Aaron Murray thinks Nick Fairley has a future in massage therapy.

Evidently, that was just a touch-up.

“Actually that one felt good, because I think he readjusted my back,” Murray said. “It was like being at the chiropractor. It kind of felt good. That was probably the most pleasurable one.”

I bet he didn’t say that at the time.


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32 responses to “Aaron Murray thinks Nick Fairley has a future in massage therapy.

  1. Spike

    They should play that on the scoreboard at Sanford stadium on Saturday during warm up and at halftime. What a punk.

  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    Poor Nick. Big bad Aaron was hitting him on top of the helmet with his knees and his back all day long. What cheap shots.

  3. Those were the most dangerous plays Fairley made, but I’d argue they weren’t the dirtiest. That would be the ‘ol “grind your facemask against the QB’s chin while you are laying on top of him” technique.

    The best thing I’ve ever seen about Fairley was that when he announced for the draft someone tweeted that Roger Goddell had immediately and preemptively fined him $50,000.

  4. defacto dawg

    Was that the crew that dis this year’s Vandy game as well. if so, seems like they have a hard time keeping the game in check. Regardless, Fairley is a thug and will get his in the league.

    • Darrron Rovelll

      No he is not getting his in the league because he broke his foot in preseason practice and has played in just 3 games and recorded 1 tackle.

  5. Dog in Fla

    Paging Dr. Jarvis Jones. A series of spinal manipulations and adjustments as a course of treatment is needed on walk-in patient Clint Moseley who was referred to you by John Brantley.

  6. In response to why IC doesn’t like Auburn ,this type play/behavior is why and he needs to be careful because they WILL try to do the same thing to him.

    • Chopper Reid

      They will play dirty–no doubt about that.

      But Crowell needs to be much less brittle if he his going to get up talking ish after every single play.

      Remember Knowshon used to jump up and run back to the huddle…IC’s signature is a helmet bobbing up and down as he jaws at the other team.

      It is super frustrating to watch.

  7. bad m

    I really wish Nicky was still on the team.

    • Chopper Reid

      Any truth to the rumor that he will be on the sidelines Saturday? Hope he doesn’t get too close to the field. If he does I hope we run P-60-Sean Payton to that side.

      Is there a single restaurant in Athens that would serve that piece of trash?

  8. Cojones

    You guys gotta quit postin’ this smack. Every post gets us all amped up and it’s just hump day! Got me going so early that I said “Yes” to the wife for putting up reflector tarps to shield the green house plus put a new cover of clear plastic over without hiring help. Told her I was bustin’ some spleef and wasn’t sure about gettin’ on the ladders. She says “OK” to hiring someone. You guys almost amped me to my doom!

    Caution….GO DAWGS!! Damn. Still ain’t working correctly.

    • bad m

      You are using words, but I have no idea what you just said.
      From “quit postin’ this smack,” which makes NO sense. Not on this blog. To other stuff about a house and other random words. Here’s to hoping you can spleef the green shield with your wife.
      /Except for GO DAWGS!! Which still makes it a good post. Go Dawgs!

      • Cojones

        Sorry bout that. You have to go to “Now that’s an Apology” to connect with my attempt at humor and the last sentence connection. Overall it was about the good spirit on here amping us all up. Tried to tie that into my “Honey Dos” today. Realize that not everyone knows I’m a partially enfeebled 71yr old and a degenerative arthritic knee and hip tell me going up both step and extention ladders is no longer my bag. Got so amped up that I was ready to do it and would have probably fallen in the process. “Spleef” had nothing to do with the tarps used for wind shielding. Just havin’ fun.

      • Chopper Reid


  9. Worst part about all those dirty hits…not one time did one of our OL help AM off the ground. Not one time did one of our OL warn the thug. I wasn’t asking for retaliation, just someone to help their QB out. You know, since the refs weren’t going to do anything about it. Hell, Cam should have been thrown out of the game in the 1st quarter for punching Rambo in the helmet. Wasn’t even a penalty called. There wasn’t a penalty called when the thug ripped into AM’s face mask either. PISSES me off. One of those games where you knew the refs would do anything to preserve an undefeated team at all cost.

    • Keese

      Exactly. I was pretty tick with our OL not giving Aaron a hand up. Orson was the only one. Ben Jones stuck himself in there finally trying to take out Fairley which I was glad to finally see. Refs were unbelievable letting auburn get away with what they were doing

  10. Keese

    Chizick allowed that type of play and Trooper Taylor encouraged it. They are still there. I hope we beat the living shit out of those record setting, armed robbery, piece of shit Fulmer Cup champions and the All In War Illegal cheating assholes

  11. Keese

    Senator I know you have kept yourself pretty moderate commenting about Auburn last year, but I’ve never been more pissed off about an opposing teams player (or team or their fans reaction) any more than while watching that particular game and seeing what was happening in those final minutes with Fairley. I would’ve liked to run out there with Aarons brother and take Fairley out.

    • I don’t think I have ever seen a game with such egregious dirty plays over and over without a flag being thrown. If I am not mistaken, only two personal fouls were called. And only one on the thug( I now refuse to acknowledge his name) Cam and the thug should have been tossed.

  12. W Cobb Dawg

    It appears Gabe Wright would like to repeat last year’s fairley performance. Ben Jones, Gates, Burnette, et. al., need to set him straight about that beginning on our first play!

  13. Richt, Murray, and the rest can say they don’t want “revenge” all they want….BUT, if Coach Richt shows those “highlights” from that dirty game last year, I know more than a few of the Dawgs will be ready to rip some heads off to start the game!

    • Dboy

      Yea, but they will definately call personal fouls on us every time. I would get revenge by beating the sh!t out of them physically and on the scoreboard…rather than retaliate with dirty play and give them free yards.

  14. Cosmic Dawg

    I want to know why our athletic department doesn’t go to war over the bad refs and dirty play. It’s time to say enough is enough. I’ve been mad enough about this game to even think we should threaten to withdraw from the SEC if they can’t apply standards equally to all teams. If this garbage (on the field and off) continues unchecked in this direction, I will lose much of my love for college football. Same reason I don’t like some of the cultures surrounding some other sports and teams – if we’re going to fight, let’s fight, but if we’re telling these kids they’re playing amateur football, by God let’s play amateur football. Last year was some serious bull****.

  15. shane#1

    What a bunch of whiners. Nick was just helping Murray out. Murray’s spine was out of adjustment from the earlier late hit when Nick hit him in the back so he speared him in the front. Try to help a brother out and whaddaya get!