Now that’s an apology.

Isaiah Crowell expresses remorse for the actions that led to his suspension, which is always a good start.

And then he sticks the finish.

“I never liked Auburn. Point blank, I never liked (them),” he said. “I just never liked Auburn, I don’t know why.”

That’s okay, Isaiah.  You’re not required to have a reason.  All is forgiven.

Bonus quote:

… On a different note, Crowell discussed Saturday’s game against Auburn and comments by his former high school teammate, Auburn freshman defensive tackle Gabe Wright.

“I know he’s been talking, telling the media he knows how to stop me or whatever,” Crowell said. “But we’re just going to have to see.”

Asked if Wright will be able to tackle him, Crowell said: “Nah. Never has, never will.”

Saturday is shaping up to be a fun time.


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64 responses to “Now that’s an apology.

  1. mwo

    That sounds good enough for me. Now go GATA! I share his abhorrence for anything Auburn. I swear, if they played Al Qaeda in football, I would put a picture of Osama Bin Laden in my frontyard. Nothing good ever came from Lee County Alabama.

  2. Game isn’t til Saturday and the kid has already juked Wright out of his jock strap. Damn.

  3. Matt R

    Just remember Nick Fairley guys!. Remember what they did last year! Now, go GATA!

  4. Spike

    Oh, to be nineteen again. As Matt R said. Remember Nick Fairley.

  5. Dawg Vent

    Maybe I’m being overly optimistic, but I feel like this game is Crowell’s breakout game. Where he goes for 180 yards, has multiple touchdowns and gets that signature “long run” for a score.

    And he might walk over and Fire Mark Richt!!!!!!1!

    • Dog in Fla

      What a coincidence. It’s going to be Aaron’s breakout game too.

    • Charles

      The band was exhausted from playing the fight song all day. Poor conditioning = FIRE MARK RICHT!!!!1111!!!11!!

    • Cojones

      Not cautioning about the game, but….GO DAWGS!! Dadgummit! The right hand is competing with the left hand typing. Is my right brain side screwing with left brain side? Caution: Practices are occurring between now and then including big one today. Let’s not get hyped too early because any injury could….GO DAWGS!!

      I’ll get back with yall later.

  6. Hogbody Spradlin

    If anybody from Columbus says they hate Auburn, it’s genuine bigtime hate.

    • NCT

      And duly earned.

      • Go Dawgs!

        I’m from Columbus. And I. Hate. Auburn. I could be on a honeymoon in Maui with Catherine Zeta Jones and if I heard Auburn was on fire, I’d leave her on the shore and fly home just to sit on a hillside with a beer and watch that place burn to the ground.

        • Nate Dawg

          Or Nancy Grace, too, right?

          • Go Dawgs!

            I’m really hoping this Nancy Grace thing doesn’t become a thing on this blog. Ew.

            • Nate Dawg

              Ok, ok…but I woulda gone Salma Hayek…just sayin’…I think she’s got Jones beat.

            • Nancy Grace

              Who are you to be talking about me? I’m on TV with my own show. I am on TV dancing with other celebrities. You’re just some dumbass on a football blog and from what I have been reading you don’t know sheeeit about football. I’m retaining Gloria Allred tomorrow and she’ll be suing you and those other blog yahoos for both dollars that you collectively have, especially that Bluto guy.

        • Comin' Down The Track

          @Go Dawgs! I was born in Columbus and never get tired of the endless Phenix [sic] City jokes. (rolls eyes)
          I would gladly join you in that beer.

          • Cojones

            Jokes? Back when I was young, I remember they had military parades all the time…..oh?… that was Alabama National Guard?….and they weren’t parading? My bad.

        • Cosmic Dawg

          No, no. This is too much. I hope if this ever happens, you will give me a call – I can either help by drinking a beer in your honor and taking a picture of Auburn burning or I can fly to Maui and consummate your marriage with CZJ in your place. But in any event, we should not leave CZJ lonesome in Maui.

  7. timphd

    Love the kids spirit. Hope he can carry it through. Go DAWGS!

  8. TennesseeDawg

    Asked if Wright will be able to tackle him, Crowell said: “Nah. Never has, never will.”
    Another possible Crowell response: “What’s he got, like 4 tackles? Don’t look like he’s been tackling anybody this year.”

  9. HVL Dawg

    Fire one up!

    Uhhh, not you buddy.

  10. JaxDawg

    Columbus is packed full of less-than-intelligent AU grads who failed to get into GA or were too much of a simpleton to attend a college far from home. Most return home, play alot of golf, work about 30 hours a week at Play It Again Sports or as a bank teller at CB&T, and marry a relatively unattractive hometown girl that weights 30 #’s more than she did when attending Hardaway.

    AU people epitomize warped values and misplaced self-confidence.

  11. Bill M

    Jax, your assessment of Columbus Auburn fans is spot on. I literally laughed out. You just described about 20 of my friends

  12. Cojones

    Guess I’ll take him off my Highsman Award list. Seriously, he has hit a harmonious note with the fans with anti Auburn quote. Born again as a Bulldog! I say put him in charge of summer conditioning as the enforcer along with Aaron, Kwame and John. Ray can give the morning benedictions.

  13. charlottedawg

    between crowell, our d, mitchell if he’s back, and murray georgia could absolutely embarass auburn saturday IF they don’t screw around. But if this rivalry has taught us anything it’s that the team with the most to lose has a nasty habit of watching their season goals evaporating in this game. hell, it almost happened last year. Play hard play focused and saturday should be no problem. GATA!

  14. Macallanlover

    I am trying hard to like Crowell as much as I respect his potential, but he needs to talk less and act more. His performance was beginning to show what we had heard from HS, but his conditioning issues and nagging pains kept him from becoming a dominent back that we could depend on every game/drive. Now some of that may be legit injuries that anyone can suffer from, but when you add the voluntary disappearances due to being tired (even early in the game), to the reports of arriving in poor condition, and the obvious lack of commitment to excellence from his recent suspension, there are questions.

    I know this will upset those who feel he is the answer, but from one who hopes he will become the answer, I have to say he isn’t someone I want to hang all my hopes on. He just isn’t there yet, and I am hoping we bring in a RB recruit to challenge him and make him work harder. IC may have been a top 5 RB coming out of HS, but I am not sure he has had the season to back that up.

    I am ecstatic he wants to beat the cheaters from East Alabama, but the RB on the other side of the field has been producing at a higher level on the Plains since he arrived. Show us this weekend you are better than him. Don’t talk about it to the media, prove it. And play the whole game without having to tap out in the middle of a drive. And BTW, stop hanging out with losers that will drag you down to their level…..not only does that get you a suspension, it will cost you millions down the road. Time to step it up, you have the ability to write your name in the record book but you are slow coming out of the gate and it looks to be something you can change if you dedicate yourself.

    • austintwo

      I think he’ll probably finish the season with 1000 yds as a true frosh, which easily meets reasonable expectations. Other than the modest quotes from his interview yesterday – which were far overshadowed in my reading by his sincere expressions of remorse – he hasn’t exactly been a big talker, either.

      It is said that Lattimore came back this year in *much* better shape than he came in for his freshman year – hopefully IC will follow that formula.

      I am being told we have the inside track on Marshall, which would be a great way to push IC and out other incumbents to say the least.

    • Cojones

      Mac, am I the only one who saw Crowell being held back by a lineman during the FU game? He was going after someone. Richt took him out immediately. He talks smack during a game and I really don’t mind so much, but I think we are missing some of the competitive fire he has in his character. I wouldn’t be surprised if that wasn’t behind some of his “outs”. A little rabbit ears mixed in with it as well? Agree that he has taken himself out in some instances, but don’t think they all can be characterized as not in shape by a long shot. Some also could be chalked up to disciplinary calls by Richt.

      I know you weren’t dissing him, but perhaps he is overcharacterized as lazy and not in shape. Have to think the hard bursts of energy going thru the line have to be tempered with timeouts to keep up that level of speed and adrenaline. He ain’t no Herschel, but what the hell, no one is.

      • Macallanlover

        True, and you are right, I am all for him. I just have this instinct that he isn’t “all in” and I hate to see anyone leave opportunity on the table. As the old Army saying went, “be all that you can be”. It isn’t, as austin2 points out, that he is a bust, not even closse. But when you look at top freshmen RBs over the past decade, didn’t you expect a Top 2-3 rated RB to be a little ahead of this?

        I have felt this all along but the suspension pushed me over the edge I guess. Drugs are for losers, period. Excusing and rationalizing drug use is a huge problem in this country. I feel IC needs to understand this, and take the advice to stay away seriously….immediately. Selfishly, that is because I want him to help UGA become a top contender in the SEC. But for his part, selfishly, he had better do this or spend the rest of his life wishing for what could have been. Fair to say I could be taking too much out of his first several months on campus, also fair to say I am a hardliner. It’s what I am, what I do, no regrets for me. I am not being negative about him, I sincerely want him to maximize his potential.

        • Drugs are for losers, period.

          Certain amount of irony here, given your moniker.

          • HVL Dawg


          • Macallanlover

            That is a rather broad interpretation there, Senator. Obviously, we will have to agree to disagree if that is where you draw the line. And, I use it responsibly…..and legally. No irony from my position, not that a student couldn’t argue that for months/years (whatever period it took for them to grow up from life’s experiences.)

            • adam

              You may be shocked at the large number of people who smoke that one particular drug who are wildly successful.

              Michael Phelps is a great example. It’s less harmful that tobacco and significantly less dangerous than alcohol. It is illegal, but the laws that make it so are antiquated and ineffective. In fact, there’s probably a stronger argument for why it should be legal than why alcohol is legal (though, admittedly, many of the reasons would be the same).

            • marijuana is not a drug its a plant. I’ve defended 10 times more people charged with crimes who were drunk than ones who were stoned. It’ll be much cheaper than12 year old scotch legalize it

              • Cojones

                Some of us have sought to have THC(active ingredient) isolated and used for treatment of cancer and glaucoma. My interest came from reading British medical journals in the late 70s where it was in print as used medically. My career has been in the pharmaceutical business and I proposed the isolation and implementation into pill form for such uses. Merck hit the market with the pill later. It did not work the same as when inhaled so it ended as a big loss for Merck.

                Advance 7yrs and I was diagnosed with glaucoma, the worst kind. . Qualified for legal blindness 6 yrs ago(just barely). From my scientific and medical viewpoint(excuse the pun) it is efficatious. I use it when I can get it from friends who don’t grow it for profit. I’ve had Ophthalmologists follow my case on the qt from Ca to the East Coast. It should be legalized, period. More education in the future will help that to happen. I understand the need for my law enforcement friends to pursue it’s illegal growth and use.

                I have a computer that talks and can read these blogs. Stress causes the greatest part of eyesight deterioration and I try to use humor in everything. It explains why my attempts at blogging are clumsy attempts at humor. But you have no idea how funny this blog is when a bland robotic voice reads it back. Wish you all could hear.

                Senator, my profound apologies for a short thread hijacking and your patience has shown no bounds for my antics on here. I will strive to the utmost not to do it again. Unless, of course, someone brings up the Fing Scooters. Or you pull the pl…….

                • Macallanlover

                  Surprisingly for a conservative, old fart like me, I have supported the legalization of marijuana for decades…primarily to diferentiate it from other substances. I don’t use it myself, and probably did no more than 3 times in my earlier years, but as long as it is illegal I will oppose it’s use.

                  Sorry to hear of your problems with sight, that is truly one of the blessings of life. You are a great Dawg, and frankly, you seem to see things much better than others who have perfect vision. Let’s have a great weekend!

                  • adam

                    This is a pretty reasonable post.
                    I do think that “as long as it is illegal I will oppose its use” paired with a logical, reasonable view of the marijuana sounds like cognitive dissonance. Though, you may just think it should be legalized so that it’s not considered the same as meth, cocaine, heroin, etc. That’s understandable as well.


                    Some laws are just stupid and “they’re still laws” is a frustratingly common response. I’m not trying to put words in your mouth, mind you. I just hate that argument and hear it far too often. It’s illogical.

                    Again, not trying to attack you. I wish more people could discuss things as reasonably as you have.

                    • Macallanlover

                      Actually, one of the reasons I support legalization is to put it into a position of control by legit manufacturers/retailers….like tobacco and alcohol. Sending buyers to the same thugs who sell cocaine, heroin, meth, etc. to buy marijuana is just scary. Anything could be spiked into products by people like this, and we are essentially acting like they are all in the same category. Another reason is, like alcohol was in prohibition, the product can be produced easily, and the public has no respect for the law. Legalize it, tax it, and control it. By doing so, you undermine the bad guys.

                      I don’t see how you view my position as illogical. You work to change bad laws, but you obey them until they cross a certain line that makes it intolerable. After trying to change things through channels, you have to decide if you want to protest that enough to go to jail, or overthrow the authorities. I am pretty close to that point in this country, but on much bigger issues than a different way to get high. Everyone has to make a choice.

              • Mayor of Dawgtown

                Ah, but not nearly as tasty.

  15. TCD

    Isaiah likes to drive his truck. And Auburn sucks

  16. allen searson

    What is the over/under on how many more games Ike will play for the Dawgs?

  17. Frank Caneda Jr

    This maybe too old but has anyone seen the bumper sticker that says
    “My Daughter Go to Auburn”

    • shane#1

      What do you get when you cross an Auburn man with a Gorilla? A hairy county agent.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Auburn decided to award Cam Newton an honorary degree at halftime of the homecoming game. The President of Auburn said to Cam, “First you have to pass a test, though.” The crowd groaned fearing the worst. The Auburn President then said, “Spell ‘CAT’.” Cam Newton replied, “C-A-T.” Then the whole crowd started yelling, “Give him another chance!!!”

  18. Mike

    Too bad Jenoris Jenkins could not muster that good an apology!

    • Cojones

      Last time I heard, he couldn’t talk right.

      By the way, K2 (“synthetic pot”) has been reported as the causal agent of at least 3 teenager’s heart attacks. Can you believe it originated from a Clempson lab?