Fergit, hayul.

Somebody forgot to send Orson Charles the memo about putting what happened in last year’s game behind him.

… The absence of so many players involved in last year’s game is pointed to by Georgia players as the reason they’re not using it as motivation. But while players largely said the right things at first, when pressed they opened up.

“Ben Jones will definitely use that. Because he’s still upset,” tight end Orson Charles said of Georgia’s senior center. “And I’m still kind of upset, now that you brought that up. So we’re definitely gonna approach this game like it was last year’s team.”

Maybe Coach Richt should get Todd Grantham to speak to the team about keeping emotions under control.



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10 responses to “Fergit, hayul.

  1. AusDawg85

    Seeing that the Senator was granted sideline access last week, it’s been learned he will now be giving the motivational locker room speech today:


  2. NCT

    Yes, I hope they can use the Vandy experience as a lesson about keeping emotions under control. But I call BS on this “not the same Auburn team” crap. The players come and go, but Auburn’s gonna Auburn.


  3. Yeah because Coach Todd is so good at controlling his emotions.. Seriously,use the emotion knock the sh*t out of them first. Everyone who has ever watched football knows that the person who retaliates is the one who gets flagged.. To paraphrase General Patton,” I’ll get us a war with those commie bastards and better yet I’ll make it look like they started it….let’s do it


  4. BeardDawg

    Even any player on our team was gonna remember last year to use as motivation, it’s Ben Jones. GATA Big Ben!


  5. Macallanlover

    I don’t care how many AubieCane players go flying through the air before the whistle, but I really don’t get late hits, there is just no excuse for being that stupid. (Not talking about the bad calls where someone was already in the air, or committed mid-stride.) Our guys need to learn that line between aggression, and mayhem, we seem to get caught on the wrong side of too many calls. Something about watching athletes play under control with great cool while taking someone apart. Our guys will remember, revenge will be sweet this aafternoon.


  6. Cojones

    Let loose the Red Clay Hounds of Hell!!


  7. Cojones

    Helloooh. Is anybody there? It’s Sat nite and I’m the only sober Dawg on here. You guys aren’t tellin me where you’re partying, are you? I feel like I’m on Rock 30.


  8. ugafidelis

    I was able to read CMR’s lips after one early play. “Play disciplined. Play disciplined. Come on.”

    I liked that.


    • Cojones

      When you can’t read his lips, I have the feeling he’s saying, “Smite their ass!”. Or, “Know ye the vengence of Richt!”. Of course that’s after they play disciplined.