Lest we forget, there’s still a whale of a season going on.

Paul Myerberg does a nice job reminding us that there’s more to college football right now than the Penn State scandal.  Including, among many other things, this:

In Athens, a coach left for dead is making a run. It was too easy to write Mark Richt and Georgia off after the Bulldogs opened 0-2; it was so easy, in fact, that pundits tripped all over themselves in penning their obituaries. Seven games later, the Bulldogs are 7-2, 5-1 in the SEC, and looking at a date with L.S.U. in the SEC title game. It’s time to pump the brakes on Richt’s demise — rumors of his death were greatly exaggerated.


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  1. HahiraDawg

    This and his record of personal character and a program of integrity is why I am wondering how long before we hear of him being a candidate at PSU.

    • The Lone Stranger

      Around here (Pittsburgh), believe it or not, radio people are invoking the name of Corch Meyers. They maintain that most of the taints on his disciplinary record at UF were of the middling variety.

      I seriously doubt Richt will be going anywhere, especially with the crop of guys he has playing football in Athens now.

      • Comin' Down The Track

        Penn State people should wish for Corch Meyers in one hand and poo in the other just to see which one would fill up first.

        Following the retirement of a venerated longtime coach and father figure from an honorable and established program and following the shameful dismissal of a coach who clung desperately one season too long to a program quickly being reduced to rubble, are two vastly different things.

        Penn State has changed from the former into the latter in a matter of days. They’ll be lucky to get Greg Schiano to touch that job with a ten-foot pole, and he’s just short of being run out of town himself. Plus, they can forget about Al Golden leaving Coral Gables now, too, I bet.

        • The Lone Stranger

          With rumors I’ve heard and deductive reasoning kicking in too, it will not totally surprise me if the PSU football program is shut down in 2012. Either by the NCAA, the feds or the school itself. There are RICO statutes in play here.

        • Will (the other one)

          They need a school president too. Might I humbly suggest one Michael Adams?

      • Dog in Fla

        Do you think this guy will get any interest from Happy Valley?


        • Comin' Down The Track

          @DiF That’s looks like about the right recalibration for the Penn State mindset. That guy might just be interviewing for his dream job soon.

        • Cojones


          • The Lone Stranger

            Gattuso coached here in Pittsburgh at Duquesne Univ. when it moved up into I-AA. He was a decent low level HC. For 12 years with the Dukes he was 66-7 in his league with a menu that consisted of the likes of Sacred Heart and Monmouth. Before the Terps, he was at Pitt for 5 years as the DL coach.

            Jumping into the grime that is PSU now would be an extreme form of self sacrifice, but maybe he’s up to it.

  2. H-Town Dawg

    It’s times like this that I’m extra happy that we have a head coach with as much integrity and class as CMR. If he ever leaves UGA voluntarily it will be to retire from coaching altogether.


  3. UGAfoo

    CMR deserves credit for getting this thing turned around. Let’s hope the momentum continues. Beat Auburn.

    • Bevo

      He definitely does deserve credit for pulling it back together. When I saw how unprepared the team looked against Boise St, in one of the most important games of Richt’s coaching career, I thought we were seeing the beginning of his swan song.

      I’m still not Richt’s job is — or should be — considered safe. To me, Todd Grantham and the 2011 football schedule deserve a lot of credit for our resurgence as well. Also, if we manage to beat Auburn, they will be the best team we can claim a victory over all season.

      I didn’t understand the rush to proclaim Richt dead in the water. Nor am I in a hurry to proclaim that he has resurrected the program after beating several weak teams in a row. We are, afterall, trying to reverse years of underperformance under Richt.

      I really hope he’s turned the corner, but the jury is still out in my opinion.

      • AthensHomerDawg

        “Also remember, a big part of success is luck. You need to have your ducks in a row as much as possible, but the randomness of the universe is always in play.”

      • Bulldawg165

        Actually, I’d say the Florida team we beat is better than Auburn. They played them without Brantley…

        • Bevo

          Fair point. You could make an argument either way on UF vs AUB.

          AUB is a team that finds ways to win games – whether they play well or not, but your point about UF with Brantley vs UF without Brantley is a good one.

      • Cojones

        That same D credit should be given last year. They were more responsible for last year than the O. Me, I just watch’um play each year and cheer for the Dawgs. I like to leave the judgement calls to the ones hired for that purpose and not impose my ego into the milieu they all have to contend with. Doesn’t do any good and can only cause harm. Just like to rise or fall on the fortunes of our Dawgs. It’s simpler, no wasted angst and you can play right along with the youngsters in your mind. When they win, I share the accolades; when they lose I share the pain. What could be simpler? It’s college football. It’s my proud University.


      He has put together a very promising bunch of players and coaches.
      Regardless of how this year plays out, CMR should be the coach at UGA for a long, long time.
      As far as Meyers goes, he would be a good choice for PSU. I agree that his infractions at UF are not of a disquailifying level.
      On a lighter note, they could get the Nuttster, Ole Miss would take PJ, Tech would take Muschump and to round it out, UF would get Joe Pa.
      Just leave CMR out of it.

  4. Go Dawgs!

    I’ll admit that my confidence was finally shaken after Boise State. I’ve always loved Mark Richt, though, and I am beyond thrilled that Georgia has turned this season around. I truly hope that he’ll finish with a slam dunk of Auburn and Tech so that the doubters won’t have a lot of ammo in the offseason. I’m proud that Mark Richt is Georgia’s football coach, and I look forward to watching him finish his coaching career as a Bulldog.


      Well said, GD!

      • +1 Well said, GD.
        Cojones- you, among others, have been a consistently strong supporter of the dawgs and it is good to see. Also, nice to see is the direction Mark Richt has taken the program this season. Everyone wanted Richt to shoulder the blame when the program was at its lowest so you have to give him the credit for the success. You cannot have it both ways.
        Penn State should be a stark reminder as to what can happen to a university and more importantly young kids when your only priority is to win football games.
        That being said, I’ve been a Georgia fan all my life and for the 30 years I’ve been able to reasonably follow along, Auburn has a history of jumping up and striking us down in a game like this… I hope Crowell and the boys are ready, cause its going to be a battle! Go Dawgs!

  5. Normaltown Mike

    I blame Bobo.

  6. Brandon

    I remember a friend and I talking after the 2005 Sugar Bowl and saying that a the cap that Richt and Michael Johnson knocked off the program on the Plains in 2002 was back on and that the cap’s name was Willy Martinez. Richt is an offensive/quarterback oriented guy, that is his background, I never faulted him personally for the defense, and I never thought or offense has been less than adequate. I did fault him for failing to send Willy to the curb and I hate that Stafford and Moreno were squandered with shitty defense so that Richt could learn a lesson but I think he has. I do not believe he’ll let some moron run the defense for any considerable amount of time ever again and if we can play defense, as long is Richt is here we will win consistently, and I for one am not going to let a setback or two in the stretch run of this season shake my confidence and I hope no one else does either.

    • Bevo

      “I never thought or offense has been less than adequate”

      Did you watch Boise State or South Carolina this season?

      • TK421

        Uhhh, didn’t we put up 42 points on USCe? I’d hardly call that bad… If you’re talking about the turnovers, then yeah, that game left a lot to be desired.

        • Bevo

          Yes, the offense ended up scoring lots of points in scramble mode. What is an offense supposed to do though? Help a team win or simply score points? Scoring 42 points is great…unless as an offense, you give up half that amount in turnovers.

          In fact, the offense gave up more points than the defense. Two direct score touchdowns (fumble recovery and a pick six) and a fumble inside the 10 yard line. That makes 21 points, which is more than the defense gave up. That’s a shocking statistic and I do not consider that a successful performance for an offense.

          • Cojones

            Shit happens to most teams, Bevo. This is a cowardly pregame downer tactic not borne of team nor recruiting concern. Your “statistics” are idiotic negativity aimed at getting everyone riled up. Wait a minute! You’re being sarcastic with your humor. Wow! That’s funny.

            • Bevo

              Indeed, shit happens to most teams. Somehow, even more shit happens to teams that are not well coached and show up unprepared to play football games.

              Surely you never criticized Willie Martinez for the poor performance of his defenses…

            • Bevo

              Speaking of good sarcasm… I love how you intentionally misused the word “borne” in your post!


      • UGLYDAWG

        I insist that the South Carolina loss was an anomoly (I probly spelled it wrong, but I’m too lazy to look it up. It’s a tech term anyhow.)
        Let it go and realize the Dawgs are the best in the East and are on the cusp of being very good.
        There are too many good teams and coaches in the SEC to expect a program to always dwell on or near the top.
        We’ve been there during CMR’s tenure and will be there again.

        • Bevo

          I don’t think reasonable critics are expecting UGA to dwell on or near the top of the SEC year after year. That’s unrealistic. But we haven’t won the SEC East since 2005. Our record against Top 25 competition since then is pathetic.

          I do think it’s fair to expect UGA to be in the mix for SEC East championships most years. Other than 2007, when we still failed to score a touchdown against SC and got blown out by UT, that hasn’t happened in a very long time.

          I hope Richt turns it around too. But I think we’re being dishonest with ourselves to say that Richt has done his job well since 2005. That’s a long run of underperformance. Chronic underperformance at my job for a fraction of that time would have me canned in a hurry. Todd Grantham’s defense and the easy schedule have done a lot for us this season. I’m hopeful, but still cautiously optimistic when it comes to Richt. He deserves credit for turning the season around, but he hasn’t yet proven that he’s broken the curse of mediocrity hanging over the program for the last six years. To be fair, he hasn’t had a chance to prove that since Week 1/2. But his early tests (Boise and S Car) did not go well.

          • Dog in Fla

            Geez, Bevo, stop it! You’re fixing to make me want to get off the bus and I don’t want to do that because after we beat Auburn by 14, all the seats will be occupado

            • Bevo

              I’m still trying to figure out whether the bus is Mark’s Mediocrity Express that we’ve been riding for the last six years or whether this bus is actually the Mark Richt Revival Tour.

              I do know that the Mark’s Vaya Con Dios bus is currently in the shop. It ran over Big Charlie and some alligators on the way back from Jacksonville. Still assessing damages, but it could be out of commission for a while.

            • Cojones

              He’s just making a run of Sarcastic humor to cheer us up before the Auburn game. Time to laugh at his fake rant, Dog.

              • Bevo

                Some people are actually able to objectively evaluate the pros and cons of the coaches who run the program they cheer for. I’m sorry you find yourself unable to do so.

                Richt has a lot going for him. Responsible steward of the program, good recruiter, good QB developer, and much more. I recognize his accomplishments early on in his coaching career and this season. I like him as our head coach. Problem is, we’ve been on a six year slide toward mediocrity. It’s fair to question his tenure and where he’s going without pantywadding up like you’ve just done.

                Parece que te falta un par de cojones, Cojones.

                • adam

                  6 year slide? Really?

                  Very real possibility we get to the SECCG this season. May even win the damn thing. 12-2 is far from impossible (thought far from guaranteed).

                  2010 – bad
                  2009 – pretty bad
                  2008- disappointing, but 10-3 and second in the division isn’t that bad.
                  2007 – great year.
                  2006 – rough. no online and freshman QB. still rebounded to win some big games.
                  2005 – SEC champs.

                  There’s 6 years. If we win the SECCG this year (or, hell, even go) that’s a huge improvement. At best there’s a 3 year slide. from 05-08, 06 looks like an anomaly. 09 was bad and Coach Richt made sweeping changes. Last year was really bad with lots of growing pains (freshman QB, new defensive scheme, no tailback worth a damn, etc).

                  This team is much better than last year. And next year is looking even better. The “6 year slide” thing is absurd.

                  • Bevo

                    My bad. You’re right. Five year slide, with 2007 as a very fun season that saw us lose the SEC East to Tennessee.

                  • Bevo

                    And if you don’t think we’ve been in a slide since 2005, just check our SEC record for the 2006-2011 seasons. It’s a track record South Carolina should aspire to, but should never happen to Georgia in the current era.

          • The Lone Stranger

            His tests are in clear view now: Saturday and (result pending) 12/3 in The Dome.

    • has anyone done a where is Micheal Johnson search latley.Still love that play….4th and 15. All that to say ,Brandon you are correct sir.

  7. Jermaine'sDye

    Gotta beat Aubie.

  8. BulldogBen

    Also lost in the PSU tragedy is the fact that the Nebraska/PSU game actually has big implications in the Big 10. Should actually be a good game.

    Not to mention Oregon@Stanford is barely rating a mention this week.

  9. Turd Ferguson

    For whatever reason, I’m still hesitant to claim that Richt has indeed “turned the season around.” We certainly should beat Auburn, but I really will not be surprised if we lose a close one. Nor will I be surprised if we lose to Tech. Disappointed, obviously. But not surprised. So in my opinion, these are both very real possibilities.

    I wonder, then: if we finish the season by going 1-2, losing to two of our biggest rivals, and putting ourselves back on the losing end of a tie-breaker with South Carolina, will people still think that Richt “turned the season around”? Yes, there will still be the 7-game win streak, but (a) the biggest of those wins will be over a seriously awful and deservedly unranked Florida team, and of course, (b) we will have once again fallen short of our #1 goal each season.

    To be clear, I’m not suggesting that Richt remains on any kind of hot seat. I just wonder if the “He did it! He righted the ship!” talk might still be a bit premature. For my own part, I sincerely hope that we win this weekend, and that South Carolina loses. Once we’ve got the East locked up, I’ll exhale.

    • Bevo

      Totally agree. Great points.

      Just like the “Fire Richt and Bobo!!” proclamations of seasons past were premature, so are the “Richt is back!! Great head coach!!” proclamations of present.

      What we’ve proven: That we can beat the bottom half of the SEC. Given the program’s recent history, that’s actually a significant improvement.

      But our program is still in an underperformance slide that has lasted several years. Winning seven games against suspect teams, even if the run includes a win in Jacksonville, doesn’t undo all that failure so quickly. Richt still has a lot to prove.

      • adam

        Here’s hoping he wins 5 more this year.

      • Cojones

        The cheers of “Great Coach” aren’t “back”. They never left the majority of us. By the way, you could share this with the AD by e-mail. I’ll warn you both, though. He thinks he’s still in charge and he supports Richt.

        • Turd Ferguson

          Sorry, Cojones. I forgot. No one’s allowed to say, or do, anything in your presence except sing the praises of Mark Richt. And here I went and let my critical thinking skills get the best of me again …

          • Puffdawg

            Hey, why would we spend time singing the praises of CMR and his 7 game win streak when we can hypothesize about finishing the season 1-2 (despite being favored by double digits against the reigning BCS NAtional Champion). Yea, that’s the ticket.

            • Turd Ferguson

              God, you eternal optimists sure are sensitive, aren’t you? All I did was ask a simple question about this “He turned the season around!” narrative that has taken over not only many Georgia-centric websites, but also national sports media outlets like ESPN. I just wonder if it’s a game or two premature. Sure seems like a reasonable worry to me, especially since, as I think everyone has to agree (even after Tech’s poor showing last night), a 1-2 finish remains a very real possibility. Am I hoping for a 1-2 finish? Of course not. Am I betting on it? Nope. I’m just willing to actually consider it, which is apparently more than can be said about you.

              Besides, if you actually think that the number by which we’re favored against Auburn has ANY MEANING WHATSOEVER, then there’s simply no reasoning with you at all. There’s no way for any of us to know how well our team is going to handle its new position of controlling its own destiny. There’s no way for any of us to know how well Auburn utilized its bye week. And of course, rivalry games are so rarely predictable, no matter the circumstances.

              • Puffdawg

                Richt lost the first two games. He won the next seven. TO THIS POINT – which is all these ETERNAL OPTIMISTS have to which to refer – he has turned season around. Is that debatable?

                I think it is entirely possible we lose 2 of the next three. In fact, it is 100% possible we lose 3 of the next three. However, despite your arrogant and dismissive response to my reference to the spread, my good friend Phil Steele, armed with statistical data and analysis, seems to agree with me: the spread has relevance.


    • Cojones

      Great! Turd enters the sarcastic humor sweepstakes. Nice going , you guys!

      • Turd Ferguson

        My post was not sarcastic. And yours are never humorous. So I haven’t the foggiest idea what you’re talking about.

        • Bevo

          Exactly, Turd. Cojones has pantywadded up once again in the face of a reasonable discussion about Georgia’s head coach.

          • Puffdawg

            Blaming turnovers on players being unprepared for a game is not reasonable. Blaming unprepared players for being out of position would be reasonable.

        • Bevo

          Exactly. Cojones has pantywadded up, once again, in the face of a reasonable discussion about Georgia’s head coach.

        • Turd Ferguson

          I’d honestly just like for someone like Cojones to just spell out the conditions under which he thinks it’s permissible to say something critical about a head football coach. Should be simple enough. My hunch is that those conditions will either be (a) non-existent (e.g., “True fans don’t EVER say anything bad about a head football coach!”), or (b) absurd (e.g., “You can only criticize the coach if he either commits multiple felonies or goes winless for two — no, three! — consecutive seasons. Otherwise, you’re not a TRUE FAN!”).

          • Puffdawg

            Turd, your whole premise for hypothesizing whether or not Richt would be on the hot seat at the end of the season if we lose 2 of the next three is because, “…I really will not be surprised if we lose a close one.” There is no substantiation there whatsoever. Or, in your words, you haven’t “spelled out the conditions for why we should lose to Tech and Auburn.” You’re just pissed off that some of the fans have actually enjoyed watching a win streak against some not so good teams.

            • Turd Ferguson

              Wow, are you embarrassed by how poorly you’ve apparently comprehended what I said? You should be.

              First of all, where did I say that Richt would, or should, “be on the hot seat at the end of the season if we lose 2 of the next three”? I’ll answer for you: I didn’t. In fact, I believe I was pretty explicit about NOT making any hot seat-related suggestions. As far as I’m concerned, Richt has done more than enough to quiet the hot seat talk for at least another year or two. As I’ve said NUMEROUS times, I love the guy. I want him to be Georgia’s head coach. I’m rooting for him to right the ship. All I’m really getting at with my question is: When can we “officially” say that the ship has been righted? As of now, it still seems a bit early to me, even if we only talk about the 2011 season.

              Second, I don’t know where you eternal optimists get this idea that, since people like me are unafraid to actually consider the possibility of things not going quite as peachy as we all hope, we must just HATE it when things go well. “You’re just pissed off that some of the fans have actually enjoyed watching a win streak against some not so good teams.” Will it bother you to learn that, quite the contrary, I’ve enjoyed the past several weeks as much as anybody? The Florida game, in particular, was just an awesome, exciting time that I got to share with my wife and son — jumping around the house, shouting, hugging, high-fiving, etc.

              Again, the only real difference between myself and you eternal optimists is that I don’t have any problems reflecting upon the possibility of things going poorly in the future. I wonder if you’d all act so spoiled and whiny if, instead of me, the good Senator simply ran one of his occasional polls: “If Georgia loses to Auburn and Tech, and misses out on a trip to Atlanta, will you still think that Richt ‘turned the season around’?” Would you then accuse him of just being “pissed off that some of the fans have actually enjoyed watching a win streak against some not so good teams”? Of course not. You just have a bug up your ass about me, which I happen to find hilarious.

              And finally, given the nature of the question that I raised, I don’t HAVE TO “spell out the conditions for why we should lose to Tech and Auburn.” I would think that would be obvious to anyone with even a few functioning brain cells. For one thing, I never said that we “should” lose to Auburn and Tech; I only said that we “could” — which, again, is obviously true. And again, all my question really needs is for those losses to be within a reasonable realm of possibility — which, again, they obviously are.

              On the other hand, since Cojones has made a habit out of responding this way to ANY even REMOTELY critical talk (note, by the way, that there’s really nothing critical in my original post; it’s just not blindly optimistic, so it FEELS critical to him), the question naturally raises itself: What would it really take for someone like him to agree that critical talk is warranted? Seems like a pretty simple question. Maybe you’d like to answer … ?

              Either way, please don’t feel obligated to apologize for so badly misunderstanding my posts. You’re doing the best you can.

              • Puffdawg

                My apologies. By questioning, based on a hypothetical 1-2 finish, whether Richt had “turned the season around,” I inferred you inherently were questioning whether he’d still be on the hot seat. I did not suggest you thought Richt would or should be on the hot seat based on that hypothetical finish. I said, rather, “whether or not Richt would be on the hot seat.” Nowhere in my comment did I suggest which side of the debate you personally would fall. Maybe we both should enroll in reading comprehension PSAT prep classes.

                I am happy you support Mark Richt as our coach. But getting back to your favorite subject, reading comprehension, nowhere did I suggest you HATE it when things are going well. What I did in fact suggest is you hate the fact that other UGA fans have enjoyed the win streak against a weak schedule. I may have missed on that one, although it seems entirely clear you are at least uncomfortable with the idea of proclaiming the team a success at this point, based on your hypothesizing. I may be painting with too broad a brush here and I’ll retract this part of my comment.

                Speakign of irrelevant, Senator has yet to run that hypothetical poll, and I suspect for good reason. It feeds the AJC hacks who like to proclaim UGA has a nutty fanbase and who love to place Mark Richt on the hotseat. (This is not directed at Turd, but BTW, this has got to be the longest time anybody has ever spent on the hot seat. How long has he been there, like 3 years? I thought if you were on the hotseat, you were either about to get fired or you righted the ship. Has he done either, according to those who have him on the hot seat?) One thing you and I agree on is I do have a bug up my ass about you and I have ever since you suggested you wouldn’t mind losing to GT if it guaranteed we’d fire Willy. Any UGA fans who doesn’t mind losing to GT needs to reread his fan guide. Not to mention we beat GT and Richt still made the right move and made changes, so now don’t you look like a moron, which I find hilarious.

                I think we can all agree critical talk has been warranted for, at a minimum, the better part of two or three years. However, our beloved head coach made critical, drastic changes, the fruits of which would be difficult to see overnight. And I suspect Cojones’ sensitivity is probably due to the fact that we had to create a freaking Lexicon entry to describe the way our fans have continually downgraded our victims during our recent run of success. He’s probably just sick and tired of our fans not giving credit where credit is due.

                And let me just finish by saying I probably am too sensitive right along with Cojones. I absolutely fess up to being an eternal optimist – it’s why I am a fan. Why else wouldn’t you be?

                • Bevo

                  “I absolutely fess up to being an eternal optimist – it’s why I am a fan. Why else wouldn’t you be?”

                  Larry Munson wasn’t exactly an eternal optimist, but I see very few questioning his fanhood.

                  • Puffdawg

                    Look, I’m not questioning Turd’s fanhood (or yours for that matter). I’m sure he’s a DGD and if I met him in person we’d probably get along just fine. I just think he and others are a bit misguided at the moment. Speculating what would happen if we tanked the rest of the season – especially while riding a 7 game winning streak AND as a 13 point favorite against our toughest remaining opponent – is an exercise in futility. Why would you even WANT to think about that, given the current momentum of the program. What purpose does it serve, exactly? You want to know where the hotseat meme came from? It came from people at the AJC reading UGA blogs. You see our team say stuff like “everybody left us for dead” and “nobody believes in us but us” and you wonder where they get that from? How sad is it that our own team doesn’t think the fans have their back? You don’t think they would see it as disrespect to say you would not be surprised if they lost to Auburn and Georgia Tech? I’d be awfully surprised seeing as they’ve beaten us one time in the last decade. Where’s the respect and acknowledgement for that feat? My friend Turd even repeated that he would not be surprised to hammer the point home. If your kid’s peewee team wins 7 in a row, are you going to tell him you wouldn’t be surprised if his team lost the last two games? I mean help me figure out here what the point of these comments are. Maybe I’m missing something. I don’t think we are the ’72 Dolphins and I know schedule is weak, but we’ve won 7 damn games in a row, most of which were never really in doubt. And, while he was super cynical at times, I can promise you Larry Munson never contemplated hoping for a loss (to GT no less) to assure the firing of a coach.

  10. ag

    Come on…Our schedule accounts for 9 out of 12 teams in the greatest conference in college football and our winning streak is the longest since 82. I am sure the last thirty years have seen some weak sec schedules…give Richt some credit. Also if Willie and Willies defense was his fault then Grantham and his defense should go to head his credit.

  11. Rebar

    Thundering Blue Blazes! Turd & Bevo, were you here last year? You know, where we lost alot of close games? We are not doing that this year, except for Carolina; we’ve won the last seven games! We would not have done that last year; I definitely think the ship is turning and I credit the defense with thrusting the rudder! Ya’ll can talk about “what if we lose 2 of the next 3” but I’m telling you we are going to win this weekend, and the next two after that. This is a Junkyard Defense, we will not lose!

    • Bevo

      I think we win this weekend too. We’re just saying it’s a little premature to proclaim that Richt has saved the season and righted the ship. I still think there’s a lot left to prove. We’ll know before Christmas.

      As far as the D, I’ve been singing the D’s praises since the Dome and I haven’t stopped yet. Our success this season has everything to do with the improvement on D.

  12. Rebar

    And for everybody bitching about our schedule, well, have any of you looked at next year’s lineup? We trade Boise for Buffalo and maybe go to Bama, depending on what the hell happens with the schedule with Missouri, but otherwise, better get used to being told that we beat the lower levels of the SEC again.

  13. W Cobb Dawg

    I give credit to UGA fans, and McGarity deserves a lot of credit too. After last year’s debacle nobody was going to accept another half-ass effort, and that message was made loud and clear by the Bulldog Nation. Plus McGarity makes sure everyone does their job. Yes, CMR’s a terrific guy, but I’m happy Dawg fans prefer accountability over hero worship.