Never get involved in a land war in Asia…

and if you’re Georgia Tech, never play an opponent which has more than a week to prepare for you.  (Unless you’re going up against Willie Martinez when death is on the line, of course.)


UPDATE:  As always, StinGTalk delivers.


UPDATE #2:  Meanwhile, reality deals a hard, cruel blow to Mark Bradley’s hero worship.

… what we saw Thursday was that coaching can only get a program so far.


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  1. X-Dawg

    I guess PJ’s team took him literally when he said “go punch ’em in the mouth”.

  2. If there isn’t some drastic improvement in the tackling over on the flats in the next two weeks, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Murray and the boys put up 50 against the nerds. That was some of the worst I’ve ever seen. Who gives up a 15 yard touchdown on a QB sneak?

    Also the roughing the passer with the punch to the helmet was one of those ‘did I just see what I thought I saw?’ moments — I struggle to come up with a more idiotic and worst-possible time penalty.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Given the bad tackling by the Nerds that penalty probably cost them the game. Tech had stopped VA Tech and was in control of the game 26-21 in the second half. VA Tech was having trouble stopping the GA Tech offense. If GA Tech then gets the ball as it could have gone down the field eating clock and if they scored a TD would have lead the game by 12 points with only about 1 quarter left. Instead, because of the punch and PF penalty, VA Tech got a first down and went on to score, taking the lead. Now the lead is flipped with 1 quarter to play. GA Tech has to play outside its comfort zone, starts throwing the ball (unsuccessfully) and loses the game. All that because of the “punch.” Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch. I’ll bet that the player who did that just might get his scholarship revoked.

      • NC Dawg

        Hell, he didn’t even get pulled out of the game for a single play.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          The refs should have kicked him out of the game and the ACC office will undoubtedly suspend him for some period of time. If not, something is seriously wrong.

  3. Go Dawgs!

    Well, Paul Johnson was proven right about one thing. His offense did work in a BCS conference with top-flight athletes. Everyone else was right about something else: top-flight athletes don’t want to come play in his offense.

    • CPJ is absolutely perfect for Tech if you are a Georgia fan: fields a decent team that can always chalk up a fairly good record, good enough for Tech and for him to keep his job (a la Chantastic), never really has the talent to pose a legit threat year in, year out, and a guy just about as totally, thoroughly unlikable as anybody in college football. At least Chan seemed like a nice guy–PJ is just so fun (and easy) to hate.

      • Go Dawgs!

        No joke. I hate Paul Johnson, but I love him at Tech and I hope he’s there forever and ever and ever.

        • gastr1

          He’s a perfect fit for them…thinks he’s the smartest guy in the room and if only everyone would do it exactly as he drew it up they’d have an NC every year.

      • Normaltown Mike

        All true but sadly I don’t think we’ll ever see a 51-7 performance against a CPJ team.

        2002 was one of my favorite Tech games ever. Made my wife stay the entire game (which she found really confusing because the game was so out of hand).

        • What fresh hell is this?

          As much as I enjoy a good pounding of the nerds I would trade a loss to them for an ass thrashing 35 point beatdown of the Barn this Sat.

          • The better scenario is 35 on Aubums and 70 on the Nurds. That should cement the legacy of Richt and may even save Bobo. LOL

            • What fresh hell is this?

              Agreed. and good satire on the Bobo thing.

            • Will (the other one)

              Imagining things getting really out of hand against the nerds is really an enjoyable thought exercise. Would they try their hilariously bad “pass to catch up” offense down 28 or 35 in the 3rd? Which would lead to fumbles, going for it on their own 20 on 4th and 10, and more easy scores?
              Or would they give in and keep trying dives up the middle into Jenkins and Geathers?

          • Go Dawgs!

            Fortunately, that’s a false dilemma, and we can have both.

    • gastr1

      On top of that he’s an asshole.

      Great combination for recruiting…I predict Tech under CPJ will pretty much be a seven-win outfit most years, with the occasional 4-8 and 9-3 thrown in. And they’ll take it.

  4. Keese

    VT’s running back is awesome. Really fun to watch him play.

    • Bevo


      Also awesome was watching VT’s quarterback sneaks go for 5-15 yards on every single attempt.

      Also awesome was watching Tech try to pass in the 4th quarter. It sure would be nice to jump out to an early lead against them and watch Jarvis Jones do his thing.

  5. Jim

    tech losing never sux.

  6. After the penalty, as dumb as it was, VT’s offense still had to go 70 yards, and they finished the drive with a 12-yard QB sneak. I’m pretty sure Attaouchu didn’t single-handedly give up all of that. In addition, after that drive, Tech was down one point. Just one. Going for it on fourth down at your own 31 was what ended the game. Even if they punt it away and VT scores a touchdown, you’re only down 8. It’s still a one possession game, and you had some success moving the ball. In the end, it was Paul Johnson’s poor game management that cost them the game… again.

    • The other Doug

      Paul Johnson is a genius!

      • The Lone Stranger

        The Lil’ Skipper will be sailing again on Nov. 26 and his crew of misfits had best bring more than arms for tackling. IC and even CT will shrug off that brand of aggression with little trouble at all.

        And who does he think he is, Les Miles, with 4th down hubris like that?

        • UGAfoo

          Great point. As I was watching the game last night I kept wondering who PJ reminded me of. He is like Les Miles’ bastard brother that is continually frustrated by his inability to “get as lucky” as Les when gambling during a game.

          I did think that Jessie Palmer had one good point during the game. The problem with PJs offense is that you have so many people handling the ball that statistically you are bound to have something go wrong.

          I did a quick check and the last time GT had less fumbles than their opponents, was before the PJ era. Interesting.

      • Nate Dawg

        Trey, it is not PJ’s fault that 4th down comes around every 4th play or so…he IS a genius!!

      • Just Chuck

        He’s a genious if you ignore the play calling. Going for it on fourth down as many times as he does? You can say this is hindsight but everyone watching last night’s game at my house said at the time they didn’t think he should but, afterwards, were glad he did.

    • King Jericho

      To be fair, I still think going for it there was the right call. Have you seen the punter? I’m pretty sure I could get a scholarship punting at GT. Maybe he was having an off night, but he was bad.

      Also, it’s 1 yard and your defense was just on the field for a long time and wasn’t stopping anyone. Why not try to get one yard and give them at least a few more minutes to rest. A touchdown was basically inevitable at that point, it was just the difference of chewing up a lot of clock or a little clock.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        I’m pretty sure there is no punter on scholarship at Tech. They probably use a walk-on. Kicker, too.

      • I don’t disagree that going for it was the right call, but, my point was that not getting that 4th down was the difference in the game, not the penalty that happened earlier. PJ’s genius failed him.

        • King Jericho

          Oh, yeah, totally agree on that one. But just goes to show, “coaching can only get a program so far.” (What a joke).

  7. Doug

    Well, I’ll say this for the Techies — they may be the poster children of going overboard with the “THUG!!!11!!1! KICK HIM OFF THE TEAM!” talk, but from the looks of things, some of them will apply that just as readily to their own players. Interesting message-board battle going on between those guys and the “We should punch MORE people!” crowd, whom I assume have OD’d on the Paul Johnson Kool-Aid.

  8. Go Dawgs!

    I find it fascinating that nobody seems to write much about Paul Johnson’s hubris and how it costs them games. Going for it on your own 30 with all that time on the clock and only down by… what, 2? It’s because he’s convinced his offense can’t be stopped, and it happens a lot. He’s a fool. But you won’t see Mark Bradley write much about it.

  9. H-Town Dawg

    Watching the Nerds blow a big game with their own special brand of obnoxious thuggery and douchebaggery is a damn fine way to kick off the weekend!


  10. AusDawg85

    Dang it! There goes our chance to win the ACC again.

  11. DawgPhan

    For this Dawg fan there is something special brewing over on the flats. Just the right mix excitement and letdown. Going to make that trip over to the Varsity really sweet this year.

  12. Smitty

    Ahh what a great start to the weekend!!!

  13. Will Trane

    I’ll take the Tech player at his word. I’ll take Johnson at his word on the inconsistent play on both sides of the ball. But if stop a team on 3rd down, put them in a punt situation, and commit a penalty to give them a first down, you can not comeback and say that was a key play. The key plays was Tech not stopping them on the remainder of that series…in summary, inconsistent play.
    You decide to go for it on 4th down inside your 30. You do not make that short distance in a rushing offense designed for spreading the D and creating gaps. Bad call. Nope, poor execution.
    Not into piling on a team and coaching staff where it might be possible to go in 9-2, and looking for a 10th “w”. Bowls love 10 win teams. No point in giving them motivation when they have from now until we see them to get ready.
    Look Coach Dooley, I do not know Paterno, but at present you have to say more than “bad judgment” based on current disclosures and representations. You can not give a coach an opportunity to coach 4 more games when he had significant knowledge of a criminal act, one against a child. Paterno’s judgment has always been about “Coach Pa and his records…nothing shall get in the way…just need those 4 games”. From the moment he had some knowledge of the acts until this week, Paterno’s judgement has been the same. Cover it up.
    There is a saying about cover up, bad judgment, and ranting on. “Rave on cat poop, somebody will come by and cover you up”.

    • DawgPhan

      back to nonsense rambling I see…the question is really….was the coherent post from last week a moment of clarity or just a decision to take your meds?

  14. Senator ,thanks for the link to StingTalk, those are the most immature,unimagative and foolish people I’ve seen in a good long while. The fan base reminds me of their coach, they all think they are geniuses but as 4th down on their own 30 proved they clearly are not.

    • ChicagoDawg

      The StingTalk link was pure comedy gold. A board community full of Internet tough guys and children looking to use any opportunity to use their new vocabulary like… fuck… idiot… dumbass…. All quite cleaver and very measured commentary. Good stuff.

    • I wanna Red Cup

      Is that my buddy questioning someone else’s maturity? Woof Woof

      • As Kevin Bacon said in the movie Diner…..Fuck maturity…..I do not care that I live in a massive glass house I will throw stones at the Nerds….they’re immature so there…..ummmmm.. that is the sound of me sticking out my tongue.

  15. AlphaDawg

    Did anyone see CPJ go crazy when his QB changed the play at the line of scrimmage on GT’s 1st TD of the game? There might just be a little megalomania residing in CPJ. It even appeared he challenged Tevin on the sideline after the TD for changing the play.

  16. charlottedawg

    In response to mark bradley’s piece and i’ll also hold aside the decision to go for it on 4th down why do people constantly parade this narrative that somehow recruitment and player development is seperate from coaching ability? According to the column basically cpj coaches really well but the players can’t execute. To which i ask how is that not a failure of paul johnson? By your own logic either tech a) can’t recruit or b) can’t develop players for their system. both of which are responsibilites of paul johnson ergo how can paul johnson be a genius when he fails so miserably at at least 1 most likely 2 of the biggest components of his job?

  17. Puffdawg

    “On Thursday the GT defense would do its job on first and second down only to be undone on third. (The Hokies converted 10 of 16 times.) The Jackets couldn’t make the necessary play on the get-off-the-field down. That’s not coaching. That’s playing.”

    The irony of this statement is that we actually have a name for this around these parts: Third and Willie.

    Somebody notify Bradley so he can save some keystorkes.

  18. CoachSpurlock

    How in the blue heck can a team be the greatest blocking team in FBS and at the same time be the worst tackling team in FBS? Ladies & gentlemen, I give you Georgia Tech.

    • shane#1

      I have always respected this blog because it is cleaner and has less trash talk than most. I am shocked by the language in some of the posts. First JoePa and then GTP. Let’s keep it clean guys and show some sportsmanship. I would also like to add, fuck Tech, fuck UF, fuck Nick Fairy, and fuck Spurrier. Oh, and fuck Clemson. As you were.