Maybe they’d play better if they were still behind.

Here’s Edward Aschoff’s profound thought of the day:

… Auburn is a pretty tricky team and with a week to rest, Georgia will get the Tigers’ best. Plus, you have to think about where this team’s head will be once it finds out what happened with South Carolina. How will this team react if it trots out onto the field and sees that South Carolina has beaten Florida? That absolutely puts Georgia in a must-win situation.

Um… maybe I’m missing something here, but haven’t we just spent the last eight weeks watching how Georgia would react to being put in a must-win situation?


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  1. Joe

    But now we REALLY must win!! LOL

  2. 81Dog

    this is just in keeping with the general media approach to UGA: if we beat someone, they suck. If someone beats us, WE suck. Any game we win can’t be a big game, because we won. Any game we lose is a big game because we lost.

    If we beat AU, it will be because they really arent any good. If they beat us, it’s because WE’RE not any good.

    here’s my dream scenario: we win the East, we beat LSU in the SEC title game, then we beat Boise St in a rematch at the Sugar Bowl. Of course, if that happens, it will just prove Boise was overrated and cant hang with the big boys. If they beat us, it means we suck and they’re the rough equivalent to the 76 Steelers.

    • Merk

      I personally would love nothing more then going to the SEC champ game and beating LSU. Crapping all over everyones parade would be great. Of course everyone would really hate us then. Not only would we stop the SEC streak, but we would prob ensure Boise goes to the NC game by doing that.

    • Fair point. If UGA didn’t give the SCU game away with turnovers, they would be a one-loss team on an eight-game win streak, ranked in the top 8 of the BCS, and everyone would believe they are a good team regardless of how they looked against lesser foes. They would, in effect, be Arkansas (who somehow has a chance to beat LSU in Baton Rouge).

      Instead, the East sucks (it does, but what would Sakerlina be with Lattimore? Would Arky still beat them?), UGA sucks, toothless Sakerlina is going to beat hapless Florida who was good, but now they aren’t since UGA beat them, and UGA doesn’t know how to win, and Auburn is so damn tricky that we go ALL IN (the backdoor with guns). That’s Shorter Actual Aschoff, if you will (with my editorial comments).

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Wrong. If McGarity hadn’t scheduled Boise as the first game of the season when the Dawgs were coming off a 6-7 season and instead had scheduled a cupcake the Dawgs would be 8-1 at worst and ranked 5 or 6 in the BCS poll right now with the SECCG yet to come, assuming that the Dawgs would have lost the South Carolina-UGA game. My take is that if the Dawgs had a tune-up game to work out the kinks instead of being thrown into the deep end right off the bat against Boise, they would have won the South Carolina-UGA game. In that case Georgia currently would be undefeated and ranked 2, 3 or 4 in the BCS poll. Either way the dawgs are right there at the top of the heap with a chance to play in the BCSNC Game with a win in the SECCG. I wrote a post earlier in the year about this and several of you said that I was FOS. The fact is that, once again, a bad decision by a UGA AD had f#cked up the chances for a really outstanding season by the Dawgs. The sad thing is that I really believe that this Dawgs team is getting good enough so that by season’s end we actually could have beaten Boise in a bowl. We’ll never know now, will we? When will we ever learn?

        • I know that Richt used the BSU Game as an incentive to get the “Dream Team”. Other than that I agree completely with everything the Mayor Said.
          The Dawgs may be peaking at the same time & in the same way as that Great 2007 Team did.

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            Yeah 39, and that ’07 team was probably the best team in the country at the end of the season but still got locked out of playing in the BCSNCG.

        • Scott

          Nah. Boise was a wake up call. Anybody look back at the postings prior to that game? They were supposed to be a cupcake; well maybe a small slice of cake. Considering Georgia’s size advantage and perceived talent advantage I thought it was a sure thing too.
          Boise played with discipline and poise. They played like a team. Thats why they beat us. If Georgia had Boise’s level of execution and discipline combined with the talent pool available they would never lose.
          I think the entire bulldog nation has developed a sense of entitlement. We have a large and supportive fan base, a more than generous budget, and virtually unlimited recruiting opportunities. Then some upstart school from Idaho that apparently knows a little about football waltzes in to our home state and pops us one in the mouth. Well maybe that’s just what we needed. An attention getter.
          The team has gotten nothing but better since. I wish we opened with them next year.

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            FWIW I agree that we should have opened with Boise in 2012, which is what CMR wanted. We should have opened with Buffalo this year instead of Boise.

        • Scott W.

          I guess UGA will learn when you are finally happy, which is never.

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            You got it backwards Bubba. I’ll be happy when the UGA Athletic Department quits doing stupid things that undermine the Dawgs chances to win. I thought that was coming to an end when ol’ Red Panties got the ax but apparently not. But you are right about the never–the UGA Administration never seems to learn.

        • Stoopnagle

          That’s not accurate. Georgia can win the east, beat LSU, and rematch Boise in the Sugar.

    • adam

      Plus… if we beat Auburn, they won’t be ranked, so we never beat ranked teams. But if they beat us, they’ll stay ranked… so, we lose to every ranked team we play.

      • Puffdawg

        this. same thing applies to winning records (in conference, or not).

        • Charlie's Cooler

          the same thing applies to winning records?

          well, kind of… you’re right as long as it’s one of the first couple games of the season. however, at this point, there’s enough proof in the pudding and records actually mean something.

          it is significant that we haven’t beaten a ranked team. it’s also significant that teams we’ve beaten generally suck. does that mean we suck? no, it doesn’t. it’s not like we had an option to trade NMSU up for a stronger opponent. i think we’re going to beat a ranked team this weekend (for the first time in quite a while) but i’m not going to lie and say we’ve beaten a lot of good teams during our 8-win streak.

          • adam

            But if we beat Auburn… they won’t be ranked anymore and the folks who are bitching about that will keep right on bitching.

      • Will (The Other One)

        Yep (see also the NATS, who will hopefully lose to VT this week giving them 3 losses before they play us.)

    • stoopnagle

      Honestly, Boise is our biggest fans at this point. Their only real hope is that there are a lot of 1 and 2 loss AQ teams and they are undefeated.

      I’m not counting chickens, though.


      • almightytmc1

        As a Bama fan, i can say Bama has some thing small to gain if Auburn wins. (SOS.) But I dont give a right shit. I hope you guys Bitch slap Auburn into a coma.
        Go Dawgs!!!

    • Puffdawg

      Case in point:

      Emerson puts Boise at #2 AHEAD of #3 Ok State for “throttling” #15 UGA, a more impressive win than Ok State’s victory over K-State, based on his own guidelines. And he then turns around and ranks K-State AHEAD of UGA because of a more impressive slate of victories over unranked teams than Georgia’s slate of victories over unranked teams. He casually leaves out the part about K-State losing a game 58-17 (!!!).

      Other notes: Houston somehow has a more impressive slate of victories than we do. And we lost to #2 and #13 while Wisconsin and Mich St lost to unranked teams, yet they are ahead of us.

      Honestly I don’t really care about all of this as we still control our own destiny to win the SEC the latest in the season since what, 2005? So, we can “fix” this injustice by winning games.

    • Skeeter

      Yes 81Dog! That’s what I been saying but I’ve been too drunk for anyone to understand.

      Obviously this sets up a Boise v. Stanford for National Championship!

    • Go Dawgs!

      The media enjoys blood. They decided two years ago that it was Rich’s turn to be fired. They want to make it so.

  3. Bard Parker

    “Auburn is a pretty tricky team and with a week to rest, Georgia will get the Tigers’ best”

    He’s a poet, and doesn’t know it!!!!

  4. stoopnagle

    Gator Logic.

  5. mwo

    Georgia may get Auburn’s best, but we will have the Doobie Brothers back running the ball. Lay the points and kick their arses. Go Dawgs!

  6. Marty McFly

    Welcome to November 12, 2005.

    • MinnesotaDawg

      The date alone makes me wince. Still have nightmares about that one. Time to exorcise some old demons…six years to the day.

  7. Irishdawg

    You know, I don’t recall all this weak schedule talk from pundits when it was Florida tearing through a few Charleston Southerns a few years ago. Who did that 2006 Gator team impressively beat before throttling Ohio State? Hell, Ohio State routinely cruised through a mediocre Big Ten schedule before everyone crowned them national champions until they got the shit kicked out of them by whatever SEC team they were playing.

    • Dawgwalker07

      Stop your logic. Just stop it.

      • Macallanlover

        Yes, because had he continued on that line he would have exposed the Big 10/11/12 for decades. When you examine the 10 teams that for decades used the Mob Boss Delany’s formula of playing MAC teams, PAC 10 teams, and the eight dwarfs from the conference to produce several OSU/Michigan matchups designed to catapult the winner to play….you guessed it, another PAC 10 team in the Rose Bowl. The sports writers and TV networks cooperated by never challenging the charade.

        All one has to look at is the number of confernece titles claimed by these two schools to realize it demonstrates conclusively how pathetic the Big 10/11/12 has been. It is humorous txo see them brag about the number of championships they hold from that weak conference when it actually proves how shallow that title has been. Remember the the last time OSU and Michigan played the “title elimination” game? The media quickly said there should be a rematch because no one could come close to challenging the mighty Buckeyes, right!

        Another reason why a playoff has long been needed. It doesn’t necessarily prove who is the best (no playoff does), but it does expose the imposters who hide behind weak skirts.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          Everything you said above goes double for the PAC 8, 10, 12 or whatever it is that they are calling themselves this week. Historically most years Southern Cal plays a schedule of conference patsies with OOC games against a couple of San Jose States (remember Oregon has only been good for a short number of years). Their marquee match-up was and is against (gasp!) Notre Dame. Put the Trojans in the SEC West and let’s see how many games they would win.

          • Macallanlover

            Actually USC, especially uinder Petey, did play a decent OOC schedule. I think he realized they could bolster the case by adding another decent OOC besides ND, and probably needed to.

  8. Mark

    I’ve been far more concerned about the other side. How do we respond now that we are in control? Do we relax? Do we press? This team knows how to play from behind. But do we know how to play loose when we control our own destiny?

    • RandallPinkFloyd

      Agree completely, Mark. I honestly think we’d relax too much if we know that USC lost to UF.

  9. Dawgwalker07

    I read that article and thought “What a douche. Who writes ‘We snickered at the East for most of the season, and we still are to an extent'”? The top end of the west is great but the rest of it is fair to bad, the top end of the east is good and the rest is fair to bad. Hardly something to snicker about.

    • orlandodawg

      The guy’s a Gator grad. In his world, if Florida’s down, the East is down. If UF happened to be in our position, he’d be making the case that the East is underrated.

  10. Derek

    All of this makes me wonder what our record is when favored by 12 over a team from alabama who wears orange when holding a half game lead over south Carolina in years where two teams were added to the conference and we played an alumnus in his first year as head coach in years in which we played a team from new Mexico at home when our dc was in his second year and we had a redshirst soph. Qb and a freshman starting tailback and a junior corner with whom he shares a number in the same year we came off a bowl loss to a conf. USA team in a bowl game played in a town where Elvis once lived. Who knows maybe it’s a first.

  11. SAVBOB

    Yeah, Auburn is pretty tricky, but Gratham’s defense aint. They might fall for the occasional trick play, but the rest of the time they are hammering the other team. I look for us to play a very VERY physical game to win the east, and to make them remember this defense!

  12. My point : If LSU, Ala. & Ark. are the only good teams in the SEC; What happened to the SEC? It apparently Is not a very good conference any more. Not with all the very bad teams in it including All that the Dawgs have beaten. Used to be that if you won a conference game you did good. What Changed? Bowl Season is going to be terrible for all of the weak teams in the SEC. you Think?.

  13. Aunt Esther

    That boy Edward’s a fish-eyed fool.

  14. H-Town Dawg

    Who the hell is Edward Asshat Aschoff? Please, somebody tell me he doesn’t get PAID to write stupid chit like that!

    • Captain Sarcasm

      Nope, he hacked into ESPN’s site and posted his story posing as a writer. Even put his picture and bio up there. Here’s your sign.

  15. Penn Wagers

    Commissioner Slive: I am following your orders to communicate over the internet now so there will be no record of telephone numbers to trace. As you said there needs to be no documentation of contact between us. I made sure that Florida won that game with Vanderbilt just like you ordered, sir. Like you said earlier we need the revenue from Florida playing in the Liberty Bowl. I got your text about making sure that LSU beats Georgia in the SEC Championship game. I realize that my crew has been too obvious in the past. I want to assure you that we will follow the new protocol that you have laid down this time and fix the game using no-calls so nobody will be the wiser, just like we did in the Vanderbilt-Florida game. It sure worked like a charm in that one. I’m not really good at this email thing yet and… (what’s that? This isn’t a private email? It’s a FOOTBALL BLOG! It’s a UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA FOOTBALL BLOG! Do you mean that those Georgia guys can READ WHAT I WROTE?!!!!) Er.. Mr. Commissioner…never mind that joke I was playing on you..heh, heh. Funny, huh? I’ll call you next time. Goodbye.

  16. William

    So, assuming we win, on a stage that seems to be getting larger as the days pass, does this then count as a quality win? Even though Auburn is looking rough this year? At the time we played most of the teams on our schedule, they were big games. Why is this one suddenly different? Is it because we are actually as good as we thought we were? Go on, you can say it……you expect UGA to win the game. Which means all those no ones we played earlier in the year must not have been that bad.