always a structured schedule (the only one in Gua!) so I can’t hang around the airport. I’ll get to Mazatenango and start logging on for info.
        Don’t let me down with the score!
        UGA at full strenght and playing with confidence and purpose should equal a win!

  12. Not content to await the Senator’s analysis, I skipped on over to to see how the Dawgs are doing vs. the Senator’s benchmarks. Looking good.

    Also noticed that Aaron Murray now is tops in passer rating in the conference–and awaiting a visit from the 11th rated pass defense in the SEC. Booyah.

  13. Macallanlover

    Iwas hoping for the night slot, but 3:30 is next best alternative. Weather is looking good. We owe the cheaters, hell everyone owes them a beating, and America will be behind us. I hope our players watch that film all week,, including all the low-life scummy ways things are done on the plains. I particularly hope they see a composite right before kickoff and hit the field like a bunch of blood thirsty hounds. This once-decent rival needs to feel the wrath of our players and fans, cheating is dishonest, they should be kicked out of the SEC, then all of CFB,