Long way down

This seems like kind of a waste of resources.

Former ESPN play-by-play announcer Ron Franklin will be the guest speaker at tonight’s New Horizons Credit Union-1st and 10 Club meeting at Heron Lakes Country Club. The meeting begins at 5:30 p.m., with dinner beginning at 6.

Franklin was reunited with former ESPN colleague Mike Gottfried over the weekend to broadcast the Samford-Chattanooga football game. The two men were partners for several seasons as ESPN’s top college football broadcasting team.

If Uncle Ron says he’s really, really sorry and won’t condescend to women again, can he have his old gig back?

And if that doesn’t work, I’d take him in Athens in a heartbeat.


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42 responses to “Long way down

  1. UGAfoo

    I miss Uncle Ron. Nothing like his velvety tones on a Fall Saturday night.

  2. BMan

    “I want to thank the New Horizons Credit Untion 1st and 10 Club for asking me to speak to you tonight, and for all the professionalizm the club secretary, Sugarbritches McKnockers, offered in working to set up this event…”

  3. Go Dawgs!

    Ron Franklin, Voice of the Georgia Bulldogs? Wow… there’s a thought. I do like Scott Howard a lot, though I know he’s got his detractors, but man… I can’t say that wouldn’t be a great broadcast.

    • MT

      Scott is OK; it’s tough to follow a legend. I will say he doesn’t call the game to truly allow the audience to “get the picture.”

      I listened to the entire NM St game and it was fairly painful. You don’t have a clue what sort of alignment, motion or defensive scheme is happening until after the play. I think Scott is great for basketball, but still hasn’t figured out a great way to call football.

      Larry’s calls were supplementary to watching the game on TV or live, truly painting the scene and adding the little details to the game you’d otherwise miss. Scott’s calls almost require live viewing, since you really have no idea what’s going on otherwise with his approach.

      • Russ

        I love Larry more than any announcer out there, but he wasn’t the best at telling you all the facts (including if the player scored). Even without the facts, though, he could still paint a great picture.

        • 69Dawg

          If you are a true Georgia fan then Larry’s voice told you if we scored or not. The fact that he didn’t say Lindsey Scott just scored a TD was not missed by any Dawg fans who heard the call. You knew that he had scored when Munson said his name for the second time. Now if you were but a causal listener you might have been confused but screw it, Munson was calling the Dawgs not performing for a Peabody.

          • Russ

            Thanks for figuring out if I’m a real fan or not.

            I specifically remember listening to the 1980 Tennessee game when we’re losing and we hand the ball to a freshman running back and I heard how he ran over somebody. Great stuff. I later learned he scored.

            Now, in 1978, when Larry yelled “Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!” over the car radio, I figured out that Robinson made the field goal.

            Larry did a good job of marking down, distance and clock when Andy and Poulus were taking us down the field on Thanksgiving evening.

            But then, I’m just a casual fan.

        • Mark

          I remember listening to the Dawgs growing up and loving how Larry painted a picture. But I also remember having to wait till someone said “it’s 2nd and 5” to know for sure how many yards our man got on the carry. He didn’t always give us the facts of the play but he was always creative in how he described things.

          • Macallanlover

            Boy, we really heard those broadcasts differently. I truly “saw” those games through him painting the picture, never lacked for info. Perhaps I was just in tune with his way of describing the action, but man, how many days/nights from Germany, Philadelphia, the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia’s mountains, a rest stop on I-40 near Hickory, etc. etc., did I follow every bit of the action of my beloved Dawgs when I was dependent on Larry to keep me informed.

            I try not to criticize Scott Howard because he has a tough act to follow, but he has to listen to replays and see what he isn’t providing. He isn’t short on his love of the Dawgs, but he isn’t fully communicating to the needy and blind with his playcalls. Essential info, that trumps style in the radio business.

  4. stoopnagle

    Wasn’t Uncle Ron – and Senator, my guess is that like me some of your affection for Ron F. is due to his stint at KPRC with coincided with my formative sports-learning years – the voice of the Texas Longhorns before his ESPN gig?

  5. SCDawg

    Ron was just flat out good at calling a game. He seemed to love the college atmosphere everywhere he went, and he let the games speak for themselves better than announcers are doing right now. College FB announcing is really at a low point right now, although the fact there are a lot of games on TV might be diluting the announcing talent, kind of like expansion did to pitching in baseball.

  6. JaxDawg

    It’s a tremendous waste of resources, and it makes me angry b/c it’s another example of political correctness trumping common sense. Americans need to learn to take a joke, especially the douches at ESPN.

    • Dog in Fla

      WTF is this world coming to when the douches can fire a gentleman like Ron for a hostile work environment kerfuffle?

      “ After a few minutes, she said Franklin joined in the conversation and said, “Listen to me sweet baby, let me tell you something . . . ” with a condescending tone.

      Edwards says she told Franklin not to address her like that. To which Franklin said, according to Edwards: “OK, then listen to me a-hole.”


      • Normaltown Mike

        At least he didn’t try the ole “Did I sit in bubble gum?” trick…

      • Spence

        What’s Marv Alberts up to these days? Seems like he got fired for some sort of sexual misconduct, but I can’t recall the outcome of that.

        • Dog in Fla

          Marv crash-landed at CBS.


          Prior to that, Marv said yes. To everything. He was also hungry and liked fashion. A turn-on for Marv was a rendezvous-gone-wrong. On this list, which is subject to ridicule because it only has Tiger as the #10 scandal, Marv who has been rehabbed checks in at #8:

          “Scandal #8 – Marv Albert
          Albert is a popular sports broadcaster who had a trademark, “Yes!,” to emphasize a score. In 1997, he was accused of sexual assault and became the subject of media headlines when the extent of his sexual life, including crossdressing, came out during a trial. He pleaded guilty to misdemeanor assault and battery for biting a former lover 18 during a rendezvous-gone-wrong. He was forced from lucrative deals with NBC and MSG Network, but was ultimately rehabilitated.”


        • Bulldog Joe

          …or Mike Tirico, or Harold Reynolds, or Sean Salisbury for that matter.

          They pay their price, learn their lesson, and return to work (usually somewhere else).

        • Dog in Fla

          True. Rehab works wonders. For example, as part of Harold Reynold’s penance, he cannot be within 300′ feet of a cleaning woman, a desk or a George Constanza. Therefore, his banishment was to the MLB Network.

  7. JayBird

    Franklin was THE BEST for southern college games. He got it. Musburger and bammer lovin’ Verne, not so much.

  8. HVL Dawg

    “let us guys handle this sugar britches.”

    Hell yeah I want him back on the air.

    Can’t we get him a sports comedy show on cable— Ron. 0 — a la Tosh.0

  9. 9-1-2

    My biggest objection to Scott Howard is that he gives you all the surrounding detail before telling you what happened. Was the pass complete or not? To what yard? How many yards did that run go for? We should hear this information first.

    • Normaltown Mike

      In Saturday’s broadcast, he took so long to relay what happened that I heard in the backgound the in-stadium announcer give the stats sooner than Scott.

      Granted, it was a meaningless play in an otherwise meaningless drive, but c’mon.

      • NRBQ

        He gives the name, weight and home town of the tackler before telling you where the ball is on nearly every play. Maddening if you aren’t watching.

  10. defactodawg

    Ron is one of the best and we would do well to have him in the booth to replace Scott Howard. The difference would be night and day.

    Imagine a play by play man actually capable of calling names and plays as they unfold instead of ‘we’ run it up the middle, ‘they’ recover the fumble, listen to me try to be more Munsonish than Munson, blah, blah, blah

  11. SCOTT HOWARD!!!!! WOOOO!!!!




  12. ESPN takes out the Pirate at Texas Tech and robbed us of great broadcasting by canning Franklin. Ron was like Kieth Jackson’s heir IMO. Football is no place for women anyway – unless they are hot and can be videotaped checking out their own bums in a mirror through a hole drilled in a motel wall.

  13. Bryant Denny

    Heck, I’d pay just to have Uncle Ron come over and talk to me during the games.

  14. Bulldog Joe

    How ’bout we do what the Braves do with their English and Spanish broadcasts?

    One broadcast for the politically correct fans and one broadcast for those who are not? 😉 It’s not like Larry was always politically correct…or for that matter our pregame Athens advertisers like Aaron Bonding, Toppers, or the dozens of bars advertising their drink specials?

    It would be fun to see what kind of advertisers would sign up for each broadcast.

  15. I hope Ron Franklin knows how well thought of he is in the South
    He has that knack of of giving the broadcast that big game feel !

  16. Bright Idea

    With every game on TV worrying about the radio guy is a waste of time. Today’s technology won’t allow the TV and radio broadcast to sync either.

  17. NRBQ

    How’s that work out for guys that work Saturday’s, Mr. Brightness?

    For those that remember when UGA TV coverage was limited to a couple games a year, radio-listening (Munson) beloved tradition.

    We should expect excellence in respect to Larry, if for no other reason.

  18. dawgtrain-2011

    Scott tends to be “short on information”.I wish he would drop with the”give him six”.Franklin is great.

  19. Spike

    Behold political correctness..