What have you done for me lately?

Here’s what Jerry Hinnen, a level-headed, part-time Auburn blogger has to say about Clint Moseley, who will be making his third career start this Saturday:

AUBURN WILL WIN IF: Clint Moseley’s performance against Ole Miss wasn’t a mirage. Against the Rebels the redshirt sophomore hit 12-of-15 for better than 10 yards an attempt, four touchdowns, and no interceptions. It looked like a breakout game for a player still making just his second-ever start, but after watching the Rebels give up 30 points to Kentucky’s dead-offense-walking, it’s fair to ask if Moseley’s numbers weren’t a product of Moseley as much as an Ole Miss defense that’s throwing in the towel. We’ll find out for certain against Georgia: the Dawgs are sixth in the country in opposing QB rating and have held their six SEC opponents to a collective 44 percent completion rate and a 4-to-9 TD-to-INT ratio. If Moseley can hold his own on the road against that kind of secondary, Auburn will have found themselves a quarterback–and the same running game that took adavantage of his precision to roll up 254 yards vs. the Rebels could find space to dominate again.

Now Jerry manages to gloss over Moseley’s performance against a secondary that’s more akin to Georgia’s than Ole Miss’ is – his passer rating in the Auburn-LSU game was a less than stellar 110.90 – but overall, it’s an assessment that’s not crazy, even if it borders on the generous side for someone whose college career lacks the sample size upon which to make confident judgments.

Meanwhile, on the other side, there’s Aaron Murray, with a 2011 resume

For a more practical view, examine Murray’s season statistics. His 23 passing touchdowns is one shy of last year’s total and has him tied for 11th among FBS quarterbacks with eight of the nine quarterbacks in front of him by five or fewer touchdowns. It’s the best tally in the SEC, and his 228.9 passing yards per game trails only Arkansas’ Tyler Wilson in the conference.

… that doesn’t satisfy a lot of people.  Think I’m kidding?  Ask Orson Charles:

“I feel like it takes a tremendous leader and warrior to bounce back from everybody saying he’s throwing too many picks or that he needs to be benched and all this and all that, just being negative,” Charles said.

Murray, by the way, has managed to throw 8 more touchdowns than Wilson in 61 less attempts, with a far less acclaimed receiving corps, to boot.  Sure, he’s been far from perfect, but he’s been effective over the seven-game win streak.

So, I’m curious here.  This isn’t meant as snark:  those of you who are sincere Murray detractors, would a win Saturday make any difference in your mind about him, or does Georgia need to get Hutson Mason in the mix more no matter what?


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  1. TennesseeDawg

    As long as we win, I don’t give a shit who the QB is.

  2. Rick

    I think the TDs are a bit of a red herring. They are infrequent enough that at this point in the season they can be influenced significantly by luck (not to mention racking up 5 against an FCS defense and yes, I know NMU is FBS, but their pass defense was not).

    That said, I do think TDs are weighted appropriately in Passer Efficiency rating, so I do not begrudge Murray his conference leading rating. Suggestions of putting in Mason are silly, unless we are convinced that Mason is the second coming of David Greene (or, for that matter, the second coming of Aaron Murray). He may well be, but I certainly wouldn’t bet anything on it, and the marginal improvement that would represent over Murray does not seem remotely worth the risk.

    • They are infrequent enough that at this point in the season they can be influenced significantly by luck (not to mention racking up 5 against an FCS defense and yes, I know NMU is FBS, but their pass defense was not).

      Is there a leading QB in the country (or the SEC) who hasn’t faced a crappy secondary or two this season?

      I think your objection evens out in the wash.

      • Rick

        Normally, I would agree, but did that not seem like some out and out stat padding in the second quarter? How many running plays did we execute on those drives total? I bet I could count them on one hand. Greene, Cox, Shockley and Stafford had 5 TD games, but I believe they were all against very good teams because we needed the offense. Very un-Richt like.

        • Didn’t strike me as stat padding as much as Richt wanting to make sure he could get his starters out of the game for the second half.

          And it worked.😉

          • Rick

            Can’t really argue with that.

          • hailtogeorgia

            To me, it was more executing plays as you would in a tight situation. For instance, against a solid team in a close game, after a pick six, you don’t run the ball up the middle, you go for the jugular with a throw to the endzone. After Rambo’s nice pick close to the end of the half, that’s exactly what we did, and it worked.

            That’s the thing that frustrates me about the detractors here. Bobo treated the game like a live scrimmage where he could put pressure on his offense to perform in certain situations as he would expect them to against SEC competition. I think it’s a great idea.

          • Rick

            Man, I am catching a lot of grief here.

            For the record, there aren’t much bigger Murray supporters than I. I just tend to think that self-delusion is setting in when we focus on a stat like TDs thrown, because it just isn’t a very reliable measure. Two points to illustrate this: (1) Murray also leads the league in interceptions and (2) Joe Cox is the dawgs all time leader in passing TDs for a season (and also had quite a few picks). This is why measures like passer efficiency exist which. Even these measures are pretty flawed, but any linear combination of the most relevant stats is preferable to finding the most impressive one and evaluating it in a vaccuum. And again, Murray leads by this measure, so bravo Murray. Sheesh!

        • fetch

          When you are running 1 and 2 play drives, how many runs could you have?

          • I seem to remember seeing that (before NMST) UGA had the most TD drives in the nation under 2 mins at 21. We must have had 6 more on Saturday. Can’t seem to find a Div1 breakdown anywhere tho.

        • Cojones

          Yeah, I’m sure we had an actuary on the sidelines compiling that. Padding? In the second qtr? Are you kidding me or just pulling our collective dicks? He didn’t play half the game and you are proposing to overlook his performance and rating? And there’s a problem because we ran more in the second half? The first letter of your name should be a “D”!

          Better get with the action,little”D”. I’ve already got WHUP ASS printed on my rose-colored glasses.

        • X-Dawg

          Figgins dropped a sure fire receiving TD in Jax, to then have RSIV bail us out with a rushing TD. Things tend to even out. Not sure why we have so many fans try to find something wrong with our team/players/coaches – even with things that are positive.

        • Darrron Rovelll

          We were passing because our personnel situation dictated that we pass? Did you forget that we were using our 3rd string TB? We were passing the ball because our most talented offensive player last week was the QB.

          • BMan

            Mire like 5th string TB: Crowell, RS-IV, Thomas, Boo (puff, cough) being one through four.

            I suspect Harton is 3rd string this week though.

  3. Murray is throwing so many TD’s this season that you could take away his two best games, NMSU and Coastal Carolina, and he would still be tied for the SEC lead in TD’s with Tyler Wilson. Could be be a bit more consistent overall and has missed a few deep balls to open receivers. He struggled against UF but in the biggest spots when he had to make a throw he put the ball where he had to. Nothing against Mason but Murray has earned his spot.

    • jryu

      and also keep in mind arkansas has played 3 cupcakes in missouri state, new mexico, and troy this season vs the 2 we’ve played. but they’ve also played bama so there’s that..

    • JLK1

      Despite being a passing team Arkansas tends to run it in a lot in short yardage. Arkansas has more rushing TDs than UGA in SEC games, whereas UGA has more passing TDs.

  4. BCDawg97

    Insert obligatory “it would one of his few wins against a ranked team/winning record” argument…

  5. JasonC

    If Mosely can figure out how to throw the wheel route to McCalebb and Dyer does anything similar to what Lattimore did, we could have a big challenge on our hands.

    • BCDawg97

      Dumb question. Why do we fall for the wheel route? Isn’t there always an LB with RB responsibilities? Or is it a matter of the RB just beating the LB in coverage?

      • Cojones

        It’s more someone going after the QB’s butt and he gets good protection for the play. You always roll the dice on that play, but Jarvis seems to pull off the sack before the QB can react. If you are blaming any completion on the D, how the hell can you enjoy any game? Of course they are going to make plays against us and the wheel route is just one of them. The few times we have “fallen for it” while not making an offsetting play this year does not constitute a breakdown like last year and the year before.

        Time for a timeout so that you can reflect on how many times that works for all D-1 teams. Try Ala-LSU to begin with. How do you rate their Ds? Now rate ours right along beside them. Can’t believe someone knows less about college football than me, but that old detractors saw has been covered. It worked in the NM St game against the third and fourth D units. It works sometimes early in the game against the first unit, but we aren’t going to worry about every play call that could work for the other team, are we? Why don’t you propose that question to Grantham? Cheez!

        • austintwo

          I’ve noticed you specialize here in making unwarranted attack posts on people you don’t know. Is something not working in your life?

          Feel better.

          • AthensHomerDawg

            Good Morning, autstintwo…..AHD here.
            Nah, I doubt anythings up with Cojones. He posts here a lot and is just on the opposite side of the the DownerDogs and Richtophobes. He is fairly rational most of the time and post some funny stuff. He just has some ways about him that may take awhile to get use to.😉
            no biggie!

        • BCDawg97

          Wow…. Calm down and take a timeout yourself. Just asked a basic question about football 101. I wasn’t trying to attack the D who has played lights out. Though the wheel is one particular play that seems to burn us a bit more than the rest.

          Thanks for the wonderfully insightful commentary. Btw, I enjoy the games plenty.

  6. Krautdawg

    To me, Murray’s not just a passer; he’s an offensive wrinkle. We’ve got multiple designed QB keepers that use Murray’s legs when the defense drops into coverage. Those same legs have also salvaged many broken plays.

    Also, Murray is SEC-tough. Looking at the hits he took during the USC, UT, and UF games — even the MSU game — it’s impressive that he played through pain and continued throwing TDs. Heck, he even kept running the ball when his number was called. Tough, determined, productive — isn’t this the kind of player everyone on every Dawg message board has been demanding for the past 4 years?

    • hailtogeorgia

      Exactly. People keep complaining about Murray, but we also forget that he’s only a sophomore. I don’t doubt that Hutson Mason would be able to perform if his number were called, but right now, I’d prefer to stick with Murray for two reasons. One, he’s the unquestioned leader of the offense right now, and to take him out would risk screwing up a lot of things. Two, we don’t know how Hutson reacts to getting hit in the mouth (the old Mike Tyson thing). As you said, we’ve seen Murray take big hits and keep on chugging…and even make comebacks in the face of adversity. In the Carolina game, even after the fumble for a touchdown, Murray came right back out and marched down the field for a score. Hutson hasn’t had to do anything like that yet, so for my money, let’s stick with the great quarterback we have.

    • Cojones

      Straight up, Krautdawg. You’re on the list with 81dawg now. DGD fans.

      • RandallPinkFloyd

        Isn’t Krautdawg a former player under Richt? If he is, this just further shows what all the detractors of Murray miss. Dude has been in the arena, he can vouch for the guy.

  7. Red Blackman

    Aaron is a fiery competitor. He is tough as nails. He never complains. He takes responsibility for his offense’s shortcomings when they occur.

    There is noone, and I mean noone, that I would rather have playing QB at UGA. The talent around him continues to improve. We haven’t seen the best Aaron Murray has to offer. I’m pretty damn excited about that.

  8. charlottedawg

    Thoughts on both qbs. clint moseley – i’d be excited about a newbie qb against us then jordan rodgers keeps running through my head, how mobile is this guy. although that 4 td to 9 int ratio by the secondary is impressive. not to mr murray and i say all this as a murray fan. my main objection with murray is not really reflected in yards tds or even really passer rating. I think his achilles heel is avoiding the big back breaking turnover. two perfeect examples of this were last year against uf and this year usc. murray made some great plays in both games but he also made multiple mistakes that directly led to multiple tds for the other side and you simply cannot do that and expect to consistently win big games. the key for murray will be to maintain the aggresiveness but limit the damage. how does he get there? no idea but that’s why they pay bobo the big bucks: to get murray to that point. and to answer the question no i don’t think mason would be an upgrade nor most qbs in the sec for that matter

  9. Dog in Fla

    “Murray, by the way, has managed to throw 8 more touchdowns than Wilson”

    Yes but if the Hawg receivers hadn’t dropped 3 against South Carolina, it would only be

    • James Stephenson

      No kidding, Arkansas had the serious dropseys in that game. I mean that one pass in the end zone before half time was perfectly thrown.

    • Cojones

      Where do you get this stuff, DIF? Ole “Buck” would lay a nuke right down the alley and into their commie butts. The character was modeled after LeMay, of course, and we can be reminded that he is still in the wings(no pun intended) waiting his turn. Going to be an interesting spring.

      • Puffdawg

        Based on what I’ve seen of his or her political tendancies (Based on what I’ve seen of his or her political tendancies), I’m guessing (I’m guessing) DiF is an unemployed tree hugging hippie (DiF is an unemployed tree hugging hippie) with 4 levels (with 4 levels) of liberal arts degrees and none of them in J.O.B. (of liberal arts degrees and none of them in J.O.B.). Think Tonya (think Tonya) from HBO’s Hung (from HBO’s Hung). Thus (thus), he has started (he has started) a new addition (a new edition) to the recent political movements (to the recent political movements): Occupy the Internet (Occupy the Internet). That’s from where (that’s from where) the material comes (the material comes).

        Just joshing DiF. Keep trucking. 😉

        • Dog in Fla

          Puff, thank you for those words of encouragement. Danke schoen! My agent and I appreciate it. Please excuse my delay in responding. I was hard at work kicking ass, taking names, and doing nothing since 1035. Most of the stuff I do here and elsewhere is highly classified and cleared for ridiculous. My material and foreign language skills may only be stolen from the internets. I find the translate an English word to a German word place to be useful. I do, in fact, have a job: I am a legend in my own mind. That’s hard work. Pine trees are for paper mills and putting food on the family, not hugging or climbing. I am widely traveled having been to all the confederated states of The SEC. I have even been to the state and country to which we have newly expanded, St. Louis (Bud!) and North Ciudad Juarez (No Country For Any Man!). I have been widely and ineffectively schooled having somehow attended classes at four NFL feeder programs in The SEC, none of which had good football seasons while I was around, one place that used to be in the league plus another place or two in California, a state I found to have some faults. My coursework started out with the real hard shit, which I forgot, except for my Dietz slide-rule skills that I use to confuse cashiers. A turn-on for me is knowing in advance the natural disasters that are going to involve me. My preference is to get the two week warning from the tv weathermen down here who like to freak out the yankees on incoming hurricanes. In the past, my super-hot wife would make me take her and the clan and vacate the single-wide and drive the Bimmer to Georgia to ‘escape’ but I found the blocking of the exits off of I-95 there not to be particularly user friendly. Now, my super-hot wife leaves in her Bimmer and tells me to stay here, be a ***king man and ride it out. I like it when other people occupy anything, especially beautiful downtown Oakland, because it gets their asses, not mine, shot at and beat.

            • Puffdawg

              Or should I say, “spirit fingers”

              • Dog in Fla

                WTF is that unision reading shit? Doesn’t anybody know how to be a ***king leftist anymore without acting like a pre-school teacher? Somebody needs to be tazed on general principles. Send the reader’s ass to Oakland where they don’t do no damn unision readings. I love the look on Lewis’ face. Candyass white people.

      • Dog in Fla

        Curtis – a man’s man indeed:

        “Well, maybe if we do this overflight right, we can get World War III started.” –Curtis LeMay, speaking to RB-47 ‘Stratojet’ crew member Hal Austin of the 91st Strategic Reconnaissance Wing, cited by Paul Lashmar, Washington Post, “Stranger than ‘Strangelove’: A General’s Forays into the Nuclear Zone,” 3 July 1994, C9

        “LeMay was [an] extremely crude character…. Dino Brugioni in Eyeball to Eyeball wrote of LeMay’s excesses:
        Meetings of the Joint Chiefs of Staff were alluded to by some as a three-ring circus. General Curtis E. LeMay, Air Force chief of staff, was characterized by one observer as always injecting himself into situations “like a rogue elephant barging out of a forest.” There are many stories of LeMay’s crudeness in dealing with his colleagues on the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He found the meetings dull, tiring, and unproductive. Petulant and often childish when he didn’t get his way, LeMay would light a cigar and blow smoke in the direction of anyone challenging his position. To show utter disgust, he would walk into the private Joint Chiefs of Staff toilet, leave the door open, urinate of break wind loudly, and flush the commode a number of aggravating times. He would then saunter calmly back into the meeting pretending that nothing had happened. When angry with individual staff members, he would resort to sarcasm; if that failed, he would direct his wrath to the entire staff.”


        • Cojones

          That description is point on. I’ve met the man when he visited the hunting plantation in Sowega. My Dad never spoke ill of others, but he broke that rule with LeMay, calling him a “pompous sob”. As Mgr, Dad was in charge of quail hunts. When LeMay galloped his horse to the second bird dog point in succession, jumped off and banged away at the flushed birds before handlers got to the dogs, Dad consigned him to not shooting for the rest of the half-day. After trailing the dog wagons and aloof with other guests, he finally rode alone back to the stables. LeMay was not welcomed back.

  10. Dave

    A few things are clear to me…..Murray is the guy. Grantham is the guy. Bobo is the guy. These are obvious. The only problem I’ve had with any of these is that our defense has shown a tendency to fade late with the game in doubt. This *could* possibly be laid at S&C, which is still under new leadership this year. The whole “balance” argument against Bobo hasn’t ever persuaded me just yet (see GA Tech 2009). I think Bobo is an upgrade from Richt’s play calls as I though Richt was overly conservative with his offense. I give Richt more of the blame than any of these three for moving too slow in identifying the problems (kept Willie one year too long…. special teams this year, etc) and getting them corrected. But 10-2 gets you another run at it for sure. Anything less than that with this schedule is suspect to say the least. All in all, it seems we have some pieces in place to do very well, but we have to wonder how much of that is schedule (switch ours with Tennessee’s and see what happens). That said, any year where you beat Florida and Tennessee is a great year. Add Auburn and Tech, and it normally means a national championship, but we’ll settle for awesome.

    Here’s to beating Auburn and the SEC East!!!

    • Puffdawg

      “The only problem I’ve had with any of these is that our defense has shown a tendency to fade late with the game in doubt. ”

      Just curious, did you watch any of the Florida game this year?

      • Russ

        Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. All I’ve seen is the defense has been lights out in the second half. That’s been the reason our offense has been so vanilla in the second half.

        Glad to see we only have to win out to keep everyone happy. Does that include the SECCG and bowl as well, or would we let Richt slide if he managed to lose to LSU?

        • Dawg Vent

          The only time our defense fades is the first drive of the game. We always seem to be getting the kinks out. After that, they lock that shit down. And have all year.

          • hailtogeorgia

            …not to mention it’s completely understandable for a defense to start out and struggle a bit. Theoretically, that’s when the offense should be able to break out any new wrinkles they’ve worked on or prepared for the game…that’s why adjustments are key.

          • Cojones

            Your good fan nature kept you from hitting those ending words keys, didn’t it. Great timing, Dawg Vent.

      • Macallanlover

        Second half Florida is a great point Puff. I think you have to also say that backups were on the field with with NMS when they had the best results. I think you can attribute other 2nd half fall-offs when the offense went vanilla with big leads and failed to move the ball on the ground. This required the defense to spend much more time, and also go into “protect mode” (which I hate.) Facts are the opponents have enjoyed more success in the 2nd half this year, but it may be other factors and not conditioning/fading.

      • UGLYDAWG

        My question too.

  11. Scott W.

    It just seems as though some UGA fans can’t be happy no matter the situation. Raving about Murray while losing was di riguer last year. Complaining about Murray while putting together 7 wins is the modus operandi now. The kid is a gamer. If a QB is going to make mistakes you want one who bounces back and doesn’t become paralyzed by fear, AM has shown that he is that QB this year. People need to remember no one is perfect, except for Herschel.

  12. Nate Dawg

    I think AM is just having an “eye-ball test sophmore slump”. As Dawgfan17 said above, he still made the big throws against fla and the stats speak for themselves and deserve respect. He’s just missed a few wide-open throws (again, esp against fla) that wouldn’t allow us to further pad the score but we’ve still won. He’s tough as a pine knot, as my dad points out over and over again, and he’s earned the starting spot without question, but it’s good to know we’ve got a back-up good enough that even keeps that thought in mind.
    Now, if he would come out of this “eye-ball sophmore slump” and light up the tiggers Sat with about 5 td’s, that would be grand. But I just wonder if there would be enough time on the clock for IC’s 3 rushing td’s as well…

  13. Go Dawgs!

    Aaron Murray isn’t perfect, but he’s damn good and we’re damn lucky to have him. He’s about to become the third Georgia quarterback to take the Bulldogs to the Dome (for a purpose other than selling delicious Chick-fil-A sandwiches, that is).

    • Cojones

      Delicious, yes, as long as they aren’t warmed by a Techie chick’s buttcheeks. Warn you, though, she has two tacos there already.

  14. JoeCooker

    Yes. A win over a ranked team will help his case. I personally don’t think Murray is the right leader for the team, and like Hutson Mason much better from what I’ve seen of Mason so far, and of Murray. The td’s or wins do not impress because none of wins were against ranked teams, and most of td’s (roughly over 65%) were against cupcakes with at least 4 losses. Wilson had a much tougher schedule than Murray. Ultimately, I measure QB’s by wins against ranked teams, the good leaders don’t go 0-8 like Murray has so far. Murray’s play has at times been horrific & self destructive, for example, 3 turnovers against South Carolina held to 21 INSTANT points (2 fumbles & int all returned for td’s). He’s hard to watch in big games the way he meltsdown under pressure. But, I hope I’m wrong.

    • Puffdawg

      Hello, Deer Hunter Guy. Weren’t you banned?

      • Red Blackman

        I love the mentality that one person bears the responsibility for the entire team.

        Listen up, dude, the offense scored enough points to win most of the losses you are placing on Murray’s shoulders.

        2010 –

        Scored only 6 against SCU. It was his first SEC road game against the eventual East Champ.

        Scored 24 against Arkansas.

        Scored 12 against MSU

        Scored 27 against Colorado

        Scored 31 against Florida

        Scored 31 against Auburn

        2011 –

        Scored 21 against Boise State

        Scored 42 against SCU

        Anytime Georgia scores more than 24 they should win the game. That, my friend, is a fact.

        • Russ

          Don’t cloud the issue with facts, Red. A real QB would play both ways and keep the other team from scoring too much. Until I see Aaron line up at safety and make a tackle, I’m going to keep calling for another QB. Oh, and I’ve already decided that Mason will fail too, so I’m saying let’s go straight to Parker Welch. Of course, we can’t have him and Boykin on the field at the same time, so we’ve gotta fire Bobo, and fire Mark Richt, too!!!!`11`!!!

          There, did that cover everything?

    • Joe Friday

      “like Hutson Mason much better from what I’ve seen of Mason so far”

      You mean like his ability to be less effective than Murray in mop-up duty vs. two cupcakes that Murray was at the top of his game against?

      Murray has had his struggles at times this season, sure. But to say that Hutson Mason has shown us anything or deserves the chance to start over Murray smacks of trolling from someone who simply doesn’t know how these things work.

    • Cojones

      You ain’t from around here are you, JoeCooker. Why don’t you cook up some of this (middle finger extended)!

  15. Chuck

    “Level-headed” and “Auburn blogger” are two phrases I never thought I would read in th same sentence.🙂

  16. JoeCooker

    Glad you asked for feedback from Murray’s detractors. If you look at it closely, Murray allows 4 sacks a game against ranked teams instead of throwing the ball away or hitting an outlet receiver. His 3rd down conversion rate against ranked teams is bad. His red zone conversion rate and td conv rate in red zone is bad. His accuracy in the red zone against ranked opponents is anemic. Don’t think Murray’s mechanics can be fixed. But, maybe the 0-8 losing streak against ranked teams will stop someday.

    • PatinDC

      I think he bites hi fingernails too.

    • hailtogeorgia

      Joe, you do realize there are times when QBs can’t throw the ball away or hit an outlet receiver, yes? Sometimes they’re still between the tackles, sometimes the outlet receiver is covered…sometimes the runningback or the left guard doesn’t pick up the block and you get clobbered. Also, wouldn’t it make sense that almost any quarterback you look at is going to have worse stats against better opponents? That’s the nature of playing an opponent who is ranked…they’re a better team than most.

      As for his mechanics, aside from not setting his feet in some instances, I’ve honestly never heard anyone complain about his mechanics…on the contrary, most people I’ve heard or read are generally fairly complimentary of his mechanics.

      Finally, get off the 0-8 against ranked teams crap. How many of those eight games can be solely attributed to Murray? This is why I hate judging quarterbacks by win-loss record. It’s a team game, no other player on the team gets judged by W-L, they’re judged by how they play.

      • paul

        While not a Murray detractor, I agree that he sometimes holds the ball too long and doesn’t throw it away in situations where he clearly has the time or is well outside the tackle box. My main criticism is something a little more subjective. He hasn’t really played his best in the big games. He seems to get too wound up. Hopefully, Murray learns to relax. The young man is obviously very talented.

        • hailtogeorgia

          Oh, he definitely has his moments that make me want to scream, but I think that comes with territory of pretty much any sophomore quarterback.

          Yes, he does seem to get amped up for the big games and have some struggles, but hopefully as he gets older and continues to get more experienced with the offense and the personnel, he’ll get that ironed out as well.

        • Coach Hewitt...

          If that’s the worst thing you can criticize a RSo. QB about, I think we’re gonna be OK the next two years…😉

    • Dboy

      JoeCooker = DoucheTroll

  17. JayBird

    Moseley is a gamer..Played at small Leroy High School in Alabama..Mr Football in Alabama …Led his teams to 3 state championships, 6’3″, 220. Not a runner.

  18. Keese

    Murray overall is doing a fantastic job IMO. But it’s his in game fluctuation that I’d like for him to get staightened out. He’ll make a great play then a good then an ugly one. If he could just level out (which I have faith he could) then he’s going to become even better.

  19. WFdawg

    With all due respect, people claiming that Aaron Murray shouldn’t be playing QB get classed with those saying Willie Martinez should have gotten another year at DC. You’re in a group that includes about 0.5% of Dawg fans, most of whom are suspect rationally.

  20. W Cobb Dawg

    Senator, I don’t recall very many comments questioning AM’s ability, leadership, playmaking, etc. – except perhaps when our O gave a win to SCu. It’s CMB’s playcalling that draws fan’s criticism. CMB has redeemed himself somewhat, but much of that has to do with an unusually easy schedule and a very good defense. Even true freshman Moseley looks good against patsies.

  21. Darrron Rovelll

    Look … I think everyone assessment of this team, Richt, & Aaron Murray has been based on the first two ball games. We cannot take those games away. UGA was awful against Boise & we lost. In that one, Murray was outplayed by Kellen Moore and the coaching staff was outcoached by Petersen and staff. The next week against S. Carolina, you could pin the loss on Murray’s inability to protect the ball and the coaching staff’s collective special teams issues.

    Since those games, UGA has been fighting a lot of perceptions. The wins have come against less than stellar teams. Murray is padding his stats against less than stellar teams. UGA is winning the East by default because FL is terrible and SC is injured.

    The truth is probably somewhere in between. Murray has played awfully well since those 1st two games. UGA is winning because the team has improved each week and put a bunch of the negative talk behind them. The coaching staff has (aside from special teams woes) molded a tough hard nosed defensive team and very young talented offensive team despite injuries on the OL, attrition from last year and suspensions in the backfield.

    We should hope that Murray continues to improve over the next two years because he will be really something to see. We should hope that the leadership of guys like Ben Jones & Brandon Boykin is passed onto next year’s team. We should hope Jarvis Jones comes back for another season and Geathers & Jenkins become even more dominant. We should hope that next year’s recruiting class brings in a 3-4 more impact players like Mitchell, Conley, & Crowell. We should hope that Trinton Sturdivant is granted a sixth year and he comes back to play injury free.

    After last year, do you think ANY of us should be disappointed to be sitting here at 7-2 the week we play Auburn with a chance to win the SEC East? This team has displayed a tremendous amount of character this season. We may not beaten everyone and we may not have been perfect in our wins, but this team PLAYS hard each and every week. If Richt asked Boykin or Jones or Ogletree to go play offense & defense for 60 minutes, do you think they would say NO? If Richt told Murray or Jones or Figgins or RSIV to go play defense or kick field goals that they would turn him down?
    I doubt that anyone on that whole team would not do what is asked.

    The coaching staff has achieved accountability from the team and we should be happy.