Moving on from “Nick Who?”

It sounds like Gabe Wright is bucking to become the designated asshole on Auburn’s defensive line.

… Next week, Auburn visits Athens, which means Wright will meet one of his former high school teammates from Columbus, Ga. Running back Isaiah Crowell could face Wright in Athens, although Crowell is suspended for Georgia’s game against New Mexico State Saturday because of a failed drug test, according to the Associated Press.

A Wright-Crowell showdown would be their first public appearance together since they sat side-by-side on signing day, when one chose Auburn and the other chose Georgia with theatrics.

Crowell upstaged every recruit in America when, instead of putting on a Georgia cap, he pulled out a bulldog puppy.

After the ceremony, the dog disappeared.

“From what I hear,” Wright said, “he just rented it.”


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58 responses to “Moving on from “Nick Who?”

  1. Scott W.

    Gabe who?

  2. TennesseeDawg

    Gabe has a grand total of 4 tackles and 1 lame joke on his stat sheet.

    • Cojones

      You have got to be kidding me! Man, they are lame for poster material. By the way, Auburn’s web sites have characterized UGA’s team as the one that played in our two losses. The fan base seems to have no clue as to what this Dawg team is like. Good!

  3. UGAfoo

    I guess I don’t understand why he is an asshole.

  4. sandfly, ga

    Hmmm. Are we grasping at straws for new motivational bulletin board material? Senator l love the blog but I don’t see why a light-hearted jab at a former schoolmate makes a guy an asshole. Its early in the morning for me and maybe I am missing some sarcasm in your post but otherwise I think our boys have plenty of solid bulletin board material from last year such

    • Don’t really see this as bulletin board material, but it came across to me as more than a light-hearted jab. YMMV, of course.

    • Faulkner

      Highlights of last years game and the cheap shots we took should be all the motivation our guys should need. Oh, and a trip to Atlanta is on the line as well.

  5. Raleigh St. Clair

    Gabe Wright is a complete sack of s***.

    • H-Town Dawg

      Which means he had no trouble fitting in at the Barn.

      • Raleigh St. Clair

        I think that goes without saying, but I’m glad you did it anyway.

        Auburn is a haven for the worst among us. We owe them a beating this year.

  6. RandallPinkFloyd

    I heard Auburn is “just renting” Gabe Wright…

  7. Joe

    Actually, he probably did technically rent it so that the NCAA couldn’t claim that he got extra benefits, thereby making the NCAA the assholes and Gabe as the messenger!

  8. JayBird

    Word is, along with Gabe Wright, all the Auburn d line players will be wearing #90. “People get ready, there’s a train a-coming.” See you soon.

    • Go Dawgs!

      Seems to me there’s plenty of time to get ready, if they’re following #90’s example. He never arrived until after the play was over.

      The fact that even a year later, Auburn fans continue to hold up his performance in the Georgia game as something to be proud of tells you everything that you need to know about the Auburn Family. We’ve had guys play dirty before. I don’t boast about it afterwards.

      • JayBird

        No boast there. I think more people believe Fairley arrived during the play, as evidenced by his 1st team AA status and his Lombardi Award. His late hit on Murray was brutal, uncalled for, and rightfully flagged. The hit to the knee was not. He was going for the QB during the play, and was being blocked by one of your o linemen. I guess he was “after ” another player on the ground when two of your linemen jumped on top of him at that point, which started the whole mess at the end of the game, with two of my idiots throwing punches and almost the entire UGA team running onto the field.

        • Cojones

          Fairley’s and Taylor’s actions were thuggish and I have never used that term until now. They ratcheted the play from a game to a street fight. That kind of play in Athens could incite removal from the game and I don’t mean by officials. It’s dangerous and the fan mentality has a short fuse from that unpunished series of incidents.
          “Between the hedges” has a gang mentality from long ago whereby the opposing gang was kept between the hedges to prevent escape from punishment. You may get a modern day sampling of same this weekend.

        • adam

          I am amazed that some people still believe that Fairley’s hit on Murrsy’s knee was clean.

          Even more amazed that someone still thinks that one of our offensive lineman actually somehow caused Fairley to (quite obviously) dive and put the crown of his helmet into Murray’s knee. He had to dive. The block was moving him (or trying to) the exact opposite direction.

        • Raleigh St. Clair

          Oh look, an Auburn person defending unethical, cheating behavior. How unusual!

        • HamDawg11

          Those 2 plays are only half of the obvious shots @ Murray last year. Lest we forget

          1) the grinding of his helmet into Murray’s chin after a tackle, opening a gash that had to be taped shut the rest of the game and required several stitches afterwards.

          2) after the tackle of Murray following a scramble around the left side, unFairley proceeded to put his knee on the back of Murray’s neck and apply 300+ lbs of pressure before getting off of him.

          …it’s amazing how the Aubies have such a convenient and selective memory.

          • Macallanlover

            This is always the unmentioned point with AubieCanes, because it is so undefensible. They quickly move to a discussion of other plays, or hide behind the number of flags an SEC threw (as if that strengthens their position!). Point #1 is the most obvious play to show what this guy is about because it has nothing to do with what happens within a football play, but after all action had stopped. And it isn’t like UGA had the only complaints about this thug. He should be banned from football, there is no place for a player like that.

    • Raleigh St. Clair

      This post once again highlights just how sorry everyone associated wit Auburn is. Holding up as exemplary that dirty performance is disgusting. But, Auburn is full of marginally educated, inferiority complex ridden rejects, so no one is really all that surprised. Congratulations.

      • Macallanlover

        And your and Go Dawgs comments nail it. We all have aathletes that embarrass us at times, some bring shame, but only Auburn celebrates the worst among us. Can you imagine posters on this blog supporting any former UGA player that had acted like Fairly the Fairy? I can’t, just wouldn’t happen (OK, maybe the worst 2% among us—–the win at all cost crowd.) How screwed up is that for an entire fanbase, staff, and administration to ignore this?

        Kick them the hell out of the SEC, they do not belong in this great sport, and certainly not in a conference that we are a part of. Can’t be affiliated with thugs and cheaters, you get smeared by association. Every since last November, I have never accepted Auburn’s SEC inclusion in any discussion I have had. Muslim clerics should learn from this, if you don’t want to be linked to the cowards and murderers, push them out. Slime should heed this as well.

        • Raleigh St. Clair

          You know what I hate? When Georgia people say things like “Auburn and Georgia are sister universities. They’re so similar.”

          I want to slap those people in the mouth.

          Auburn and Georgia have nothing in common and that is largely because Georgia people have the ability to think critically and reason with other rational human beings.

    • Maybe they should have been doing that all season.😉

  9. I hate Florida in a “why are you so stereotypically Florida, yet still an academic institution” way. I hate Tech in a “nobody calls anybody from Tech boss, because engineers barely have the goods to design a properly functioning interstate system, much less run a damn business” way. I hate Auburn in a “why can’t we build a large moat around the village, trapping everyone in side, and burn the fucker down” way.

    Needless to say, this is my hate week. This is the week where I walk around all day with middle fingers extended in all directions. I will continue to do so until Saturday evening.

    Gabe Wright… maybe you’ll see the field, Saturday. I hear the grass is nice. Perhaps after Ben Jones buries your head in it, you can take the grass clippings lodged in your facemask back to feed your heifers at the cow college.

    • Go Dawgs!

      That’s quality hate, but I think you can do better. Amp it up. Auburn hate’s the best hate there is. Next to maybe Tech hate.

    • tell how you really feel Trey

    • Raleigh St. Clair

      I have room in my heart for 3 Hate Weeks.

      The only one that isn’t a full-blown “Hate Week” is the week of Georgia Tech because it is also Thanksgiving. I generally take the time to give thanks for being born in Georgia, raised in a UGA family, a d having no association with the states of Alabama or Florida.

      Then, shortly after the blessing, I will remember that we play the Trade School on Saturday, and I will smirk because those assholes are next.

      Screw all of them.

  10. The Auburn Guy

    Seems reasonable to assume that they are friends since they were teammates and were together on signing day. Unless you know that the two of them aren’t friends, that’s a big reach, Senator.

  11. Red Clay Hound

    Go read the blog on under the story “Is the friendry rivalry heating up”. That will get your blood boiling. So from what I’m reading, Richt is responsible for the rivalry turning ugly. Farely was just retaliating for our cheap shots earlier in the game, and UGA fans started everything when we tried to get on the field in 1986. Give me a break!!

    • Go Dawgs!

      Fairley drilled Murray in the back in the first half of the freaking game. How freaking early did we supposedly piss him off? He’s a dirty player. His reputation coming in was that he was a dirty player, and he sustained that in the Alabama and Oregon games. Somehow, Ndamakong Suh has overshadowed him in Detroit, but give it time.

      • Scott W.

        He gets gassed so easily it’ll take time for him to even get enough playing time to be considered as dirty as Suh.

      • Cojones

        Let’s get the description correct, Go Dawgs! It was a cowardly helmet spear to the back of a defenseless player after he no longer was a target by the rules of the game. We will never forget.

        • H-Town Dawg

          Saturday’s loss to UGA should mark the beginning of the “Curse of Nick Fairley” for the Barn and the war chickens who strut around in the yard.

          Here’s to the Curse of Nick Fairley haunting the Barn for years to come in the Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry!

    • Raleigh St. Clair

      Again, almost without exception, the entire population of people who associate themselves with Auburn have IQs that are below the national average.

      Interestingly enough, they are almost cult-like in their ability to be intellectually dishonest about their institution’s history and continued pattern of cheating and unethical behavior.

      Auburn is and always has been a renegade institution full of people who were rejected from institutions in the South that can afford to be discriminating in their acceptance policies, namely, the University of Georgia.

      I think we all know people who “chose” to go to Auburn. Generally, it is the people we all snigger about behind their backs.

  12. Comin' Down The Track

    My Mother was 7 1/2 months pregnant with me when she took me to my first game against Auburn on November 16, 1968. It was cold and rainy according to the tale, and the Dawgs won 17-3 at Auburn. Lo these many years, have I despised them… since I was in the womb.
    They have been toting an ass whipping for one year.
    Coincidentally, we have owed them an ass whipping for one year.
    My hate keeps me warm.

    • I attended the 1972 game. This was my first ever away game… in fifth grade. I recall the Auburn people around us cheering a late hit out of bounds on Andy Johnson(or gosh, was it James Ray?) that sent him slamming into a bench deep on the sidelines. Lost that game by a couple of touchdowns. Hated their ass ever since.

      Returned in 1980 for that glorious game in the rain. Man, was it magical. Will never go back as that experience cannot be topped.

      Ugly town, ugly campus, ugly stadium, uglier people.

      Auburn can just go to hell as far as I am concerned.

      Oh, and take Tech with you.

  13. Cojones

    While I don’t share the wrath towards Auburn fans nor the townspeople, the applause of the criminal behavior in last year’s game by their fans leads me to be tolerant of the most venomous aspersions pointed in their direction.

    • Cojones

      By the way, the points have increased to -13 on all betting sites, including 5sites in Covers and Bodog. Think they are reading these blogs in Vegas?

  14. MovieGroup

    This is all I remember!

    • What fresh hell is this?

      This should be required viewing for all UGA fans and players. I’m still mad as hell about that game.

      Fu@k Auburn, Trooper Taylor, and their low-life room-temperature-IQ fans.

  15. Just Chuck

    Not sure I hate Auburn with the same passion I hate Florida and Tennessee but I’m not terribly fond of Auburn either. The one and only real blackout game in Athens is way on up there as a highlight in my football following life. I’m betting we can pull off something similar on Saturday.

  16. UGA09

    I’m failing to see how that’s being an ahole. That is what Crowell said, correct? He rented the dog. I think some people are grasping.

  17. Turd Ferguson

    For the record, I believe Crowell said something today to the effect of: “I never liked Auburn. Point blank, I never liked them.”

    Warming himself back up to the fanbase quickly and easily, I’d say.