Dawg stat watch, Week 10

Hells yeah, the stat watch is on this week.

Here’s what we’re looking at now:

  1. Hold opponents under 17 points per game.  As a team, Georgia is yielding 19.9 ppg.
  2. Finish at least +8 in turnover margin.  Georgia’s turnover margin is +8.
  3. Average better than 380 yards per game on offense.  Georgia’s offense is averaging 428.8 ypg.
  4. Finish in the top five in total defensive yardage.  Georgia’s defense ranks third in total defense.
  5. Finish in the top three in first downs.  Georgia is second in first downs.
  6. Finish no worse than third in passing yardage.  Georgia is second in passing yardage.
  7. Finish no worse than third in sacks.  Georgia is second in sacks.

Aside from scoring defense (hey, that’s the SEC’s term for it; don’t blame me), the Dawgs are on track.


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39 responses to “Dawg stat watch, Week 10

  1. 10 points to AU, zero to UK and 14 to GT and we are just below 17ppg. Sounds like a great end to the regular season to me.

  2. Joe

    Our scoring Defense would be quite good if not for our Scoring for the other team Offense and Special Teams added in!

    • gastr1

      No doubt. The defense has allowed 14 tds all year–somewhere around 120 points, or 13 ppg. Excluding Boise it’s 10.6 ppg.

  3. Irishdawg

    Explain that to me? How does one charge a defense with giving up points when that defense is not actually on the field? It can’t be that hard to subtract the points that an offense or special teams gives up, right?

    • Go Dawgs!

      Well, it’s handled by the people who run the SEC, so…. there’s your answer.

    • Because upon the receiving team fielding a punt or free kick, or upon the opposing team blocking a punt or FG and recovering the ball, the kicking team is then considered “on defense”. Likewise the return team is considered ‘on defense’ until fielding the kick or recovering a blocked kick. Think about it, the defense isn’t technically ‘on the field’ for opponent FGs either, but those count against scoring D (as do fake punts with 60 yard TDs by defensive linemen, argh).

    • Hogbody Spradlin

      Irish, I don’t think it’s a question of intentionally “charging” the defense with points from fumbles, interceptions, and kick returns. The stat is just a metric to measure how many points per game a team yields; the team, not the defense. Georgia has an anamoly this year for sure.

      A person with a little time and a spreadsheet could compute the stat you seek.

      • Puffdawg

        …and the total points surrendered by a team is the most valid metric, because that’s what counts. Segregating the two what be pointless, because if a team is prone to give up “non defensive” points, it’s well, prone to do so. In other words it doesn’t matter how good your defense is if the other phases give up a ton of points. Either way, the other team gets those points.

    • Skeeter

      Yeah, I wish Grantham could teach some defense to the offense so they could limit the damage from turnovers. Note how the UGA defense switched immediately to offensive blocking on the Rambo pick, allowing him to get so far down the field. When our offense has given up a pick, it looks like everyone freezes, looking around for the whistle while the guy run away.

  4. Boz

    3rd in Total Defense is pretty impressive given who #1 and #2 are…

    • Cojones

      Approx 429 ypg ain’t chicken feed for an SEC team either. Damn Bobo for not being #1! Oh well, the season ain’t over yet. By the way, where are the Mon. morn QBers? Haven’t seen Bobo’s name taken in vain yet. Guess they are late sleepers. Or still trying to find a negative stat to entertain us with.

      • DawgPhan

        seeing a lot less of the posts that start or end with “I sure hope I am wrong” these days.

        must say I am loving the fact that the vocal minority has gone hoarse the last couple of weeks.

        • OKDawg

          Or the always fun ending to the post…

          “I guess I’ll believe it when I see it.”

          What I’ve seen over the last 9 games is a team that continues to improve, playmakers emerging when we have other starters out, and a defense that changes games. And (I hate to say it), Bobo is doing a nice job. Now kick Auburn’s ass!

      • Skeeter

        I blame Bobo for the lack of vitriol against him.

  5. Will Trane

    Go Dawgs. Time to remember last year’s game against the War Eagles. Not about SEC titles or anything. All about beating Auburn.

  6. D.N. Nation

    So is it safe to say that those who worried about Aaron Murray’s focus for the NMSU game were being ridiculous?

  7. I think that the Sacks stat should be reevaluated to include as at least a half sack for knocking a QB out of the game we’ve done it several times this year and might move us up the sacks stat. The required replacement of a QB without a penalty should count as a sack.

    • Buddy-ro

      No, I think we should probably count tackling the quarterback behind the line of scrimmage on a passing play.

      You can make up your own stat for that. Don’t mess mine up, thanks.

  8. Skeptic Dawg

    What these stats fail to show is that the Dawgs have yet to beat anyone with a winning record in SEC play. The closest team would be the Gaytors. Yes, they have not lost since September. And that is nice But what does beating Miss State, Ole Miss and Tennessee really mean? The 2011 Dawgs have yet to prove anything.

    • Puffdawg

      Is this guy fucking serious? I can’t wait until we beat a top ten SEC team with a winning record in conference on the road on rye grass on a September Tuesday ending in the number 3 with tempatures between 72-73 degress wearing white jerseys with slightly overcast conditions on a leap year after Mark Richt’s son’s Bar Mitzvah after Labor Day with a Democrat president and a Republican Congress and peace in the Middle East and zero coaches (because they’ve all been fired) and David Greene and David Pollack running offense and defense, respectively, with 22 five star choir boy walk-on starters majoring in molecular biology who love UGA. Only then will you be satisfued.

    • Right now what it really means is that Georgia is on the cusp of going to the SECCG, something I doubt you expected at the beginning of the season, let alone after the 0-2 start.

    • I wanna Red Cup

      Why don’t you just put on a yellow jersey and piss on yourself.

    • Aaron Murray

      Dear Dumba….er…Skeptic Dawg:

      I threw 5 TD’s…in one quarter. No INT’s. No fumbles. Ran a little too. Won the game, set some records, then went to a sports bar and watched us get into the driver’s seat in the SEC East, and see how we might game plan against LSU if we get the chance. (I even had a beer, but don’t tell anyone, OK?)

      Still not impressed? I suggest you enroll and adopt our sister institution to root for then…F.U. And that don’t stand for the state to our south.

      /scoreboard #winning

      • Skeptic Dawg

        I fail to see why this enrages so many. My post was dead on. The Dawgs do not have a quality win. Yes, they have wins. 7 in a row. They are playing the schedule that was laid out for them. Yet I see no reason to get giddy about beating a handful of garbage teams (a Florida win is always nice, regardless of how bad they are). I expect this team to be prepared from game one all the way to the final game. I don’t know, beat a team inside the top 15 every now and then. Asking too much? We have not see much of either over the past 3-4 years.

        • NRBQ

          UGA lost to a top 3 team. Then gave away a game to the Nutsack.

          They proceeded to beat every team on the schedule to this point. Yet you refuse to recognize any improvement, or hope for the future. They could easily win the East, but you demand more?

          Either pull up your panties and pull for these young Dawgs, or GTFO.

          Thank you, on behalf of all who love this blog.

        • OKDawg

          When you use parentheses to acknowledge a win against Florida, you have already lost your argument with most UGA fans.

          #truth hurts

        • AusDawg85

          First…I think you are just a troll based on the timing and tone of your posts. But offering the benefit of the doubt, let’s clear things up.

          What enrages many of us is your over-the-top criticism anchored only by your inflated ego…”I’m not impressed”. Who gives a S**t what you are impressed with?

          At best, you could at least phrase your “concerns” differently, and maybe some insightful analysis to back-up your point…assuming you really have one. Yep, our wins are against competition that has proven to be as weak, or even weaker, than we anticipated. (See that last word? No news flash here.). Most everyone on this blog agreed that it was less about the number of wins than how we did it this season. So after a horrible start vs. BSU (and some key injuries), giving the USCe game away (literally…even SOS admits as much), this team has won. Won ugly, won convincingly, won with offense and won with defense. Won with key suspensions and injuries. That meets much of the criteria Dawg fans set-out to see at the beginning of the season. We now control our destiny in the East. If successful, then the SECCG. And from there a bowl game.

          Mark Richt has shown he still knows “..what the hell (he’s) doing.”

          Rant all you want, but don’t act surprised after you call-out the team, and key players, and have it thrown back in your face by their performance. We may not beat a top 15 team this year, but the team has improved significantly over last season. It’s enjoyable to watch. Many of us like to share in that joy. Pessimism is a natural part of being a Dawg fan…you routinely go beyond.

  9. charlottedawg

    Even had usc not lost this weekend i would have happily taken a 10-2 7-1 season at the beginning of the year double that considering we started 0-2. in response to skeptic dawg all i have to say is seriously? and i say this as a guy who thought richt needed to go after the colorado game. it’s one thing to worry it’s another thing to not even be able to enjoy your team’s current success. have we had an easy schedule? sure but improvement has been real and i for one would much rather have nice stats and wins against inferior opponents than ugly stats and losses.

    • DawgWalker07

      “i for one would much rather have nice stats and wins against inferior opponents than ugly stats and losses.”

      Apparently you aren’t a real fan. :-\

  10. The SEC is ridiculously bifurcated this year between five teams at the top (two at the very top) and four/five at the bottom, with only two floaters in the middle. That is an unusual circumstance. However, it remains the top football conference in the nation, and if the Dawgs go 7-1 in SEC play (which they’ve only done in 2002 under Richt!), then they are good. Period. You cannot go 7-1 in the SEC and be bad.

    You can be pretty meh and still win the East, but not with a 7-1 record. Tennessee in 07 was 6-2 (and a decent team, but also quite lucky). Carolina was 5-3 last year.

  11. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Xon, I beg to disagree. The SEC is usually exactly like it is this year only the Divisions are switched. During the past 20 years or so the top team in the SEC usually was Florida, UT or Georgia with an occasional appearance by Bama, LSU or Auburn with Arky going to the SECCG and losing once in a while. UT has been replaced by USCe on the East side and the predominate Division has flipped from East to West. That’s all. P.S. I blame oversigning for the flip in dominance from East to West.The West teams started doing it first and Florida and Georgia refuse to do it. The only team in the East really to oversign is USCe, which is how the Old Ball Sack got the ‘Cocks into the top half of the East. However, I do agree that the SEC “remains the top football conference in the nation.”