Feel the Lowmentum

Evidently Chris Low doesn’t feel like he’s messed with my mind sufficiently… now he’s got someone from Georgia in the mix for SEC offensive player of the year.


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  1. JaxDawg

    This is a team game, and it all comes down to Auburn University this weekend.

  2. 81Dog

    Hmmm. Murray gets a nod for possible SEC Offensive POY. Jarvis Jones gets a nod for possible SEC Defensive POY. Coach Richt get a nod for possible SEC COY.

    Funny, I dont see Saban or Spurrier or Dan Mullen on that COY list. I guess maybe they’re all on the hot seat. Underachievers, you know. Saban’s only won 1 SEC title in 5 years, maybe it’s time for him to move on. The game seems to have passed him by. Spurrier? He’s living off the 90s at Florida. S Carolina is no closer to being a legit SEC power now than it was under Granny Holtz. The game seems to have passed him by, too. Mullen? Flash in the pan, flavor of the month, can’t get it done.

    wow, this jumping to conclusions can be fun!

  3. RomanDawg

    Talk about LOWered expectations…..Franklin gets a mention at 4-5 for close losses? Maybe Vandy will win the Moral Victory National Championship.

    • Hackerdog

      Vandy was 2-10 last year. Doubling that total through 9 games with a chance to hit 7 wins qualifies as a pretty good job coaching.

      I mean, most of us would be happy with Richt increasing his win total from 6 to 11 in one year, right?

  4. Mayor of Dawgtown

    If the Dawgs win the SEC East (and I think they will) CMR should be SEC Coach of the Year IMHO no matter what happens in the SECCG. If the Dawgs were to win the SECCG CMR should be the National Coach of the Year. This is coming from someone who is not really a CMR supporter.

    • Dog in Fla

      All good points Mayor. Don’t know if I’d go that far but I would go with:

      “If the Dawgs win the SEC East (and I think they will) [me too] CMR should” get a contract extension.

      “If the Dawgs were to win the SECCG CMR should” get a contract extension and a trip to Disney World.

      This is coming from someone who thinks, at least when he’s forced to go there, that there are already too many people at Disney World.

    • Cojones

      Can’t convince me you’re not a CMR supporter. Either you are the most objective person on this blog or you’re schizophrenic and your better person is in charge. Take your pick, Dawg.

    • I agree with you Mayor. This from a CMR supporter who still believes CMR is the best HC the Dawgs have had in my lifetime. Go Figure ?.

  5. Dawg Vent

    Good news: Phil Steele picks Georgia 34-17 this weekend.

    Bad news: He picks USCe 17-16 over UF

    • orlandodawg

      If the good news is correct, there is no bad news.

      • Macallanlover

        Amen. I am overconfident we will not lose to Kentucky at home, even with their new QB. Just roll over the cheaters, I can deal with all the bad news. I saw Steele’s write-up, we hold all the advantages in this match-up, including motivation. We could win this by 17+……but then, that isn’t the way this series is played. Dawgs win, if we don’t just hand it to them. Really wish it was at night so the fans could blow the non-roof off the joint.

      • 81Dog

        if the good news is correct, that is actually better news. Florida loses AGAIN, and Spurrier gets to stew in his own juices over the fact that he’s looking up in the standings at UGA once again. Win win deal, you ask me. Gators suffer, Spurrier suffers, S Carolina fans go back to scheming how to win the 2012 preseason SEC title. If we win and Florida loses this week, I’ll be happier than Steven Garcia on a Jack Daniels distillery tour.

  6. have no fear smith is here

    is Stephen Garcia eligible for P/O/Y award ?

  7. PatinDC

    And AM is just a sophomore. What about that. He is a DGD and deserves any recognition he gets.

  8. For all the folks that like to bitch and complain about Murray padding his stats against inferior competition, I would like to point out the following:

    In the two games this year against ranked opponents (Boise and South Carolina), he’s thrown 6 TDs to 2 INTs, has a passer rating of 157.69 (slightly above his season average of 151.36), is averaging 242 passing yards (slightly above season average of 228.9), and is completing 60.3% of his passes (60% is season average). Those stats are being compiled on 29 passing attempts per game which is just about his season average of 28.3.

    While I acknowledge his mistakes in those two games were very much an important part of the result in each contest, it seems to me he’s playing just as well against the ranked opponents (if not better) as he is against everybody else. But hey, why let facts ruin a fun argument?

  9. Cojones

    Dang, this blog is fun! Smokin’ good! Trying not to have a heart attack until after the game. By the way, my rose colored glasses admit that the Aubies will fight like hell so as not to be embarrassed. If the outcome is not in our favor(God has punished this blasphemer in curious ways) don’t count on this Dawg to read the evisceral blog poison..

  10. From a supporter of the current Dawg Coaching Staff:
    Jarvis Jones S/B the SEC Defensive player of the year, period.
    If the Dawgs beat Auburn, Murray S/B the SEC Offensive Player of the year.
    If the Dawgs beat Auburn, CMR S/B the SEC Coach of the year. Beating the Vols, Gators, & Tigers in the same year would do it for me.
    Finally, to cause some further turmoil, If the Dawgs win out & there is any such award, Bobo S/B the winner of the best SEC Ass’t. Coach of the year. His main competition: Coach Grantham.

    • Cojones

      Why do you get to come up with the best ideas? Problem is, we would stand to lose them both as HCs somewhere. Maybe we can persuade them to be kept. Hope bonuses are built into their contracts. Just the thought that these words penetrate the nervous, negatron Nellies and confirms what we don’t know about football and they can’t do anything about it gives me goosebumps. If they all win, I’m sending a telegram to my ole So Ga buddy, Dr Thomas Lawhorne.

  11. dean

    Well, since nobody else is going to say it I guess I will. This is all Bobo’s damn fault! It’s his damn fault we’ve won seven stinking games in a row and now his QB is being mentioned for SEC POY. Hell what next? Put 45 points on Auburn then a half-a-hundred on Kentucky and another 40 or so points on Tech? Damn it Bobo!!