Can’t lose what you never had.

Scheme transitions are a bitch, ain’t they?

What would make this situation perfect would be if Muschamp and Weis were to fumble around for a few years and get canned by Foley… who would then turn around and hire Dan Mullen.


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  1. HVL Dawg

    Florida is the new Tennessee.

  2. AthensHomerDawg

    Don’t get too excited. It’s a new staff .. first year system. Have we forgotten how far our D has progressed from last year?

    • Dog in Fla

      True. We’ve got to make it by any second year magic that might befall on Boom next year. However, I wonder if, in the darkest moments of night in Hogtown, the smartest AD in galaxy has a little voice inside his skull telling him he Zooked up by hiring Boom and Charlie.

    • UGAfoo

      I think changing the defensive system is much more difficult. The offense that has been put on the field by UF is a farce. People just thought it was a problem with Brantley getting injured. The fact is Weis stinks.

      You could set up an all option offense with Rainey, Demps, Reed, and Burton that would produce more results than what he is doing now.

      • The Lone Stranger

        Don’t you see, UF was merely emulating the Dawgs, what with our pro-style usage, Florida-bred QB and brainy AD?!

  3. Mayor of Dawgtown

    This hire by Foley was, frankly, a bad hire. The decision by Muschump to hire Weiss as OC was an even worse hire. Look for Muschump and weiss to be gone by 2014 at the latest. If not look for Foley to be gone by 2015.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      P.S. While I have been critical lately of McGarity because of his booking of the Boise–UGA game this season, I am still of the firm conviction that McGarity was the real brains at Florida. Now that McGarity is gone and Foley has to decide things on his own look what kind of hire he made as the new Gators football coach. Just sayin.’

      • Mike

        Yea, I hate it the Foley is responsible for hiring coaches that have won more SEC titles in more sports than any program in SEC history. Hell, Foley hires are responsible for around 90% of the national title Florida teams have won.

        You can give the credit to McGarity, if you like. But that is just really wishful thinking on your part

  4. shane#1

    I am not a big scheme guy. What offense you run is not important, as long as you have a scheme and can sell it to the players. The tricky part is finding players that suit your scheme and being a good enough teacher so that said players know their role. UF recruits well and if Muschamp can hang around long enough to coach his own recruits I fear the picture will be different. As for Weiss, well he is no Norm Chow. /snark

  5. JasonC

    Before we doom Florida to years of obscurity, let’s remember that we were all laughing at Auburn hiring the Chiz and that has worked out pretty well for them… that and paying Cecil Newton.

    • “What would make the situation perfect…” is hardly dooming the Gators to years of obscurity. It’s merely wishful thinking on my part.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        No Senator, your wishful thinking is also prescient. Hiring Muschump was a BIG mistake for Florida not unlike UGA hiring Goff. I suspect that the Gators will figure that out faster than UGA did with Goff but nevertheless this hire will f#ck up the Florida program for at least a few years. The longer he stays there the deeper the hole will be for the Gators to dig out from when they finally wise up.

    • Macallanlover

      So Cheetzik has an average year his first season. Openly violates NCAA rules his 2nd year and has to come from behind in 5 games with the help of Slime turning his back to win an SEC. In his 3rd year has two losses with two more coming. Yeah, he is a real winner, sure wish we had a douche like that on our sideline. It takes a real winner to make the AubieCanes slip even lower in public perception than they already were.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        +1. Other than Cam Newton showing up (which was probably “pay for play” but the Cheatas just didn’t get caught) Cheats-ik really hasn’t done much at Auburn. I saw a panel of football experts on TV (“The Experts”) who unanimously agreed that if Cam Newton had gone to Mississippi State instead of Auburn it would have been Mississippi State that would have won the ’10 BCS National Championship not Auburn. I am not sure that I would go that far but without Newton I believe that the ’10 Auburn team is probably only about an 8-5 team.

  6. JaxDawg

    The fact is that Florida (the state) has twice the resources of most states when considering the talent and money. To qualify, Florida has twice the population of Georgia but does not exceed us in terms of facilities or desire to win. Their program does not have more financial resources but tends to have less patience with losing.

    The X factor used to be that they had Foley, a terrific AD, and we had an equal opportunity guy – not a fair comparison. Now we are their equal in that category. Safe to say that as long as Foley is leading their AD then they will not be down for long. Lose him and all bets are off.

    All the great programs go through down cycles (I’ve posted this before) and it’s very rare that Florida would hire Meyer and replicate Spurrier’s success. The odds of lightening hitting Gainesville thrice are very, very slim.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      JD, I agree with pretty much everything you said except for the bit about Foley. See my post above re: Foley.

  7. Dawg Vent


    I know this is completely unrelated, but have you considered bringing back “Defensive Coordinator Watch”? I’d like to see how Grantham is faring against all of the other “misses” in year two.

  8. Mike

    Schadenfreude is a tasty burger.

  9. Spike

    Mike.. I’ll take mine with cheese…

  10. Toom

    We’ve actually been jokingly playing around with the theory that Muschamp is the greatest Bulldog of all time. His plan all along was to move into the Florida job and do his best to ruin the program. Far-fetched I know. After this week, I don’t know if anything is outside the realm of possibility.

  11. Mike

    I’d like to think that the smug delight in the end of Florida football might just be a bit premature.