!#@)^)(#^%$)$&(@* xylophones!

If you didn’t get the chance to see Aron White’s moment of immortality yesterday, here it is.

I wonder if this will become a staple in the Sanford Stadium pregame video rotation.


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18 responses to “!#@)^)(#^%$)$&(@* xylophones!

  1. Boz

    The best part of the play is the Harton block on the NMS DE. Pretty sure he weighs 2x as much as BH.

    • baltimore dawg

      yep. he done good.

      now every sumbitch on our defense ought to be forced to watch that long completion on the wheel route on a loop “a clockwork orange”-style. think malzahn doesn’t know we haven’t defended that in 4+ years?

  2. Mg4life0331

    As always its Bush’s fault.

  3. TennesseeDawg

    I believe the proper nerd term is “Mirimba”

  4. SophoDawg

    I sure hope so! I’m in that shot! haha

  5. everyone’s off topic the simple answer to the Senator’s question is Yes, this should and will be on the video pregame,,,,it was the loudest cheering of the day

    • Cojones

      Loved the double cheer lead by the Dawgs that helped him out of hedges. By the way, late night/this morning only had ESPN giving college sports and the leadin video of White going into the hedges was prefaced by a female “sports analyst” stating “What in the world were those bushes doing there?”. She really knew her college sports traditions. Someone should send her some clippings with the “Getting them Between the Hedges” history. Cheez!!

  6. Just Chuck

    Amazing display of athleticism. I’m talking about extracting Aron from the hedge.

  7. Spike

    Good thing the celebration didn’t get a penalty flag for unsportsmanlike conduct.

    • Cojones

      True, Spike. Gotta tell you your name conjures up memories of yet another Jones who played for the Dawgs in late 60s. Saw Spike Jones kick the longest punt witnessed in Sanford Stadium. He kicked from inside our 5 yd line, the ball achieved a perfect spiral and sailed over the receivers head and was downed as an eighty yd plus punt. It was truly a boomer and traveled over 60 yds in the air. Got us out of trouble and put the opposing team(?) in deep poo. Ah, for the good ole days.